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Ever hear someone say their first tattoo was done by a “scratcher” or a tattoo artist say they were “Loyal to the coil,” but weren’t entirely sure what those words were referring to? What really is the difference between “custom” work and “flash” tattooing? Well have no fear! Here at INKED we’ve got you covered with a list of some of the most common tattoo terms, lingo and slang so you know what certain words and phrases mean for next time you step into that tattoo studio.

Aftercare—The process of caring for a new tattoo for the first two to four weeks after getting one. This usually consists of washing it with unscented soft soap, applying hydrating ointments and lotions, and avoiding exposure to sunlight and bodies of water for long periods of time.

American Traditional—One of the most popular styles of tattooing based on black outlines, a minimal, yet bold color palette, and iconic tattoo imagery.

American Traditional tattoo by Myke Chambers

Apprentice—Someone who has been taken under the wing of an established tattooist and is learning to tattoo under their guidance. Typically an apprentice works under a tattooist for several years learning how to properly use and build a tattoo machine as well as how to apply ink into skin and skillfully design a piece based on body flow and skin type.

Autoclave—A machine that uses steam and high pressure to sterilize tattoo equipment before and after each tattoo session.

Biomechanical—A style of tattooing also referred to as “biomech” in which a tattooist designs a piece (usually freehand) based on the client’s body flow in order to recreate a robotic or cyborg-like aesthetic to the client’s skin.

Curious about tattoo terminology? Here are the common tattoo terms, lingo, and slang so you know what they mean the next time you step into a tattoo studio.

Nine Bold, Traditional Bangers by Beau Brady

Beau Brady’s bangers wow with their emboldened line work and hardy color.

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Lastly, the best thing about a banger is the relatively small time commitment on the behalf of the recipient and artist. Heck, if you went to a walk-in day at a parlor right now, you could likely have a new custom tattoo before sundown. If this sounds exciting and you happen to be near Tustin, California, visit Brady himself at Captured Tattoo and see if he has an opening. You can also follow his solid work on Instagram @beauxbrady.

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Beau Brady’s bangers wow with their emboldened line work and hardy color.