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Dab tools may seem simple, but nothing could be further from the truth. There's also style to consider beyond the utility of a dab tool. Do you want a small, discreet dabber that blends in on your keychain, or do you want a dab tool that's big and easy to handle?

No matter what kind of dab tool you need, we've got you covered. We sell glass dabbers, metal dab tools, silicone dab tools, and unique dab tools to suit your taste. Picking the perfect dab tool is a very personal choice. Depending on the type of concentrate you use and your dabbing technique, preferences vary wildly. Here are some tips for picking the best dab tool for you. Dab tools typically come in three materials: glass, quartz, and titanium.

Quartz is much more durable than glass and just as decorative, though tends to be more expensive. Titanium tools are also more expensive than glass, but are nearly indestructible. Always remember to use medical-grade titanium and avoid stainless steel. Dabbers come in different shapes intended for different consistencies of concentrate. For example, spoon-shaped dab tools are best for crumbly concentrate. Sharp tools perform better with sticky or solid concentrates, on the other hand. It's worth investing in multiple dab tools to suit the different types of concentrate you smoke. Some dabbers offer two different tools, one on each end. These dab tools typically feature one flat and one pointed end, but selection varies. Take a look at all your options before settling on the best dab tool for you. Dabbing has taken the cannabis world by storm in recent years. The explosive popularity of concentrates has introduced not only a new method for consuming cannabis, but also an entirely new culture, vocabulary, and a range of specialized tools and components. This article will give you an extensive breakdown of the tools needed to dab like a pro and make the most of your encounter with cannabis concentrates. Aside from the rig itself, nails are the most vital part of the dabbing experience. A nail is essentially a shallow dish that slides into the downstem of your dab rig, and is the component to which you apply heat and onto which you will drop and vaporize your concentrates. There are two main types of dab nails you can use with a dab rig: Nails with Dome. These nails require the use of an additional piece called a dome, which slides over the top of a heated nail to help evenly distribute heat and retain vapor. When you use a nail and dome, you heat the nail to the desired temperature, slide the dome over the top of the nail, drop your concentrate onto the hot nail, and pull in the vapor. These nails require the use of an additional piece called a dome, which slides over the top of a heated nail to help evenly distribute heat and retain vapor. Just as the name indicates, domeless nails do not require the use of a dome. Instead, they feature a larger dish and an opening in the center through which the vapor travels into the rig. Today, many dabbers prefer using domeless nails, since the larger dishes allow them to hit larger dabs.

Using a domeless nail also tends to be a bit simpler than the process of heating a nail and then sliding a dome down over it. In the absence of a dome, it is now very common to use a carb cap with a domeless nail.

A carb cap rests on top of the nail while the concentrate is bubbling and vaporizing, and is lifted off the nail when you’re ready to clear the vapor. This creates a small chamber of heat that lets you dab effectively at lower temperatures for a cleaner taste.


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