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NOT SERVED BETWEEN 1:30AM-6AM GRAB-N-GO COOLER BOTTLES Coke - Diet Coke – Sprite – Power Ade $2.49 Perrier Water $2.82-Fuji Water $2.82 -Bottled Water Nestle $1.83 Red Bull - Sugar Free Red Bull $3.51 Bottled Tea $2.98 – Coconut Water $2.98 Fitz’s Root Beer (also Cream, Black Cherry, Ginger Ale, Diet) $2.98 Dr. Pepper $2.49 Cranberry Juice $2.98 ZICO Coconut Water $4.39 Orange Juice $2.98 Naked Juices $4.98 (wide variety of flavors) COFFEE & ESPRESSO & MORE Espresso Shots Single 2.39 Italian, Con Panna Double 2.69 Macchiato Triple 3.09. 12oz 16oz 24oz Dark, Light, Flavor of Day 2.59 2.69 2.99 Americano/Iced Coffee 2.99 3.19 3.69 Latte / Cappuccino 3.79 4.29 4.89 Latte Flavor (any Flavor) 5.09 5.69 5.99 Mocha 4.19 4.69 5.39 Mocha Flavor (any Flavor) 5.09 5.69 5.99 Café AuLait 2.69 2.89 3.19 Thai Iced Coffee 4.99 5.59 6.59 Chai Latte 3.99 4.49 4.99 Chai (add Soy Milk 1.50) 3.99 4.49 4.99 Hot Chocolate 3.49 3.69 4.49 CaféConLeche/Cocoa Royal 5.09 5.59 5.99 London Fog (earl grey latte) 3.49 3.69 4.49 Steamer 3.49 3.60 4.49 Milk / Cider (skim/2%) 2.30 2.75 TEA (and Tea of The Day) 2.69 2.69 2.99.

COFFEE CARTEL MERCHANDISE Signature Phrase T-Shirts $14. Heavy Hoodie $20 Hat $10 Shot Glass $5 Mug $5 Water Bottle $3 Farm Aid Water Bottle $3 Donation. DESSERTS Chocolate Cake $4.65 Cheese Cake $4.65 Gooey Butter Cake $3.89 (traditional, strawberry, blueberry) Brownies (Chocolate, Cookies n Cream, Turtle) $4.55 Cookies (M&M, Chocolate Chunk, White Vanilla Blueberry) $2.39 Gooey Butter Cake Designer Cupcakes $5.29 Tiramisu $4.99 Carrot Cake $4.65 Pecan Pie $3.80 Rice Crispy Treats $3.29 Strawberry Shortcake $4.60 RETAIL ITEMS Gift Cards (any amount at register) Retail Coffee Flavors 16oz (priced as marked) Republic Tea Flavor Tins (priced as marked) Dessert Party for 10 People $80 Biscotti $1.65 Kettle Corn $6.20 Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans $4.20 5-Hour Energy Shot $4.59 Cigarettes $7.50 (ID Required) Lighter $1. PASTRIES Donuts $1.65 (Dozen $12.85) Bagels $1.65 (Dozen $13.77) Cream Cheese .95 Hummus $2 Pastry $2.10 Monkey Bread $3.49 Muffins $2.30 OPEN 24 HOURS. Black & White Coffee Cartel expands throughout South Island. Black & White Coffee Cartel, the boutique Christchurch-based micro-roasting café group, is looking for operators to help it continue its rapid expansion throughout the South Island and beyond. Following the success of its 13 existing sites in Christchurch, Rangiora, Rolleston and Queenstown (Frankton), the company has appointed Savills to exclusively manage its site acquisition, leasing and operator negotiations as it looks to grow further and open more than 15 new cafés in the South Island. Savills Leasing broker Toby Nicholls, who is handling Black & White’s expansion with business brokerage colleague Norman Engel, says opportunities are being offered to operators looking to join the cartel and open their own boutique café-roasteries.

Following the opening of five sites in the past year and a half, a further three are under construction in Christchurch and due to open in the coming months. The final immediately-available site, in the Christchurch suburb of Beckenham, is now being offered to operators. Black & White is also looking for operators in Dunedin, with several potential sites being considered. In addition, operators are being sought for cafés in centres such as Invercargill, Queenstown town centre, Wanaka, Oamaru, Timaru and Ashburton, says Nicholls. Black & White don’t follow the traditional café franchise model – the key difference is that all operators roast their own beans on-site, which puts a key part of the supply chain under their control.” With beans making up anywhere from a third to half the cost of running a café, this is a significant benefit to operators of Black & White café-roasteries, says Engel. “The boutique roastery model has proven to be a strong attraction to operators so far, as there are few opportunities to enter the market as a dedicated coffee roaster. “Black & White’s model is the only one of its kind in New Zealand and one of only a few in the world where the roaster as a separate entity is cut out of the supply chain, reducing the cost of the beans for operators and directing more profit to them.” No specific roasting experience is necessary other than a passion for great coffee, says Nicholls. “Black & White sells its operators a roasting kitset and provides full training and ongoing support in using the equipment, which is deliberately selected to be an easily-manageable size and capacity. “Operators also benefit from group buying power, with the company negotiating prices down and passing those benefits on to its operators.” Black & White also encourages operators to stamp their own mark on their premises with individually-designed fit-outs, says Nicholls. “A key part of the Black & White ethos is that each café should have an independent, boutique feel, in contrast to the cookie-cutter interiors of the big franchise chains.” As well as South Island expansion, the company is also setting its sights on the North Island and overseas under master-franchise models, he says. Black & White Coffee Cartel was founded by Bink Bowler, who runs the group alongside two co-directors and shareholders: brother Luke Bowler and former All Black captain Reuben Thorne. The first café under the Black & White brand, on Victoria St in Christchurch, opened in early 2015. Working exclusively with Savills means potential Black & White café operators benefit from a streamlined property search process, with a short list of sites presented for consideration. Savills then negotiates with landlords on behalf of Black & White and the operator, with the aim of providing a turnkey solution to a Black & White café-roastery that is fully fitted out and ready to begin roasting and brewing, Engel says. To start, it is possible to turn marijuana purple by lowering the temperatures in your grow room during the flowering stage of growth. In some cases it can be simpler than that and won’t require anything. In others, turning your weed purple won’t be possible. Now, you can turn weed whatever color you want using food coloring, but we don’t recommend this method and it won’t increase the potency of your bud. Many florists dye their flowers different colors by simply adding food coloring to the water they are sitting in after they have been cut. Right after you cut down one of your plants, you could stick the branches in colored or even flavored water to produce a similar effect. We might be more inclined to experiment with flavors over anything else, but we still do not recommend messing with your bud in this manner. Remember, it won’t increase the potency and purple pot doesn’t necessarily guarantee high potency either. The reason some strains of marijuana turn purple is the same reason why some trees leaves turn colors in the fall, why red grapes are purple, why a blood orange is so red, why an eggplant is purple, why blueberries are blue, and why black raspberries are black. This phenomenon is caused by the occurrence of something known as anthocyanin accumulation which causes anthocyanin to build up within plants. While chlorophyll is what gives weed and plants in general their green color, anthocyanin is what makes weed purple, and carotenoid is what will make weed yellow or gold. If your plant has the genetics which make it prone to anthocyanin accumulation, you can make it turn purple by dropping the temperatures in the growing environment down below 50 degrees Fahrenheit when the light is off.

During flower you should be on a 12-12 cycle or something very close. Some plants will turn purple without such a drastic drop in temperatures, and like I said before, for some plants it just isn’t possible. You can also experiment with nutrients from your local hydroponic supply store.

They may have something that can turn any weed purple, but we have not had the time to test all of these products. In the end, you need to realize that turning your weed purple won’t make it any better. The reason that most purple bud is so good is because the people who have been growing pot long enough to master the trick of turning bud purple don’t want to mess around growing anything but the dankest of headies.


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