what is thrax weed

What is thrax weed

Meaning of Thrax and Definition of Thrax


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Meaning of Thrax and Definition of Thrax


Thrax is the kickass virus from Osmosis Jones. His street name is El Muerte Rojo or The Red Death. This badass doesnt give a fuck about who he kills, wears a bitchin trench coat, and is voiced by Morpheus(Lawrence Fishbourne). He goes into a human, steals a DNA bead from their hypothalamus gland to add to his chain, and leaves the human and all thirteen trillion cells to die. Also he has a long claw, which glows and causes things to burn up, and organisms to spontaneously combust. Even though he is hella grotesque looking, hes suave and sexy, chicks dig Thrax.

thrax killer weed Weed shipped from Pakistan or any related country

Best Weed Strains To Smoke Right Now

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Legal weed is shaking things up in the world of doja. Everyone is trying to get in on the game—and almost anyone can. But with so much competition in the market, it’s hard for consumers to know how to find what’s best for them. That’s where we come in.

Even for the most dedicated of stoners, it can be overwhelming to keep track of the latest weed strains: sour diesel, OG kush, blueberry, what does it all mean? And for newcomers, it can be an even bigger challenge. We’ve already got a guide for that—so you can stop pretending to know what THC actually stands for—and we also have this guide to the best marijuana strains right now. Becoming familiar with what’s out there will help you figure out the best avenue to take for your ideal high.

For all of you bud enthusiasts, this is an overview of all of the best weed strains out there right now. Check it out before you buy your next bag of kush.

When it comes to marijuana strains, we often have the curse of options. Here's a list of the best weed strains available right now. ]]>