weed makes me happy

I think it's even better than before, you know?" - Pedro: "Uhhh, I wonder what Great Dane tastes like, man" the scene of the two stopped by an arresting officer, and as the cop asked Man Stoner his name, he vomited into Pedro's lap - who then answered: "Uuhhh - His name is RAALLLPH, man!" the van orgasm scene - Pedro listened as he heard simulated orgasmic sounds coming from inside the rocking van; when Man Stoner exited the van, he received a round of applause; Pedro led him: "Make way for the new king. After you, King Salami" the scene at the Mexican-US border, where Man Stoner threw a giant joint into a nearby car filled with nuns, who were apprehended, lined up and searched (evoking smiles), while Sergeant Stedenko (Stacey Keach) was interviewed about his objective: "Dope, drugs, weed, grass, toot, smack, quackers, uppers, downers, all-arounders. You name it, we want it" the police dog's reaction after sniffing in their green van ("Must be some heavy s--t") the "whatcha lookin' at man?" scene when Man Stoner was questioned by Strawberry (Tom Skerritt) (who had a big red patch on his right cheek and neck), and he responded: "Oh, nothin'.

I was just - I wasn't lookin' at his neck" the scene of the duo at a police station speaking over the radio dispatch to Sgt. Stedenko, and misinterpreting his code-name "Hard-Hat" as "Lard Ass" the character of the Ajax Lady (June Fairchild), who thought that Ajax Cleaner was a powdered drug and she snorted a few lines their 'battle of the bands' rock concert performance at LA's Roxy Theatre with Cheech dressed in drag in a pink tutu and Chong as a red Quaalude. Vampire's Kiss (1989) the psychiatric counseling scene of hotshot Manhattan yuppie literary agent Peter Loew (Nicolas Cage) speaking to his therapist Dr. Glaser (Elizabeth Ashley) about being aroused more by a bat than his date: "I brought this girl up to my place the other night. And suddenly, this bat comes swooping down out of nowhere. I'm fighting this bat off all alone and I'll be damned if I didn't get really turned on" his fanatical and freaked-out outburst to Dr. Glaser about the stupidity of misfiling by his new office secretary Alva Restrepo (Maria Conchita Alonso): "How could somebody MISFILE something? You just PUT it IN the right file according to ALPHABETICAL ORDER! I wanna know really, WHO DID!" the scene of a one-night stand, when Peter was bitten in the neck during love-making by vampirish Rachel (Jennifer Beals) - turning him into an over-the-top creature of the night and assuring him: "It's alright, it's alright. You chose me" his abusive behavior towards Alva when he shouted and berated her for not doing her job productively: "Am I getting through to you, Alva?" - and then later, he again shouted at her when she suggested getting someone else to do her job and make it easier: "Alva, there is no one else in this entire office that I could possibly ask to share such a horrible job.

Every other secretary who's been here has been here longer than you, Alva. And even if there was someone here who was here just one day longer than you, I still wouldn't ask that person to partake in such a miserable job as long as you were around. I couldn't think of a more horrible job if I wanted to. Do you?" the scene of Rachel's sexual domination of Peter when she forced him to profess his love for her: "I hate interrupted love affairs, don't you? How much nicer when the outside world doesn't interfere with the pleasure. You were so right to put yourself into my hands, Peter. You can't get through the day without thinking about me, can you? Tell me" - and then he uncovered his neck wound and permitted her to suck his blood the scene of the crazed Peter grabbing and eating a live, squirming cockroach for breakfast his continual harrassment of Alva, now in the backseat of a taxi-cab - when he told her: "It's horrible when there are tensions between employer and employee. Sometimes the pressures, you know, they just build up. That's how I know that today, by God, is the day you're gonna find that damned Heatherton contract. THE GODDAMN CONTRACT IS SOMEWHERE IN THOSE GODDAMN F--KING FILES!" the scene of Peter - wearing fake teeth - phoning his therapist Dr. Glaser to make an appointment to see her - and then his catching and consumption of a live pigeon the blind date scene, arranged by Dr. Glaser, between another patient named Sharon (Jessica Lundy) and Peter: "She complains of exactly the same thing you do and personality-wise, I think you two are made for each other. I should have matched you two up long ago" - Sharon described her interests to Peter: "I like poetry, horseback-riding, Vivaldi and long weekends in the country" but then, Peter confessed to a few of his major issues, in his delusionary mind: "I did rape someone a couple of nights ago. Glaser assured him: "Would you stop worrying and just get on with your big romance. Have a wonderful life together and I will take care of the cops" the conclusion in Peter's destroyed apartment (where he had converted his overturned sofa into a coffin-bed), when the hallucinatory Peter became extremely annoyed and mad at an imaginary Sharon for continually asking about his vampire transformation: "You don't let up, do you, c--t? You just keep harping and harping over the same goddam thing. 'Why did you become a vampire?' 'Why couldn't you be normal?' 'Peter, does this mean we can never have children?' . 'cause there's no way in hell that I would ever, ever marry a loud-mouth pig like you. In the ten minutes I'm with you and the s--t just starts right up. Maybe I should see a shrink" - he attempted to put a wooden stake through his own heart, and was assisted by Alva's enraged brother, who pushed the stake in further and brought on Peter's death. Victor/Victoria (1982) in 1930s Paris, the audition scene of frail, impoverished soprano, Victoria Grant (Julie Andrews) whose high-pitched, sustained note shattered a wine glass the restaurant scene when Victoria dined with flamboyant, gay, middle-aged cabaret singer Carroll "Toddy" Todd (Robert Preston), and to avoid paying for the meal, released a cockroach and then told the waiter ("I'm sure it wasn't your fauIt that your saIad had a cockroach in it") - and caused complete havoc the plan of opera singer Victoria Grant and "Toddy" to pass Victoria off as "Count Victor Grezhinski" - a Polish drag queen and Toddy's new boyfriend: (Victoria: "A woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman?") the over-the-top character of ditzy, wild, uncontrollable, coarse, sex-starved blonde moll Norma Cassady (Lesley Ann Warren) with her irksome voice ("Kiiiiiiiiing! Pooooooooookie!") - and with her Chicago mob associate boyfriend and nightclub owner King Marchand (James Garner); in bed, she tried to warm up to King, but he was unable to have sex with her anymore - she tried to assuage his feelings of inadequacy, with a long malaprop about his impotence: ("Pookie. With you, it's like - pow, pow, pow, Iike the Fourth of July!

Up till now it's been grand, Pookie, really, really grand. And if there's one thing I know for sure, you can't Iet it get you, you shouId excuse the expression, down. I mean, the more you think about it, the more you worry. And then, before you know it, you are impudent"); and then she asked as he returned to the bedroom from the bathroom - completely vexed by her and ready to wash her mouth out: "What's with the soap?" Victoria's show-stopping production number "Le Jazz Hot" in a black gown with stringy bat-wing sleeves and a rhinestone headdress when she revealed herself as alter-ego male Victor by ripping off her headdress Norma's defiant reaction when cut loose by King and sent back to America - forced onto a train by King's bodyguard Mr.

Bernstein (Alex Karras) aka Squash, when she opened her robe to reveal her skimpy bra, underpants, and stockings, and was yelling: "Thinks he can just push me around! Thinks I'm just gonna hop on the next boat for the States and that'll be that!


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