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It slips on to any 510 thread and powers up with 20-50 watts of power. The Black Sub Herb Atomizer produces vapor in about 10 seconds, and that’s the end of the positive list. The flavor is mediocre at best, especially when compared to the convection vapes on this list. The bright side is it’s only $42 so it doesn’t sting so much when you decide to throw it away and upgrade.

I can’t imagine how this thing ended up on the market. G-pen has removed it from their websites, but smokeshops all over the country are still pushing this junk onto innocent victims. I’ve never heard a single piece of decent advice about vapes from smoke shop employees. This coil based “vaporizer” takes a pinch of weed and turns it into a weird mix of ash and disappointment. I’m listing it here to tell you how terrible it is. This real-looking 3" cigarette glass bat comes with a lined pocket pouch and a poker. Best of all, this bat has a rubber mouthpiece with a built-in brass screen which makes it comfortable to use while keeping ash out.

This life-like cigarette bat is the perfect companion for a discreet way to enjoy every taste of your favorite herbal blend. The glass body ensures that there are no imparting flavors to muddle the taste of what you put in giving you clean, strong flavors with each use. Leave a review and let others know how it stacks up! Lightweight but durable, basic yet high quality; the Glass Bat by VaporGenie is a wish that's been granted. The VaporGenie Glass Bat is a pipe vaporizer with an elegant simplicity. But make no mistake, as this pipe gets nothing but the best vapour from your herbs. Chargers, batteries and gas cannisters are annoying, especially if you have to drag them around with you. As luck would have it, you'll always run out of juice at the worst possible time and separate accessories have a tendency to mysteriously get lost. That's why the Glass Bat is designed as one glass piece with just a few removable components. You'll only need to bring a lighter (note: not a torch lighter!), the pipe and your herb. You can control the temperature by the speed at which you inhale. The glass is made of rock solid 2.5 mm German borosilicate glass, without a ground glass joint. This makes the Glass Bat more durable than the VaporGenie Glass Sherlock. The ceramic filter is made of high-purity silicon carbide (silicon and carbon), one of the most heat-resistant ceramics known. It won't burn or deteriorate, meaning you'll never have to replace it. With a simple twist of the sliding door you can open or close the bowl. This innovative system is unique to the VaporGenie Glass Bat. Glass Bat vaporizer pipe Instruction manual 2 screens. The VG Glass Bat uses smaller screens than other VaporGenie pipes. World Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette kits in the USA. CBD 350mah Battery Charger Kit by Pure is one of the best selling portable CBD Battery kits available in the market. CBD 350mah Battery Charger Kit by Pure in a durable design.

It is a portable CBD Battery kit that is much easy to carry and use. CBD 350mah Battery Charger Kit by Pure is 350mAH Slim Battery Charger Kit. it is a great product for oil as well as e-liquid atomizers and cartridges. The Pure Pen Vape features a 350 mah capacity, and an automatic draw. The pure vape pen features vacuum activated, auto-draw technology.

When you are ready to vape, simply screw on your favorite atomizer or pre-filled cartridge and you’re good to go. Pure CBD 350mah Battery Charger Kit Features: Model Name Pure battery Battery Capacity 350mAh Button Evod shape Feature Preheat battery Weight About 60g. Package Includes: 350Mah Battery USB 510 thread Charger.


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