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Your application will then be processed as a renewal. If you have an account with the state registry already, simply log in and click on your name in the patient information section to start the renewal process. After your evaluation, you’ll need to upload your new physician’s recommendation and any other relevant documents to the system (for example if you have a designated caretaker, or documentation regarding extended plant count). Most evaluation centers will help walk you through this step after your visit with the physician. If you are unsure about this step, be sure to ask for assistance before leaving your doctor’s office.

Once you’ve uploaded your physician’s recommendation you will need to enter your cultivation information. You can choose to grow your own plants, have a dispensary or caregiver grow them for you, or split your plant count between yourself and a center. You can always change your selection down the road as well! You’ll need to pay the doctor for their assessment, as well as a $25 processing fee to the state for the renewal. Doctor’s fees will vary depending on the establishment, usually between $60-$120, and sometimes more for evaluations involving extended plant counts. Make sure you have all funds ready ahead of time as different offices might ask for payment at different times during the process. After all the required information has been submitted and payment has been collected, your application will be sent to the state for approval. This usually takes 1-2 business days – rarely more, and sometimes less.

Despite the new faster delivery times, it is still best to renew your card before it fully expires to avoid any lapses in coverage. The state will send you a notification to the email you provided in your profile when your medical marijuana card is approved. Be sure to use an email you check actively and have easy access to. When you get the notification email saying your card is approved, you’ll need to log back into your registry account and save a copy of your card. Upon logging back in, on your profile there should be a new message. Use the link to activate your new card and print or make a digital copy of your newly issued card. It is usually a good idea to print off one hard copy, as many dispensaries require this for the first time a medical patient uses their services. A hard copy is also usually checked when assigning one’s allocated medical plants over to a dispensary to grow, and is a good document to have in a safe place in your home should proof of medical need ever be required in a legal situation. However, should you ever lose that copy, you can always retrieve it from your profile. While the process can be frustrating to repeat year to year, it is usually only a mild inconvenience. Admittedly, fixing any problems that arise can be incredibly frustrating as the state provides no physical, public facing entity to address. The move to electronic documentation has greatly reduced the incidence of issues and wait times, but in any bureaucratic system, glitches happen, and can leave people in need without. Make sure you follow all the steps above to ensure a smooth renewal process every time! Do you have any tips or tricks for renewing your medical marijuana card in Colorado? Matt Mongelia holds an MFA in writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has worked in the cannabis industry in various roles for 4 years, from dispensaries, production and retail to events, content and marketing. He is a writer for the comic Dark Beach, and has previously covered music and cultural content for SOL REPUBLIC. At MMJ America, we do our best to make it easy to understand for our patients and for prospective medical marijuana patients as well. In order to shop at a legal marijuana dispensary in Colorado, you need to have a Red Card. Read this easy How-To-Guide to see if medical marijuana is right for you and get started on your Colorado Red Card application process.

Approved Conditions With Physician’s Certification. The following conditions have been denied by the state: – Diabetes Mellitus, types 1 & 2. – Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Severe Anxiety and Clinical Depression.

After you and your doctor have decided that medical marijuana is right for you, you are ready to apply to the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry. – Start by filling out the Application form completely and neatly.


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