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They also add a pleasant scent to the other smelly stuff you put on the compost heap. It seems as soon as I open the package, it starts to form clumps. If yours are getting clumpy too, just put a small piece of orange peel in the storage container. The moisture helps to make sugar and spices softer and fluffier.

Do you like to build a backyard or indoor fire on cool spring evenings? If you ever waited for the kids to gather twigs, the process can be time-consuming – especially if you've built a fire the night before. Simply toss the orange peels in and watch the fire burn. Does the smell of lighter fluid make you feel sick? The oil in the peel is quite flammable and will help feed your fire right away. The scent sure beats the chemical aroma of lighter fluids. Are your neighbor's cats starting to use your garden as a kitty litter box? Keep them away the kind way by placing orange peels around your garden and the perimeter of your home. Another big bonus of putting orange peels around your garden – they deter slugs!

Are the ants marching one by one on your picnic table and the last thing you want to say is “hurrah?” Add orange peels to your picnic basket and place them around the area before you put out the food. They will keep ants out of your basket and away from your eating space. Nothing is more beautiful than a centerpiece or arrangement with flowers and fruit. Add orange peels to your dried flower arrangements for a lovely and fragrant touch. They can be cut into different designs and patterns to make bouquets even more beautiful. Do you use dried flowers from your garden to make natural potpourri? It's a wonderful way to bring fresh scents into your home. Add a few orange peels to make your homemade potpourri last longer and smell even fresher. Do your garbage cans smell nasty no matter how much you clean them or spray deodorizer? Place orange peels in the bottom of the garbage can before you put the trash liner in. Instead of struggling with a sponge, use an orange peel to scrub away stubborn grime on your stove top, pots and pans. Are you looking for a fresh way to add flavor to your salads and pasta? Mix olive oil with orange peels for a whole new taste. Visit my article outlining 20 unique ways to use olive oil to find out more about ways to use this essential oil. Orange peels can also be used as orange zest to add flair to a variety of baked goods. Place orange peels in a container with white vinegar and let them sit for a a few weeks. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it to clean counters, table tops and more. Recently I also reported how lemons are excellent to use for cleaning purposes. Much like many other foods, orange peels can be used to make you more beautiful. Here are a few natural ways to boost your appearance: 15. Make an exfoliating scrub using orange peels and cornmeal with this simple recipe from eHow. Below is a video showing how to make an orange peel facial mask to help reduce blemishes and get rid of facial oil.

The scent of citrus is both refreshing and alluring. Add a few orange peels to your bath for smooth skin and a healthy dose of aromatherapy to boost your mood. Here's another way to use the power you made from orange peels. If you have dark spots from sitting in the spring sun, use the powder from two orange peels mixed with milk to make a paste. Leave it on your face for about 20 minutes than rinse with cool water. It bleaches your skin naturally and also helps minimize enlarged pores. This mix can also eliminate the harsh look of tan lines. Keep the sensational citrus scent going after your bath. Make your own bath powsder from dried orange peels.

Pound them with a mortar and pestle to get the good stuff. Sprinkle it on after you bath and smell absolutely divine. Orange peels offer aromatherapy benefits if you're feeling stressed or depressed.


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