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How To Make Marijuana Milk

Does the idea of a cannabis-infused milkshake sound appealing? Well, you are going to need some cannabis-infused milk first! Here is the Royal Queen Seeds Guide to making some.

Cannabis and cooking go hand-in-hand. It is a great way to combine a love for food with a love for your sweet green. So, for those who want to get a little creative in the kitchen, we have put together a recipe to make cannabis-infused milk – a delicious treat that can be drunk on its own, as part of a milkshake, or used as part of a larger cooking recipe. It is the cannabis perfect base.


  • Full-fat milk
  • Cannabis
  • Sieve and cheesecloth
  • The quantities of each ingredient will largely depend on your tolerance. As a general rule, 0.5-1g per 1/4 litre of milk will be sufficient for most. If you use more than this in a regular joint, then up the dose per 1/4 litre proportionately.

Important: The milk used must be full fat. Fat is required to bind the cannabinoids from your cannabis into the milk. Choosing a low-fat milk will be much less efficient.


  1. Grind up your cannabis into a fine powder. The finer you grind it, the better it will infuse the milk.
  2. Pour the milk into a pan and place it on a medium heat so that it begins to simmer, but not fully boil.
  3. Add your cannabis to the milk and stir everything together thoroughly.
  4. Allow the mix to continue bubbling away for another hour, stirring every now and again. Be sure to keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn’t boil over.
  5. After an hour, turn off the heat and allow the milk mix to cool.

It is important to cook your milk for an hour to ensure the cannabis decarboxylates and fully binds to the milk. Without this process, the compounds within the cannabis will not activate to their full effect – heat is required to make sure THC and the other cannabinoids do their job. You can find out more about decarboxylation and why it is so important in our in-depth explanation.

6. Strain the mix through your sieve and cheesecloth into an airtight container. This will remove the plant matter and leave you with some ready to use cannabis infused milk!

It is as simple as that! Just be sure to store your cannabis milk in the fridge, and use it before the milk’s original expiry date. It is the perfect ingredient to make so many other tasty treats with, to dip cookies in, or just use as a refreshing, yet buzzing drink!

Learn how to make your very own cannabis-infused milk, for all your sky-high milkshake needs!

Simple Weed Tea. (in the microwave)

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well this is how i make my tea and it works REALLY well

take some bud
crush it up
put it in the tea cup (large preferably)
add milk whole fat not skimmed
some honey or sugar
add some water

put in microwave till it boils
be careful that it doesn’t boil over because your cup is tooo full.
when it reaches a boil stop it and stir
then put it back for like a min again and let it sit for like a min or so
then you just strain out the weed
and i put ice in it and drink it

works like a charm
can take it anywhere in a bottle or cup or thermos and no one will ever know what it is

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I’ve been making some really good tea from a recipe I found.

Disclaimer—-I eyeball all my measurements. Sorry.

First I take whatever buds, stems, etc I’m going to be using and grind them up in a grinder. Then I open a tea bag and pour the contents out and replace it with the ground up weed. Then re-staple the bag shut and put it in a pot of water with some butter (not margarine!). Bring it to a boil and the let it simmer.

After it’s been simmering for about an hour or so I add a regular tea bag (any flavor you want really), about a cup or two of whole milk, cinnamon, and sugar. Bring that back to a boil and then let simmer for 15 minutes or so. Then I add some vanilla and let it boil for about 30 seconds or so (constantly stirring) and then it’s done! Add to a large mug or two and grate some fresh nutmeg over it.

Taste amazing (no bud flavor at all!) and seriously fucks you up! Drank a glass last time before I went to Disneyland and had the time of my life!

Sorry about not having any exact measurements but it’s cooking not rocket science.

well this is how i make my tea and it works REALLY well take some bud crush it up put it in the tea cup (large preferably) add milk whole fat not…