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2 - Received a duplicated box and I'm still trying to have the issue resolved. ordered a club merc lootcrate which should have arrived in march but due to corona it arrived now which i can understand. but it was a waste of money the items that were in the box were crap the only cool things in there were a tshirt and a drinking glass and even the quality of both items were MEH.

espacially compaired the the marvel collector corps boxes. I ordered my crate in January and still don’t have it in June. I wanted to let the world know do not order from Loot Crate. 0 stars they stole my money from me… 0 stars they stole my money from me over two months and never received my crate. I ordered back in August 2019 up to October and despite very pointed emails back and forth, excuses and promises, I have only received a small token in an attempt to appease me. I still have none of the three packages nearly a year later. They are dishonest, lying thieving creatures of corruption and deceit. I ordered a crate back in November of 2019, and here it is June 8th of 2020 and I still have not received my package. Their customer support team keeps sending me the same exact email responses whenever I try to get answers.

And I usually never write reviews so this is saying a lot. Just save your money and order fun quirky things off Amazon. I've gotten 2 boxes with them before now and it was relatively fine (back in 2015/2016) In January, a friend and I ordered a Loot Anime crate each at the same time as the series involved were ones we both liked. She got her crate a week ago with a note saying it was missing an item. I still haven't gotten mine and all I got from support was a tracking link that told me literally nothing. Not only that but it took SEVEN months to get my son's first box. Everything in the box is just garbage except maybe a decent looking mug. In both the boxes combined (recieved the second one a day later) He got a cheap plastic compass, some cable ties? A cheap tin whistle, a tiny pillow, a mug, a tin sign, 2 shirts, and a tiny plastic flash light key chain. Bought an annual subscription and only received 3/12 boxes. Support won't do anything and I have essentially been robbed of £300. Disgusting service and anybody I know won't ever go near. Just, today, received the April box, and it's garbage. I've since been charged for two May boxes and two June boxes, neither of which has even shipped. Get CONSTANT upsell emails, which is hilarious since I haven't even received the things I actually purchased. But it doesn't excuse how terrible the April box was, and I regret the other 4 that may arrive someday. Complete waste of money, riding the border of scam. They should pay us for even waiting for this trash. After waiting 6 months, after full payment, for the marvel 80th box I wanna smack the hell out of whoever did this. Got a faded black long sleeve and a stupid hat and trinkets. Already showed everyone I know and they all cancelled their subscriptions as well.

My brother bought me one for Christmas and it only arrived today, not just that it was also missing the t shirt and the magnets. Loot crate Anime sending previous crate items and IOU's. Member of Loot crate Anime, In Nov they started shipping items from previous crates. They are sending out duplicate Manga, and other items. It was good for a few years but its now sending out IOU's with the duplicate crap. After 6 months of waiting I FINALLY got my loot anime today and my mum paid for it and it was the rwby,mha and assassination classroom crate so overall there was one rwby item and my rwby figure was missing from the box.i got three items and after all of my time waiting it's safe to say I was VERY disappointed with it and what my paid for but luckily she got her money back so DO NOT buy from loot crate. I ordered a box for a client of mine, and I got the run around about COVID holding up the order, but clearly after reading reviews (too late) I have a clear understanding this company is a complete rip off.

I keep getting updates that the box is due to be delivered that month and it never shows up.


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