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Cause I think there's a bigger chance of the latter by drinking vinager. Re: THC removal December 06, 2008 04:47PM IP/Host: 96.40.107.--- Registered: 10 years ago Posts: 10,029. whatever, over a cup of vinegar at least a dozen times. Viegar is a proven natural remedy for batltling stomach acid.

Apple cider vinagar is widely used for health reasons all over the world. Re: THC removal December 06, 2008 07:53PM IP/Host: 98.210.241.--- Registered: 10 years ago Posts: 4,212. Smoka, Google "Acidosis." BTW: You should never have more than 4 oz. of apple cider vinegar, and really, kombucha is much better for you. Depends a lot on your blood type, but yeah, drinking ACID (which is what vinegar is) can acidify your blood very quickly to very harmful levels. #rastacruzreggae #santacruzreggae #realitysound #reality_sound. Re: THC removal December 06, 2008 10:02PM IP/Host: 96.40.107.--- Registered: 10 years ago Posts: 10,029. I realize vinegar is acid, thats why it works to counter acid.

"You just drank the most acid I've ever seen anybody drink" Hopefully youre not busy for about a week man!" "I never drank no acid before man, im gonna die man" HIGHEST HEIGHTZ EVERY TIME. Re: THC removal December 07, 2008 06:31PM IP/Host: 70.134.71.--- Registered: 50 years ago Posts: 585. I don't understand how acid is supposed to counter acid. And from the little bit I know about chemistry, acid won't do that. Introducing more acid (vinegar) to cure an acid problem isn't logical. Drinking plain water will often do a much better job for heartburn when vinegar seems to work. It's basically just flushing down the stomach acid back into the stomach. Chewing gum or eating a few slices of Braeburn apple are supposed to work too. I'm sure that there must be countless articles on the internet to explain the myths of vinegar to cure heartburn, and to explain how much vinegar is safe to consume. From articles on the internet: Vinegar is one food listed on the Do Not Eat by Doctors regarding heartburn. Taking vinegar on a regular basis can cause diarrhea and erosion of your stomach lining. One problem that vinegar could help with is slow digestion or gastroparesis . If you have slow digestion, you can take vinegar to help. The most common dose is one to two tablespoons 20 minutes before eating a big meal. Actually, I defy anyone to find clinical proof of vinegar as a remedy for heartburn. I couldn't find any, not that I did an exhaustive search. But I found many instances stating that there is no such proof. I tapped my fingers five times on my steering wheel, then the light changed. For folks with indigestion, or problems digesting, then adding more acid to help break down the food can help. I'd say you are better off replenishing digestive enzymes and taking probiotic supplements for hearburn and digestive problems. Lactobacillus species such as Acidophilus and related bacteria are helpful in digestion. They are killed anytime you take an antibiotic, and your doctor probably won't encourage you to follow up with probiotics. How To Smell Proof Your Room: 7 Easy Tricks You Must Know (2020) The main reason why an individual prefers to smoke outside is to avoid the smell in his room and of course, the consequences that one has to face if caught smoking. If you stay in a dorm or with your parents, smoking indoors can be risky because of all the beautiful smell of cannabis.

And that is the reason smoking outside is the best choice available.

But, if for some reason, smoking outside is not an option for you, there are certain things that you can do to minimize the risk of getting caught. You have to make sure of certain things like hiding your stash safely, directing the smoke outside, and that your room does not leak out the aroma of the herbs. So, if you want to smoke inside without letting the people know, don’t stress out, here are some helpful tips for you. Smoking inside is a whole nother problem, but hiding the stash safely is very important.


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