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With the Trifecta, it really is great no matter what kind of material you choose to use. Cleaning was easy and the reloadable cartridges keep it simple to set things up and start vaping. from what i've seen, the level of effect received during consecutive trips varies from person to person; though it seems that the effect is lessened to a degree across the board.

myself, back in my day of very regular psychedelic experiences i would always be satisfied from the second day of tripping, even if the same dose was taken 2 days in a row. however, i could definitely notice a lessening of the intensity. the way i remember describing it to people years ago, was that when you trip regularly and become used to the psychedelics mind state, it seems that your conscious self quickly gains the ability to coordinate 'itself' within the mindset. the effect of this is, from my experience is the consequent 'bringing of the self into the experience', which in effect holds back the ego annihilation part of the experience. lol, does that make any sense, it's rather hard to put into words. largely the difference of the feeling is a sense of groundedness, or 'not being blown awayness' during the experience. now all of that being said, i think the difference in one's experience of multiple days in a row of tripping is partially determined by the ego's own limitations..whereas normally tripping this is the last thing holding you back. myself, practicing much meditation and consciousness exploration without the use of psychedelics;i was always still quite satisfied with the experiences. almost begining to seem 'normal' to be tripping, though i would no doubt be tripping still.

the ultimate deterent of such practices from my experience is the crossing over effect. which is: When you start feeling 'normal' while tripping, it's easy to feel 'trippy' while sober. some may feel that is a desirable effect, to each their own. HPPD or HPPO (hallucinogenic perceptual order: order brought about through the persistent perceptual after-effects of hallucinogenics) i used to argue i had the latter. i don't trip so much anymore, a few times a year and generally in a more ceremonial context. certainly with absolute intentions and respect, my years of nonchalant psychedelic adventuring are past. and so it rarely comes up to consider a second day of tripping after a first. i've had very spiritually transformative experiences eating psychedelics multiple days in a row, so i regret none of what i've gone through, and i'm open the possibility of a weeklong perceptual workout lol. but moderation, disciplined self-preparation, and solid intention are the right ingredients for positive and evolutionarily-beneficial experiences. sorry for the lengthiness, didn't mean to make it too personal, but i feel the subjective nature of one's own recollective experience is the best stone to throw when it comes to moving towards objective truth. I decided to spend the last two days tripping on acid almost all of the day. I took tabs fairly early on both days and I must say tolerence with acid is quite a bitch. Yesterday I took double the dose of acid that I took on the first day and I was still tripping significantly less. I decided to start with a lower dose since I hadn’t tripped in about 2 weeks and planned on tripping two days in a row. The first day I took 2 tabs (about 200mic) and yesterday I took 4 of the same tabs. Day 1: The first day was full of patterning on surfaces and fractals. Lights were super bright and I was debating the meaning for my existence most of the day. I wondered if I really belong doing IT all my life or if there was a greater purpose for my existence I have yet to find. I spent the day around my family and had no issues of paranoia or any nervousness when talking to my parents. I enjoyed the day quite thoroughly and when my girlfriend came home we smoked some pot (which almost doubled the intensity of my trip at the time) and headed to WalMart to get a movie. After getting back home and putting on the movie she chose, Bernie with Jack Black, she quickly fell asleep. The movie was quite strange and with her being asleep I could not focus on it. I took a few trips outside to look at the stars and smoke another bowl. When I went back in I was pacing the living room thinking about anything that came to mind. Once the movie was over and my girlfriend went to bed I couldn’t sleep. The TV was distracting and noisy so I shut it off and sat listening to some music. I had the urge to draw and write because I had so much going through my mind and I was seeing so much. I sat at a blank page of my sketchbook and then at a blank page in my word processor.

No matter how hard I try I could not focus enough to get anything down. The patterns and kaleidoscope effect I was seeing on the page and on my computer screen were two intense and distracting. After about an hour of trying to do this I gave up, shut all the lights off, got under the covers, and put on some Shpongle to listen to. In the dark things seemed much more distorted than in the light. I sat watching the curtains and windows dance back and forth.

The music seemed to increase my visual activity and the visuals were moving with the music.


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