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First and foremost, nectar collectors don’t have a nail or banger, so you place the cannabis concentrate in a glass serving dish and vaporize it from there. This is convenient because you can store a large amount of concentrate in the dish (with a lid, of course) and take hits off it at your leisure. The other differences between using a nectar collector and a dab rig appear in the actual process of vaporization. Check out this step-by-step guide for details: Get your dish and concentrate ready. That means removing the lid and placing the dish nearby.

Heat the tip of your nectar collector with a butane torch until it’s red hot, just like you would heat the nail or banger on your regular dab rig. Put down the butane torch (turn it off first, yo!). When the tip has cooled to your liking, put your mouth on the neck and tap the hot tip in the dish along the pile of concentrate. The longer you hold the tip in the concentrate, the more vapor you’ll get. Tapping the tip of the nectar collector (like tapping a cigarette against a flat surface) helps you control the amount of vapor you create in the body. As you can see, you don’t need the other tools necessary to operate a regular dab rig. All you need is the nectar collector itself, your dish of concentrate, and an open flame. Portable — Nectar collectors are much smaller than your traditional dab rig, which makes them an easy choice for long trips or just a day out on the town. Fun — The novelty of a nectar collector makes it a fun option for parties and regular use. Self-Contained — Everything you need is right there.

Just wax or shatter and a flame and you’re good to go. Easy To Clean — Most nectar collectors break down into three pieces (neck, body, and tip), so you can clean them quickly and easily with just some running water. Easy To Use — As we described above, nectar collectors are super easy to use, making them a good alternative to other pieces of cannabis equipment. Less Temperature Control — Getting the right temperature for maximal vaporization can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Neck Can Fall Out Of Body — If you’re not careful, the neck can fall out of the body and cause all kinds of problems. Lower Quality Hit — Because of the lack of accurate temperature control, nectar collectors do sometimes produce a lower quality hit. Can Be Unwieldy — Even though nectar collectors are smaller than full-size dab rigs, they can still be awkward to pass. If you have some experience dabbing with a dab rig, by all means, give a nectar collector a try. They’re great for travel — or just a quick one-hit without getting out all the gear associated with a dab rig. We suggest finding a friend or acquaintance who has a nectar collector and asking to try it out. You might even ask them over and supply the wax yourself. You can take the nectar collector for a spin, see if you like it, and then make the decision to buy one or not. Ultimately, it might not be your favorite tool of the toking trade, but you can always go back to the dab rig for your regular fix. At the very least, a nectar collector is a fun alternative to the tried-and-trusted cannabis consumption methods that you’re familiar with. And, really, that’s what marijuana is all about: fun and feeling good. A "Honey Straw" is a new trendy way to smoke concentrates instead of a dab rig or oil rig. These tools are unique among smoking gear in that they vaporize but they are not vaporizers. They can use water, but are not water pipes or bubblers. Honey Straws are entirely different; their own animal, you might say! They're gaining popularity exponentially based on its effectiveness, ease of use, and for the fun times that you can have sharing with your friends. Honey Straws are much more portable than an oil rig in that they are smaller and designed to be held and moved around. The main function of Honey Straws is that they can be dragged over concentrates to be inhaled. With a glass dish, your Honey Straw can be fully portable! Honey Straws also make pacing yourself much easier since you’ll be able to sense early when you’ve had too much or when you need more. Honey Straws, like most pipes, are comprised of a neck, body, and tip. They can be made from glass, silicone, wood or quartz.

The neck is where the glass whip is, and is the end you will be using to inhale from. Necks can be detachable and can be connected via a joint. The body is where the smoke travels through, and on a wet Honey Straw, it is the chamber where you can fill the water. Dry Honey Straws, also called wands, just have straight bodies without water chambers at all. When using a wet Honey Straw that does have a body chamber, make sure you fill the water before attaching the tip so that water doesn’t get trapped in the joint. Generally the water chamber should be kept less than halfway filled. On a good Honey Straw, you may find a diffused downstem inside of the main body water chamber.

This adds extra percolation and smoke diffusion as well. The tip of the Honey Straw is what the Nectar Collector uses as a kind of nail. The tip connects to the base and can be made of titanium, quartz or glass. Often a keck clip is used around the joint to keep the tip from falling off. Generally, titanium is sturdier than glass, and quartz usually offers the best overall flavor.


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