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If you are going to re-dose, i think you have to make the dose significantly more than the first in order to get any stronger effects. 5 hits at once will be a much heavier trip than 10 trips over 5 hours. Citation : 5 hits at once will be a much heavier trip than 10 trips over 5 hours.

yes, keep this in mind when you plan a trip next time. best thing to do is just to choose a dose, and go for it. try to get to know how strong the trips are on you and take as much as you think you need to, and if one trip is not enough, maybe you carefully can try 1 and a half or maybe 2. i don't know about redosing during a trip, but my own experience is that when i have tripped a day (or 2) before, and i've tripped for example on 1 and a halve trip and i want to have the same effect i have to take twice as much. and i have to take them all in one time, and not over a couple of hours, that will have little effect on me. taking too little maybe is boring, taking to much can meen a bad trip. do it very carefully and step by step, so you get used to how the drug reacts on YOU.

so my story maybe can help you, but you are not me, so the acid can have a different effect on you. -away for a while- Stichting OPEN promotes research into psychedelics and the psychedelic experience. I have an idea to change the color of a bic lighter flame, but it requires me refilling it, which has turned out to be very difficult because of butane. I tried using regular Zippo Lighter Fluid, but that doesn't seem to work. So I have to use butane, but I need to mix it with the right powder first, and that has proven near impossible since it starts to evaporate the second it leaves the can. Any advice would be super appreciated, I think you might be in a little over your head, I would not advise continuing with this project. first off to keep the butane in a liquid form takes a lot of pressure, and secondly the powder may or may not cause problems (I am leaning towards the former) as it tries to escape the zippo lighter. My first though to the heading is "why?" The explanation doesn't really add a good reason. Best result would be to film it and post it on r/WTF. How to Refill a Bic Lighter From the Top – A Helpful Guide! “Can I refill a Bic lighter from the top?” is a question I hear a lot with people that are preparing for emergencies. Ferro rods are making fire starting without matches or a lighter much easier, but sometimes you are hungry and in a hurry and you just want to use a lighter. Since it is easy to store a can of butane in your emergency supplies, and since butane and Bic lighters are so inexpensive, being able to refill Bic lighters would be a huge benefit in emergency preparedness. The good news is yes, you can refill a Bic lighter from the top. Since the Bic is meant to be disposable, you need to be careful not to break any of the parts as you are taking the Bic lighter apart, or you will have to buy a new one. In this article below I will explain the steps in refilling the Bic lighter from the top. In another article on this website called “Are Bic Lighters Refillable? – A Helpful Guide!” I take you step by step through two different ways to refill a Bic lighter through the bottom of the lighter. Refilling Bic lighters through the bottom is more common. Of the two ways I go over, one is simpler and easier but has some potential draw backs (which I discuss), and one I call the “right way” which is a little more difficult and takes more tools. You just have to weigh the pros and cons and choose the method you prefer. You will find this method from the top might be the one you like best of all. There are some real advantages to refilling your Bic lighter from the top. Basically you are just disassembling the top of the lighter, and then refilling it, so you know that when the lighter is put back together it will function just as the manufacturer intended. Refilling it from the bottom, although effective, changes the lighter a bit from how it came from the factory.

However when you refill the Bic from the bottom the way I call the “right way”, you never have to disassemble the lighter again, until you need to replace the flint. And the flint will last a couple of years even under heavy use. So I encourage you to read both articles (they are both short), and watch the videos, then decide. To refill your Bic lighter, you will need the following materials: A standard can of butane An empty Bic lighter (for safety this is very important) Flint (optional – but you should have these on hand) A small standard Flathead screwdriver (This is for prying the parts loose) A strong thin wire or a paper clip. Some quick advice so that you don’t have to learn this lesson the hard way lol! (I tend to learn things the hard way sometimes…thats all I will say here. I recommend that you do this on a large table with a cloth or towel spread out on it first.

You don’t want to do this on a small hard surface or as you disassemble things parts may fly, bounce or roll away and you lose things. I have seen several people online recommending doing this on a tray with edges if you have one.


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