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“I love to trip alone because for me it is a great way to overcome my shadows with noone there to help me but me…” — @bbolint. [Note: Being completely alone isn’t recommended unless you have had significant experience with psychedelics.] Go barefoot for a while. “At some point, stand on bare earth in your bare feet. You should also walk around a bit but if you’re not used to walking in bare feet it might surprise you, so stand for a while first.

It sounds like nonsense but it’s incredible, you’ll just have to try it.” — @bbolint0. “It’s a bit counter intuitive but don’t think too much. Psychedelics are great for personal growth but it’s easy to get into thought loops. Staying present and aware is when the magic really starts to come out” — @bbolint1. Have an ultimate destination in mind (Think: scenic views). Strongly encourage you to lose yourself in nature!” — @bbolint2.

Best times for me have been at the beach and in the forest.” — @Corey-Emery. “… a safety blanket always makes me so comfortable. I often have a sweater or something to hold onto and put on if I get cold or sit on if I go outside in the grass.” — @bbolint6. I dont know if it is a mental thing or what, but whenever a trip starts to get too crazy, water always helps me. I tend to have intense come ups, when my body/ mind is adjusting to the substance and water helps a ton.” — @bbolint3. “Go for walks.” “Meditate beforehand.” “Don’t be hungover.” Bring healthy snacks. “Make sure to have completely natural, vegetarian food available…” — @morty1999. “Remember that you have control over your mindset.” “Trust the process.” “You’ll get the experience you need, not the one you want.” Bring a journal and pens. “I always like to keep a journal and a few pens with me while I trip.” — @Corey-Emery. “It’s also fun to have a notebook nearby – in my experiences, I have random epiphanies about the simplest things in life that I never realized before, and they end up changing virtually everything in my life for the better. I’m grateful I write them down because I’m not sure I’d remember them otherwise :)” — @morty1999. “Having a comfortable playlist on my phone with headphones ready is always a safety/comfort device for myself.” — @Corey-Emery. “Everything is going to be okay.” “Remember that you took a drug, wanted to do so, and are now along for the ride.” — @bashfulkoala. “If things start to get dark, sing a song or hug a friend.” Surrender completely. “I gotta say one of the most important to me is every bad trip has a lesson. clear your head, and you’ll probably just come to realize what you just learned because it’s always pretty eye opening and oddly comforting.” — @bbolint4. “… if you can build a campfire and sit next to it, it is amazing how warming and comforting the presence of the fire can be, holding you in a safe environment, being the ‘safe space’ during your trip.” — @bbolint. “Balance yourself out.” “If there are things stressing you out in your life at the moment, it probably isn’t best to trip unless you want to deal with those stressors head on because they will come up. Take some time, meditate, clear your mind, uplift yourself, raise your vibration. “Know the type of setting you will be in for the particular psych you will be doing. On shrooms, DMT, etc, i believe you should be somewhere peaceful, comfortable, and controlled. You want to be by yourself or around trusted people, who are non-judgmental and familiar. For example, I like to do acid at festivals, dance and party. Or I could do acid around friends in a more chill setting.

I tend to want to explore a bit more and interact on acid, whereas with mushrooms, that could be too overwhelming.” — @bbolint3. If things get too intense… “If things get too intense during the trip, some tips I have are: – to take some time and focus on your breath. Seriously, if you are outside, just lay down in the grass and breathe. I have found that this also balances you out and brings you back. “Have you ever tried looking at art while tripping, btw? I can’t read on high doses, but art is always great.” — @MarcvsMaximvs. “I always find coffee to be the most nourishing thing ever once I start to come down.” — @morty1999. “If you have pets, be sure they’re nearby, because you’ll probably connect with them like never before.” — @morty1999. “Don’t fight those elements of the trip which make you uncomfortable. “Leave your electronics behind!” “Try camping with a couple of trusted friends.” “Just roll with it.” If you’d like to experience psychedelic medicine in a safe, supportive, loving context optimized for maximum benefit, join us at an Apotheosis Retreat.

As we repeatedly stress on HighExistence, psychedelics must be approached with reverence and caution. We believe that in a loving context, psychedelics are powerful medicines with tremendous potential, but there are a number of physical and psychological safety concerns that one should consider before journeying with psychedelics. Please, please do plenty of research, and do not take psychedelics if you have reason to believe that they will not jibe with your personality or particular mental baggage. If in doubt, seek professional guidance to have a safe, legal, and transformative psilocybin experience, for example, at Synthesis . The Essential Psychedelic Guide on Erowid is an exceptional free resource, and we recommend reading it, especially the section on ‘Psychedelic Safety,’ before ever dabbling in these substances, if you feel compelled to do so.


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