what is a recycler dab rig

Recyclers: What they are and why we Love Them

Recyclers are currently a hot trend in the smoking world, with glass blowers and designers alike becoming ever more creative in their designs. These devices are either fitted to handle dry herb or concentrates, but removable attachments may allow for interchangeable use. For strictly dry herb use, the piece will simply be called a “recycler” or “recycler water pipe.” Recyclers used for dabbing concentrates are called “recycler dab rigs.” These water pipes use a two chamber system and an extra tube (called the intake) for transporting the water containing the vapor up through the device before recycling back down. Recyclers not only offer users the smoothness of water filtration to their inhalations, but do it in a way that efficiently cools the vapor as well. Many users now prefer recyclers over traditional water pipes for their extra filtration properties.

How does a recycler work?

These specialized water pipes work by first filling the base with water and loading product into the attachment piece (downstem for dry herb or nail for concentrates). Once the product has been lit and the user sucks in on the mouthpiece, the smoke will travel through the downstem into the base chamber where it will mix with the water for filtration, then up through the intake stem to the second chamber where the vapors are released close to the mouthpiece as the water falls back down into the base chamber to be recycled back through.

The water containing the vapors can be recycled through the device as many times as the user wants, or until the mouthpiece is full of vapor and the user is ready to inhale. Often times, recyclers include percolators at the base of the downstem or as part of the design of the lower chamber for extra filtration. There are many types of percolators on the market today offering different filtration processes for users to choose from.

Benefits to using a recycler

The unique design of recyclers allows the smoke to cool in the water longer, as it travels through the device with the water until the very last moment before it enters the mouthpiece. For users who prefer cool, smooth hits, this is the biggest benefit to these devices. This particular characteristic also helps dabbers tone down their potent dabs, making it easier to inhale an already concentrated hit.

Another advantage that prolonged water filtration offers is it allows less time for vapor to air contact. The longer smoke interacts with air, the staler it can become. With recyclers, the only time the vapor connects with air is right before the mouthpiece, leading to fresher and tastier hits. The last benefit to recyclers is that the second chamber often acts as a splashguard to the mouthpiece making it difficult for the user to accidentally inhale a mouth full of water. As the water already approaches the mouthpiece close enough, this benefit becomes even more necessary to a recycler user.

For dry herb use, the piece will be called a recycler or recycler water pipe. Recyclers used for dabbing concentrates are called recycler dab rigs

Incycler & Recycler Rigs: What’s The Difference?

In the world of dab rigs , incyclers and recyclers provide a special, top-of-the-line smoking experience. But, what exactly is the difference between an incycler and a recycler ? Let’s explore some of the reasons why these dab rigs are so amazing.

Recyclers And Incyclers

A recycler is a type of oil rig that has two chambers instead of just one. These chambers are designed to continuously pull water vapor from one to the other, which saves the smoke, cools it down and helps deliver smooth, flavorful hits. You also have several percolation options to choose from. So whether you prefer a little diffusion or a lot, you can choose the perfect percolator for your needs.

An incycler is a special type of recycler . While incyclers still have the two-chamber system, the second chamber is housed within the first, rather than alongside it. Incyclers can deliver the same smooth hits as regular recyclers, but tend to be a bit more compact in design.

Is One Better Than The Other?

The main difference between a standard recycler and an incycler is aesthetics. Both of the dab rigs function essentially the same, but they are designed to do it in slightly different ways. A recycler’s multiple chambers can give your rig the look of an awesome science experiment, while the internal structure of an incycler gives you more of a fountain effect.

Another benefit of the cool visual effects of the water traveling throughout the chambers is that residue is easier to clean up. The leftover grime from smoking oils and concentrates tends to build up the worst on dry areas of your water pipe or dab rig . Thanks to the constant motion of the water, pretty much every internal surface of a recycler rig remains wet. While it’s still good to clean your rig with a salt water mixture on a regular basis, a recycler or incycler tends to stay nicer looking for longer in between cleanings.

Overall, recyclers and incyclers have a special element of fun to them, so you might want to choose the one that’ll give you the coolest visual effects while delivering the smoothest hits.

The Best Of Both Worlds

One final option to consider is the “Klein” style incycler . A Klein incycler combines the internal chambers of an incycler with external tubes that make it look more like a recycler. This function helps ensure that the rig’s drain doesn’t interfere with the percolator, which would make taking hits more difficult. Certain kinds of faberge egg rigs qualify as Klein incyclers, giving you an extra, awesome style option.

Incyclers and recyclers are members of the dab rig community that provide a top-of-the-line smoking experience. Let's explore what makes them each so amazing. ]]>