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This piece of sad news is not likely to affect a modern childhood audience, for whom 1988 exists as merely a distant time and place. But anyone alive at the time of the film's release, regardless of age, is better equipped to remember the news coverage and general mood surrounding this tale of a young talent whose voice was taken too soon. This collaborative Yoshi dab rig combines HicDogg’s expert sculpting skills and Hamsta’s classic hobnailing and colorwork detail for a piece where every inch is designed with intention and precision. Designed for true glass collectors, this sculpted Yoshi dab rig includes a custom maple tray by Kindtray and a removable dabber and carbcap for smooth hits and effortless safekeeping. Enjoy the best of two iconic glass artists in one truly unique piece.

Size: 14mm , 8in Tall 9in Long (from Head to Tail) Color: Black; Yellow-Gold Hobnail Blown By: HicDogg and Hamstafam Location: Arizona. I ordered this standard delivery and it made it to FL in exactly a week. It was packaged with 4 layers of protection- very impressive. This thing hits smoothly and provides awesome flavor, but for its small size, hits like a bong. I purchased this last summer and was very disappointed that I dropped it on concrete this winter. This product shipped quickly and is of beautiful quality. All the items in my order arrived a day ahead of schedule, which is awesome. The double bubbler seems like it is sturdy and the styling(shape, color, and etc) match the image of the item I purchased. I'm not certain if the bubbler is made to be crooked from front to back but the mouth piece tilts to the right while the bowl tilts to the left slightly.

It's not aesthetically pleasing being misaligned from front to back. If you are OCD then you would want to pass on this pipe. Excellent glass piece that arrived promptly for 4/20/18. Very fair pricing for the intricate details and patterns that have gone into this. Definitely a center piece and conversation piece for the home. However, the bubbler that came is slightly different than the one in the picture. I would have preferred the one that is shown in the photos, but it's still a beautiful piece none the less. I bought this about a year ago and all I can say is great. Great craftsmanship, great function and great price, just an all around great product. The only con about this piece is the difficulty cleaning due to its construction, but all you need is isopropyl alcohol, course salt, hot water, some q-tips and some shaking. Unfortunately, due to some carelessness on my part, I dropped and broke my piece yesterday and I loved it so much I came back and bought another one lol- let that speak for itself. Height: 5.5 Inches Double Chamber for 2x the Filtration " data-bread-crumbs=""> In stock. Share this: The Rainforest Green Double Bubbler is a nice sturdy bubbler with two chambers for water. The extra chamber will filter the smoke once more for an even cleaner hit. This sturdy bubbler is great for a getting a nice water-filtered hit without the use of a water pipe. Height: 5.5 Inches Double Chamber for 2x the Filtration. Blunt glue by Gluegar is a game changer especially during covid season. They have created an easy to use rolling glue for joints, backwoods, and b. Say hello to the Mouthpeace by Moose Labs, your own personal mouthpiece! No longer do you have to worry about sharing with strangers, and passing g. Get ready to bust up some nugs with the Grenade Grinder. This 3 piece grinder is the perfect conversation piece for the next sesh, while alternativ. A standard 510 thread battery, this rechargeable pen is slim and sleek to fit all your favorite pre-filled oil cartridges. The Hundred Dollar Bill rolling paper by Empire Rolling looks like a real note.

Perfect for parties, special occasions, or just to boss up your smo. Height: 5.5 Inches Double Chamber for 2x the Filtration "> The 25 Coolest Ashtrays You Can Buy Right Now. Although in recent years smoking has become frowned upon, since it kills you (or whatever the doctors say), ashtrays have somewhat remained a symbol of high class. Cutting edge, modern ashtrays are still being designed by artists, while vintage ashtrays have become a collector's item, especially pieces from the '50s, '60s and '70s, when cigarettes were in their prime. Even if you don't smoke, an ashtray can be used as a decoration or a convenient holder for your thumb tacks. Whatever you want to use it for, even if it's to put your cigarettes in, here are The 25 Coolest Ashtrays You Can Buy Right Now . Your guests will definitely be impressed if you whip out a smoke and start to ash in one of these bad boys. Get zooted in style with some leopard print from one of your favorite Japanese brand’s favorite Japanese brand. It’s basically the stairwell scene from Inception , which you probably have to be high to understand anyways.

Picture the cool exec keeping one of these in his office. When you don’t want to ash just anywhere, keep yours in a pocket tray to. They always say “the world is in your hands” and it just so happens “the world” is your hash ash and “your hand” is just a ceramic hand. 100 years of Bauhaus in Germany celebrated by a two-piece ashtray is some galaxy brain shit.


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