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Where some people would see it was a selfish death, I see it as the smartest way out of a shitty situation. To muster the strength to pick oneself up, start afresh and never look back at the sadness? With mental health the fact that medication/constant therapy/incessant scrutiny are the norm it hardly makes putting the effort in seem worth it. The first steps to getting “better” are often the hardest.

Making the call to the doctor, sitting in that little room and crying it out. Explaining everything you have enough of a grasp of to put into words – it’s hard, it’s really fucking hard. I’d hazard to guess that so far I’ve explained about 10% of my insane musings to mental health professional – the other 90% seems irrelevant or too disturbing for me to share. When friends/family beg you to explain the situation to them, attempting to force you to be honest and open, it’s horrifying. The intensity of thinking that for five minutes I need to talk to someone who isn’t impartial. I know people “just want to talk/understand/listen”, but I feel that people don’t grasp how much being the person doing the talking exhausts you. But a one on one with a family member explaining my mental health? There’s hope from the perspective that I’m being as selfish as I possibly can be to give myself something to focus on in order to make my life feel like it has some worth.

Even if that worth is material, I can’t see that as a bad thing. I’ve spoiled myself rotten this year, there’s no denying it. But I’ve done it in a way that I feel has been therapeutic for me. I’ve obtained a lots of things that I know make me happy, that I can enjoy in my own way and most importantly, that I can enjoy alone. My records, gigs on my own, holidays alone, books, video-games – it’s all mine and it’s all an escape. I’d rather we all died by some divine intervention. I don’t want to live, but I don’t want to cease to exist either. As much as I have said that I like being alone, I love so many people and I have so many people who’s love I see as some comforting light in the overwhelming darkness of my mind. Thank you to everyone who has been there for me to cry down the phone to, to everyone who’s hugged me for longer than usual because you’ve felt my pain, to the people who have seen my scars and not questioned the reason for them being there. The Boundless CF is a vaporizer from Boundless Technology which took all the positive factors from their very popular Boundless CFX and downsized them into a more affordable package. While you may not get a full-sized OLED display, you do get the same great taste and high-quality craft found in the other products available by Boundless. The CF is yet another fantastic hybrid device available from Boundless. Hybrid means you can vaporize dry herbs, wax/oil and any other aromatherapy materials you see fit. Both devices have a lot in common with the Crafty Vaporizer and Mighty Vaporizer. To the consumer, however, all that means is you are very likely to get a well-designed device, whether you buy Storz and Bickel or the less expensive Boundless products. The CF, for instance, boasts a vast ceramic heating chamber and a battery that can reach optimal temperatures in just 20 seconds. With stats like that, you can see why this device has been flying off the shelves. Little Brother of the CFX Comparing the CF to its big brother, the CFX, is an essential exercise in understanding what makes this device such a good deal. It is just about an inch shorter than the CFX, most likely because of the lack of a full OLED display. The CF has, instead, five LED lights located on the side of the device. These represent the five temperature settings the CF is capable of using. It also features a stealth mode, just like the very bright CFX, that will turn the lights off for a less striking look. Not only that, but the CF uses the same haptic feedback system that vibrates when you activate the device as well as when it reaches your desired temperature setting. Both products are built like heavy duty flashlights, complete with industrial-quality rubber outer shells.

As you can see, the difference between the CF and CFX are just small quality-of-life enhancements. Large Chamber, Great Value The chamber of this device is another excellent example of its versatility. A fully loaded chamber in the Boundless CF will reach about 0.75 grams of finely ground herb. Considering that’s almost a full gram, it’s easy to see why this device can last plenty long enough for a group of friends or one enterprising individual. The best part is that it works just fine with a smaller load as well. Everything has its limits, but the more budget conscious vapers will be able to load up small chambers with relative ease.

It is made possible by the variety of temperatures available in the CF. There are five presets: 354°F 370°F 384°F 399°F 415°F. Knowing the CF is just a smaller version of the incredibly well-crafted CFX goes a long way in recommending this device. Pay close attention to the particular way in which the mouthpiece functions differently on the CF. 1x Boundless CF 1x User Manual 1x Cleaning Brush 1x Micro-USB Charger 1x Packing Tool and Dabber 1x Wax/Oil Attachment.


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