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The sealed foil packaging also ensures a fresh wrap every time that will never be stale or dry. Platinum Blunt wraps also come in a variety of delicious flavors that are sure to please. Whether you like fruity or sweet or something in between there is a flavor just for you. Sold in boxes of 15 packs of 2 or 15 packs of 4 you will always have your favorite flavor close at hand. Order today one of our 23 flavors and taste the freshness CheapCigars4Me has to offer.

I ordered this pipe thursday and was delivered sunday. The pipe has a massive bowl on it for the tiny size and you can get the biggest rips you could ever get on a sherlock best value for 10$ really sturdy. This was my first pipe that I've ever purchased and I love it! It's no mystery what the name of this pipe alludes to. Go out on the town, whether sleuthing or partying, with these Mini Sherlock glass hand pipes from Jellyfish Glass ! Hand crafted in North America, no two pipes are alike ; not only in the respect that some may differ slightly in size, but each pipe is crafted in a different blend of colors and fuming. These pipes measure around 3.75" long and are crafted with an angled flat bottom under their bowl to keep them steady when placed down.

The bowls are a standard size and feature a carb to their left for the perfect draw every time. Use the "Preferred Color" option* above to see what colors we have available and request a specific one, or simply leave it as "Randomly Awesome" and we will pick one for you. *We cannot guarantee your requested color will be in stock. Un-check the "Allow Color Substitution" box and we will help you get what you want; otherwise we will substitute an available color. *Available colors are subject to change without notice, because we manually check our color quantities and these items are available in an assortment. These "Crime Solver" Mini Sherlocks are available in many colors including, but not limited to, Green , Amber , and Blue , and each color has a different level of fumed color added in ; some have a lot, some have none, some only have it around the pipe's mouth; each pipe is unique! Leave a review and let others know how it stacks up! Thanks to the technological know-how developed during more than 40 years, DAB PUMPS is proud to introduce to the market the E.SYBOX mini 3, this is the most compact electronic pressurization system in the world. Revolutionary, integrated E.SYBOX mini 3 provides a new installation experience and maximum comfort during use. E.SYBOX mini 3 benefits from the most advanced DAB technologies to ensure a consistent pressure based on actual needs, and therefore an optimization of energy consumption. E.SYBOX mini 3 has a different appearance than any other booster set and is small and completely integrated.Once you install and use it, you realize that the real difference is in the comfort and performance. E.SYBOX mini 3 uses the most advanced DAB technologies to create constant pressure according to the system demands and thus an optimization of energy consumption. The new 3-rotor model ensures further noise reduction and energy consumption. Managing the water pressure in your home has never been so simple and quiet. E.SYBOX mini 3 is the DAB compact automatic booster system for the water supply of a single dwelling. E.SYBOX mini 3 guarantees the comfort of constant pressure (Pressure Set Point adjustable from 15 up to 79 psi) inside the system. Suitable for use with drinking water, in domestic systems, and in gardening applications. E.SYBOXmini³ does not require any additional components for its installation. Operating range: capacity up to 22 gpm (80L/min); head up to 183 ft (56 m) - (80 psi) Liquid quality requirements: clean, free from solid or abrasive contaminants, non-viscous, non-aggressive, uncrystallised and chemically neutral. Liquid temperature range : from 32°F to +95°F (0°C to +35°C) for domestic use for other use: from 32°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C) Maximum suction depth: 26 ft (8 m) Maximum ambient temperature: +122°F (+50°C) Maximum pressure: 108 psi (7.5 Bar) Maximum settable pressure: 79 psi (5.5 Bar) Motor protection rating: IPX4 Insulation class: F Installation: Horizontal or vertical fixed position. Approvals: CSA certification to CSA Standard C22.2 No 108- 14 Liquid Pumps. UL Standard 778- 5th Edition- Motor operated water pumps. NSF/ANSI 61 - 2014a - Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects. NSF/ANSI 372 - 2011 - Drinking Water System Components – Lead Content.

It consists of a high frequency self-priming double impeller pump, management inverter electronics, pressure and flow sensors, adjustable high resolution LCD display with 1/4 gallon built-in expansion vessel, and cartridge check valve. The double suction and delivery ports allow both vertical and horizontal installation. Thanks to its compact sizes, installation is also possible in difficult places without high air exchange. The E.SYWALL wall bracket allows wall installation, saving even more room. E.SYBOX MINI is a self-priming pump with a capability of 26 ft in less than 5 minutes. The water-cooled motor, the anti-vibration feet and the electronics, make this product totally comfortable and compact. Fitted with all the safety protections, as well as the protections for the safeguard of the pump. Particularly, the dry run and the antifreeze protections.

All the parameters and the operating status are displayed & set on the high-resolution LCD display.


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