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Save up if you’re in love with this piece: it costs $6,800. I suppose it only makes sense that the craziest bongs in the world would come with hefty price tags. High Tech x “DNA” Collab with Detachable Glycerin Coil.

Illadelph and High Tech got together to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. A functional glass water pipe, this 20-inch bong is sleek and spectacular. The price of knowing nobody who has one exactly like it is $8,000. The Long Bong‘s hand-crafted crystal glass bulb holds an incredible 8 liters of water, and it stands at almost five feet tall. It includes a cap to contain any lingering aromas when not in use. The Long Bong comes in no-frills packaging so the price you pay is all for quality components. Expect some of the biggest hits of your life for $2,899.99. Magic-Flight™ offers to all purchasers of the Launch Box® vaporizer a lifetime functional limited warranty for all Launch Box® units.

About the Launch Box® The Launch Box® is a solid wood vaporizer, designed for dry herb, to leverage the medicinal properties of plants for your well-being and benefit. Our Launch Box®, a pioneer in the market place with its patented technology, has always been free of heavy metals. I'm a 76 year old great grandpa that has arthritis and other aches and pains. I told the wife when she cremates me to toss in my Launch Box! Never can tell who ya might meet on the other side!" -Jerry. Magic-Flight™ proudly offers to all purchasers of the Launch Box® vaporizer our industry leading product support. Order before 3pm (AEST) and we will send your order out on the same business day. You can be vaping tomorrow if you live in an AusPost express zone. Simply send us an email, and we’ll handle the rest! Don't be fooled by overseas companies who misleading advertise to be located in Australia. If they don't have an ABN number on their website then they probably aren't shipping your order locally. About the Magic-Flight Launch Box: The Magic-Flight Launch Box is a small, fast, portable vaporizer useable by anyone, anywhere, anytime. It provides a convenient, reliable and efficient alternative. The Magic-Flight Launch Box is easy to use: simply load with finely ground materials and insert a charged battery; the nearly instant heat-up provides immediate vapour. You can load, use, and reload without having to wait. In fact, the Box is so fast, small, quiet and odour free that it can easily be used in situations where nothing else can. The Magic-Flight Launch Box is the ultimate product to use when your need is quick and quiet. Quite simply, the Launch Box is the smallest, fastest, and stealthiest vaporizer available anywhere in the world! The overall effectiveness and quality of the Launch Box's vapour production is mostly defined by how you use it -- how fast/slow you draw, how long you hold the battery in, etc. You can get just about any type of final output you want. It is possible, for example, to bring the load to an even dark chocolate brown if you want to, although the taste towards the end may not be the best. Normally, we expect a single loading to provide between 4 and 8 hits, each of around 20 seconds in length. The key is to tap or shake the box to stir the load from time to time -- this ensures even and consistent results. Throughout the process, the ultimate taste is dependent on technique. Good usage technique with the Box consists of two aspects: control of the heating process and stirring of the material.

Good taste begins by ensuring that the battery is only fully in the Box during a hit, and by controlling the draw rate. From the time that you put the battery fully in until you begin drawing should be fairly short -- less than 5 seconds. To run the Box cooler (better taste), try drawing a little more quickly and do not wait as long before beginning your draw. To get more or denser vapor, draw more slowly or wait a little longer. The correct timing and draw rate -- not too fast nor too slow -- is something learned in time.

When you complete the draw, be sure to pull the battery out a bit right away so that the Box does not continue needlessly heating (otherwise the load will get too hot and the taste will be changed). It's helpful to look through the cover to see that the stir is actually happening -- sometimes bits stick together and do not mix as much as needed. Taste is improved by ensuring an even mixing by shaking the Box between hits. The Magic-Flight Launch Box uses a single peeled AA rechargeable NiMh battery (2000mAh or higher) and is shipped with a compact battery charger and extra battery.


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