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Option 2: Place your order through our site and email us your order number with the URL of the price to be matched. A everyonedoesit.com representative will contact you with further details regarding a retroactive price match. Contact us MON-FRI 9am - 8pm (EST) via live chat below for immediate answers to all your queries. Simply return it within 30 days for a no hassle exchange. The 11-inch Gravitron Water Pipe is the first all-glass gravity smoking system by GRAV.

1 x 11 inch GRAV Gravitron Medium, 1 x 12mm GRAV Funnel bowl. If you would like to achieve strong hits in the shortest time possible, turn to the gravity smoking system by GRAV. The Gravitron spans over a decade in the market and remains strong. GRAV rolled out with the first all-glass gravity smoking water pipe back in 2004 and has since become an iconic experience cannabis connoisseurs look forward to. The GRAV 11 Inch Gravitron is the smaller edition of the first release that does not compromise when it comes to producing hard hits. Gravitron works best with around 8 inches of water in the outer base. The Gravitron is easy to use: just pack the bowl with your nugs, place it on the mouthpiece and light as you gradually pull the bottle upwards out of the water. Now it’s time to take a hit by simply removing the bowl and inhaling the smoke as you push the bottle down into the water.

The result is a pressurized flow of smoke that deliver strong hits in no time. The GRAV® Gravitron is available in two sizes: the 11-inch tall Gravitron Medium and the Gravitron Large which stands at 14 inches. Apart from the size which affects how much flower and water you can pack into it, both carry the same features. Sorry, this product is no longer available from Shiva. To find similar products go to our Glass Bongs category. It functions in exactly the same way as a regular homemade gravity bong. but is made from high quality thick glass and features rubber seals and a glass bowl piece, so it's a bit more high class. The Small measures in at 320mm High with a 68.5mm diametre and the large measures in at 335mm high with a 100mm diametre. Place tobacco in the slide Light the tobacco as you lift the Kooler Remove the slide. Position your mouth over the stem and inhale as you lower the Kooler. That's why I compiled this gigantic head shop directory around America. I always had difficulty finding a place to buy a pipe or water pipe, and I wanted a convenient resource for other smokers to be able to find a smoke shop in their area. If I missed any smoke shops in this directory you can contact me and I'll add them to the list! One thing that's always super consistent with these head shops, is that they all have an amazing atmosphere. I've seen head shops sell glass pipes, water pipes and tobacco pipes at all sorts of prices. Navigate using the links and get yourself that cool pipe! Area Map : Type zipcode below and hit 'Submit' to go directly to that area in the USA. 5 Secret Criminal Uses for Stuff They Sell in Gas Stations. You've undoubtedly at one time or another found yourself standing next to a convenience store point-of-sale bong display and smirked at the absurd "For Tobacco Use Only!" signs that generally accompany this blatant skirting of your community's drug laws. You know what those glass pipes are really for, because you know the streets. Obvious marijuana-smoking devices are just the tip of the drug paraphernalia iceberg floating around the shady aisles of your local convenience store. You know what those are for, but you might be surprised to know the real reason that every sketchy bodega and market in America sells .

Have you ever wondered what kind of awful husband buys his wife one of those cheesy fake roses in a glass tube? They're such lame gifts, but you see them everywhere.

If stores keep stocking them, someone must be buying them, right? What kind of relationship transgression can be fixed with a $1 gas station purchase? Failure to DVR the right television show usually requires more apology effort than that. If you've had suspicions similar to those just expressed, which I highly doubt you have until now, I'm glad to report that they are not unfounded. There is in fact only one occasion when buying your woman a rose in a glass tube is appropriate, and that, of course, is if you're going to smoke crack together, which, in turn, means you're probably dating Courtney Love.


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