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America’s most affordable THC wax, oil, and hash of 2020

Lean economic times are upon us, but thankfully cannabis extracts are cleaner, legal, and more affordable than ever before.

Independence Day and the 710 Oil Day holiday are here and millions of North American hash fans are scooping up some sweet, sweet bargains on vape cartridges, budders, rosins, and other dabbables.

Thousands of state-legal cannabis retailers from California, Florida, Oregon, Colorado, and Michigan offer steals, like buy two vape carts, get one for a $1. There are great concentrates for every tax bracket.

Here are the country’s leading economical extracts for celebrating, medicating, meditating—you name it, this heated summer.

Find deals in:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Oregon
  • Michigan
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • Illinois
  • Arizona

Half-price hash in California

(Courtesy of Raw Garden)

Legal since 2018, California is the red hot cherry at the center of the bowl of bargain hash in the US—with about 600 stores and delivery services selling the world’s purest extracts, third-party lab-tested for residual solvents, pesticides, and mold. More stores and brands launch all the time.

Cali vape pen cartridges

For penny-pinchers, seek out brand Flav, which offers products like the one-gram cartridge of Jack Herer oil (aka distillate), for just $13 in Los Angeles’ Green Cross of Torrance.

Similarly, oil carts from national brand Select start at $20 a gram for Mendo Breath Elite at Club78 in Reseda. Twenty bucks a gram is pretty much the national price floor for legal cannabis extracts.

Count on major cart brand Stiizy to run tons of cart deals, like Blue Dream one-gram carts for $20, or Birthday Cake distillate (“disty”) for $27 at their own store in Los Angeles. Stiizy’s Biscotti 0.5g disty cart is $20; Gelato is $25.

Moving up a notch, the highly regarded Pruf Cultivar brand has a classic Blue Dream 0.5g cart for $30; Moxie also has $30 0.5g Sour Apple Haze Dart pod, or a Member Berry 0.5g cart for $25.

Here’s a staple: AbsoluteXtracts’ Blue Dream 0.5g carts run $32. And for CBD lovers, ask for Care by Design—a 0.5g cart of 1:1 CBD starts at $29.21 at From the Earth in Pt. Hueneme.

When you’re ready to splurge, the Cali cart market tops out at:

  • $70 for a gram of Heavy HittersGelato #33 live resin, found at LA Cannabis Co in Inglewood
  • NuvataStrawberry Full Mind cart is .5g for $48.99
  • Legion of Bloom disty and live resin cart champs offer Lavender Kush .5g PAX pods for $30
  • Look for Phat Panda half-gram PAX pods for

Cali dabs, sauce, wax, and diamonds

  • Brand Clear Star offers $23 grams of Tropicana Zkittlez shatter, or Triangle Kush shatter—buy at Purple Star San Francisco.
  • Humboldt FarmsMimosa live resin grams go for $25 at Sherbinskis in LA.
  • AbsoluteXtracts’ Watermelon Kush live resin sauce goes for just $27 a gram at The Green Cross in SF.
  • Big brand Cresco brings the $30 grams of Alien Bubba live sauce via the Strains Dispensary in Perris.
  • Wox Extracts holds down the bargains with $32 grams of 24k Gold live resin sugar via Exhalence LA.
  • Also look out for: Summit Boys’ Sour Pie Caviar Crumble for $35 from Balboa Caregivers of Chatsworth.
  • 1Lyfe Lava Cake sauce and diamonds is a steal at $35 a gram at The Green Cross in SF.
  • And Eel River Organics offers bargain dabs like Fog Berry live resin grams for $37, sold at Green Cross of Torrance.

But let’s get real—California value belongs to the brand Raw Garden, whose $35 grams of live resin and carts are where savings meet quality Get the Raspberry Punch or Dosi Punch live sauce grams for $35 from The Pottery in Los Angeles.

There’s so much more in California. Love bubble hash? Seek out Biscotti Resina and stuff like their Banana OG 1g for $30, or their Headband Super Glue Chem sold at Sherbinskis. Statewide brand Cali Hash really holds down the bubble sector with $28 grams; spotted at Coast Coast Collective. And don’t miss Talking Trees kief for $20 a gram statewide.

Cali Hash Pineapple Cake unpressed bubble. (Courtesy Cali Hash)

Splurging a bit?

  • Raw Garden offers Fire Dancer diamonds for $50 a gram at Sherbinskis
  • $45 gets you a half-gram of GMO hash rosin dots from Reefer Madness of Palm Springs
  • And 710 Labs’ Blueberry Haze Live Rosin is $60 a gram, while their The Sweeties #7 Persy Live Rosin goes for $90 a gram—dang!

Value vapes of Florida

Florida’s medical cannabis program is nascent and its potential massive. Less than a dozen vertically integrated brands grow, extract, and sell concentrates to medical cannabis patients in Florida in 2020. That’s light-years better than even a few years ago in the state. Deals aren’t great, but it’s all relative.

Floridians’ medical marijuana extract entry point is a $30 Surterra Wellness 1:4 Zen Disposable Pen with 0.3g of oil, sold by Surterra Boynton Beach. See also their $40 Twisted Kush 0.3g cart or 1:1 Otto-Heal.

Curaleaf has a large lineup of oil carts like a 0.5g Blueberry OG disposable for $42 and a Gelato cart for $45, found at Curaleaf stores.

Next up, MUV Products competes with $60 G-Pen Gio pods of Jack Herer and other strains. They also offer a CBD-rich Canna-Tsu 0.5g cart for $50.

The cheapest full-gram cart might be rythm’s $100 Balance cartridge, featuring the strain LSD, sold at RISE Hollandale Beach.

For splurges:

  • Mary’s Medicinals has a wide range of awesome pods, like 0.5g 3:1 CBD PAX Pod for $75
  • Trulieve Blue River rosin cart is a deal at $60 for 0.4 grams. TruLieve excels in all extracts: TruWax, TruShatter, TruClear, and TruRosin

Bargain dabs of Oregon

(Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

Oregon enjoys a mature, extremely competitive legal cannabis market that has driven prices through the floor, benefiting bargain shoppers. You can easily page through dabs in Oregon on Leafly.

Carts start at a crazy-low $10 a gram for the Sauce Boss Acapulco Gold disty cart—buy it at The Link in Portland.

In second place, Buddies Brand has $20 grams of Blue Lemon Thai live resin; or $24 disty one-gram carts of Love Bucket at Green Front in Portland.

For CBD fans, look out for Willie’s Reserve‘s $20 gram carts of Harlequin, spotted at Reefer Madness in Salem.

Brand UKU also offers $20 gram carts of Tahoe OG at Curaleaf Portland.

Other brands with $10 half-gram or $20 gram carts: Phat Panda; Top Shelf; Bobsled Extracts, and Double Delicious.

Splurging around Stumptown?

  • Go for the Heylo Volume 1 PAX pod for $60 a 0.5g at High End Market Place in Vancouver, WA
  • Echo Electuary’s Huckleberry Web live CBD nectar cart for $60 a gram from Phresh Cannabis in Forest grove
  • House of CultivarChem Mint PAX pod for $50 a gram.

Oregon dabs, rosin, shatter

  • Affordable brand OG Processing is not messing around, with $9 one-grams of BHO Slymer, Purple Gelato, and more.
  • A $10 bill gets you a gram of Original Extracts‘ 501st OG Pull n’ Snap; PDX DabsPurple Punch hash; or Rosewalker shatter from HUSH.
  • And Hood Oil brand one-grams of Gelato shatter run just $12 at Homegrown Oregon in West Salem.
  • Brand Double Delicious doubles your fun with Purple Lemon Haze RSO grams for just $13 at Fire and Frost Cannabis in Vancouver. Crazy.
  • And places like Portland’s Diem delivery and Dab Factory have Forbidden Fruit shatter for $14.95 a gram. Whaaaat?
  • For non-solvent fans, Green Dragon Extracts has bubble hash grams at $15 at Happy Leaf.

Now that you’ve bargain hunted, ball out with:

  • Phat Panda’sFace Off OG live resin grams at $40—sold at The Herbery
  • House of Cultivar’s Strawberry Banana rosin grams at $60 at Greenhead Cannabis Vancouver

Affordable oils of Michigan

(Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

Just a year into adult-use sales, Michigan’s robust medical cannabis manufacturers are making the switch over to recreational sales. They’re running some of the best, most exotic strains through modern extraction processes. You’ll see all the flavors and textures of California, just at a higher price point.

Michigan vape carts

Look for the brand Flav in Michigan, with $35 gram carts of disty Fire OG.

Also scan for highly regarded PRUF Cultivar—they bring $35 gram carts of Blue Dream to Michiganders.

Forty dollars is really the price point, though: Stiizy has $40 gram carts of OG Kush. And Willie’s Reserve even brings out a Wedding Cake gram cart for $40.

Select oil Blue Dream carts start at $40 a gram, and dabbable Tropicana Cookies oil runs $40 a gram at Green Door Alternative in Detroit.

There’s also $45 grams of PMO premium dab dart from Great Lakes Natural Remedies. And Cannalicious’ 1:1 RSO grams start at $45 as well.

At the top, Mary’s Medicinals is a trusted national brand with Gelato Pax pods at $45 a half-gram, or Blue Dream PAX pods for $40 a half-gram. Airo Vapor carts of GSC run $35.84 per half-gram.

Michigan dabs

  • Over at Lake Effect in Portage, a trial pack of Hammerhead Dab Tabs start at just $13, and CBD isolate runs $20 a gram from Clear Water Concentrates.
  • It’s $15 for a gram of Sticky Kief made by Golden Harvests, on sale at Sticky Ypsi in Ypsilanti.
  • Brand Element has Peanut Butter Breath dab tabs for $15—that’s a 150mg trial dab.
  • Select might have the cheapest gram dabs in Michigan, starting at $40 a gram of Purple Punch dabbale oil at Green Door Alternative of Detroit.
  • Over at Apothecare Ann Arbor, Fwaygo carts run a fair $40 a gram.
  • At BotaniQ of Detroit, North Extracts has Orange Daiquiri or Lava Cake wax at $45 a gram.

Going big?

  • Gelato live resin from Monster Extracts at $50, down from $70
  • Brand Cannalicious has Pink Cookies Sugar half-grams for $36
  • Monster Extracts’ Lemon Tree Rock Sauce runs $135 for 2 grams, and Watermelon THC-A is $90 a gram
  • At Information Entropy, Element live resin carts of Skywalker go for $51.46; splurge on their GMO Live resin at $80 a gram
  • Get hype with True North CollectiveMotorbreath live resin batter grams at $55; Heaven Scent sugar sauce at $60 a gram from Sticky Ypsi
  • At Ann Arbor Wellness, Utopia Extracts Pineapple Skunk runs $30.87 per half-gram. Splurge on Big Gas live resin Zookies at $45.45 a half-gram
  • Cannalicious has high-end $80 a gram Berry Cobbler terp sugar

Economical extracts of Colorado

Colorado has arguably the most mature cannabis economy the world, with pure, potent, tasty hash for every class of head.

Colorado carts

Craft Concentrates Lemon G disty carts run just $10 per 0.5g at the store Kaya in Colfax.

Evolab’s Chroma carts start at $17 for 0.5g at Starbuds.

Wana Brands has the approachable disposable Hybrid Berry .3g for $24.98 from The Republic.

The Clear comes in with Lime Sorbet carts at $25 per 0.5g., buy at Quality Choice.

Going big for your birthday? The cart market tops out with The Clear’s Lobster Butter Elite carts at $60 a gram; buy them at Sunrise Solutions in Bailey, CO.

Colorado shatter, badder, diamonds, sauce

  • Dabbers can get $22 grams of Citrus Fuel shatter made by Concentrate Supply Co, sold at Ace’s Place in Ft. Collins. Concentrate Supply Co. will keep you supplied! They got $14.32 grams of Joker Kush shatter at Rocky Road on Platte in Colorado Springs.
  • Brand Binske has Sugar Rose badder grams for $23.37 at Lightshade in Aurora, CO. Whooo-wee.
  • Binske might have the cheapest diamonds in Colorado with Critical Phantom OG Diamonds & Sauce grams at just $31.16 from Berkeley dispensary in Arvada, CO.
  • At the same store, Craft Concentrates serves up a $22.24 gram of Commerce City Kush Live Resin.

Affordable hash in other states

(Patrick Bennett for Leafly)

In Nevada

  • NuLeaf Lake Tahoe has half-gram sauce carts for $19 and .3 gram disposable pens for 3 for $40.
  • Look for Melting Point Extracts deals statewide like Lava OG wax 0.5g for $21.22, or Vegas Alternative Medical Association carts and wax.

In Illinois

  • Look for Nature’s Grace and Wellness Joos carts
  • Verano has a splurge $65 0.5g reserve cart, and a Pineapple Diesel disposable .3 g for $120
  • Cresco liquid live resin goes for $60 for a half-gram; their High Supply indica oil pen is $30 for 0.25g, and Pineapple Express cart is $60

In Arizona

  • Brand DRIP Oils and Extracts
  • Plus, Wifi OG for $30 at Untamed Herbs
  • Wifi OG #43 terp cartridge 0.5g at JARS Cannabis
  • Jack Herer live sauce at The Mint, Tempe
  • Vapen Blue Zkittlez 0.5g for $30 at Herbal Wellness Center
  • Zodiak’s Moonrock brand is a splurge at $70 a gram for a Lynwood Lemonade cart at YiLo Superstore

And that’s it! The dab world is so vast and so dynamic, there’s no way we’ve captured all the savings out there for hash lovers. Click on over to the Leafly concentrates marketplace and seek out the fuego near you.

Stock up on THC wax, CBD oils ,and more for July 4 and the 7/10 OIL Day holiday with Leafly's useful pricing and menu guide to American hash.

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