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We met on tinder and had been talking for a couple weeks. Things had progressed to sexting, so it was pretty clear where we were gonna end up. We met up at a bar, got a few drinks in us, and that’s where the teasing started. There was much grinding, not so subtle under the table groping, and she even went to the bathroom and sent me a few pictures. After a long while of this we headed out to her place and climbed in bed.

Now at this point you’d think we just get right to it immediately, but no, we got down to our undies and she continued teasing me. There was a lot of making out and feeling each other up and dry humping, but every time I tried to progress further she’d stop me. Finally, after hours and hours, she starts to move downtown. I was pumped to finally be getting some, but she didn’t go for my dick, she went for my balls. She spent probably 20 minutes just sucking on and licking my balls with no dick contact. Fiiiiinally she moved up and started going to town on my dick. I’m not talking just sucking on it, she was slobbering on it like she was dying of thirst and my dick contained the only water for miles around. She used her tongue, deepthroated right off the bat, and everything was very wet and slippery.

Now you need to understand that I’d had a hard on since basically when we met up at 9pm until this point (3 or 4am), so I came with more force than I ever had before and probably ever would in the future. I came so hard that I blacked out momentarily and my entire body got all tingly when I came to. And that’s the story of my best oral sex experience. It was with a girl who acted like she really wanted to give me oral. Instantly started deep throating (at 46 this has only been done by 2 other people). She went at it steady and just kept taking it all every single stroke while staring in my eyes. Not once did I get overly sensitive or need a refractory period. Ten minutes later she made me cum again and still kept going. Finally after 25-30 minutes she climbed on top and fucked me stupid for over an hour. It was almost creepy because I have no idea how a 15 yo had those kind of skills. Don’t know what my best is, but just recently I was with a girl for the first time and as I was about to put a condom on, she flipped on her back, stuck her head over the edge of the bed and started sucking on/very light biting my balls while she stroked me. Then she ran her tongue up and down my cock and put it in her mouth. After sucking and tonguing it for a little bit, she grabbed me by the hips and pulled me in so that I was deep throating her. I got the hint and started fucking her mouth fairly deep and she pulled me in even harder so that I was basically going straight down her throat. I kept fucking her throat as hard as I could and she never tried to stop me, even while she was gagging. The memory of her on her back, with my cock being repeatedly rammed down her throat, and my hands on her perfect tits will never fail to instantly get me hard. Enthusiasm, lots of saliva, fantastic suction and thoroughly enjoying having my dick in her mouth. She put my dick in her mouth and magically her teeth never touched it for even a single moment. Met this one out one night and we started going at it on a bench by this hotel pool until security came by and told us to cut it out (she was shamelessly straddling me in front of a good number of people). After that night I didn’t hear from her for at least two or three months until she randomly hit me up one night at like 1 a.m. I distinctly remember I was in bed ready to conk out but I replied with “Just chllin, watchin tv.” Her next text was “I’m coming up from Orange County, I can be at your place in an hour” to which I said “Ok”. FF to about 10 minutes after she arrives and she is going to town on my knob. Spitting, Deep throating, slurping, artistic hand movements/motions and all sorts of other tactics I was experiencing for the first time. To be honest – I had no idea what the fuck was going on. After about 5 minutes I had to unload and she took it all down like it was absolutely nothing. Completely unfazed minus a slight tinge of disappointment. Well another 10 minutes later or so I was ready to go again and knew I had to at least make it to sex this time.

So she domes me up for about 2 minutes and then I reach over into my nightstand to grab a condom and she goes “No”. She proceeds to reach into her duffel bag on the floor by my bed (which I didn’t think much of at first) and pull out lube, condoms and wet wipes. This chick had a god damn duffel bag full of sex accessories and supplies. Without much surprise, I last about 5 minutes the second time around as well. After that night I hit her up again a week later to which she said “Sorry Wet_Walrus, you’re gonna have to find another chick to spit on your dick; it was fun though =)” Bear with me: If you’ve ever seen most porn videos, you’ll notice the reaction from the female performer(s) They’re amazed at the size of that dick.

After the man ejaculates, she doesn’t treat it like it’s gross, in fact, most of the time they treat it like the shit that comes out of a caramello. The vast majority of porn is written by men for men. And men want you to be very excited about getting to suck that dick.


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