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What’s the Point of a Cannabis Candle?

Many of the top candle brands have released products that smell like marijuana. Image Credit: By Anette Linnea Rasmussen on shutterstock.

Twenty years ago, if someone had predicted that not only would people be able to smoke cannabis freely without panicking about that signature smell giving them away, but that they’d actually be buying pot-scented candles, few would have believed it. But it’s true — some of the country’s favorite candle brands are releasing products that smell like marijuana, and they’re selling faster than you might think.

“I had high expectations for this candle and when I got it, was not disappointed. The scent is perfectly balanced with smells ranging from deep and dark to more crisp and invigorating,” said one customer about the Cannabis Candle from Malin and Goetz. “Will definitely continue to purchase as this product is very well done.”

Reviews such as this one are coming at the same time as experts develop low-odor cannabis strains and a variety of non-combustible ways to use the plant. Apparently, there are some who love the plant but prefer odor-free ways to use it, and others who just can’t get enough of that cannabis smell.

Even so, it might seem odd that cannabis would end up in candles, but considering it has found its way into almost every other product in the wellness industry from CBD honey to THC bath salts, it makes sense. This is especially true given that the candle industry is closely linked to the wellness space and the crossover between the two has grown in recent years.

With candles now boasting complicated blends of essential oils designed to calm the body and mind, and cannabis oils being sold for the same purpose, it’s little wonder that the two have been mixed together.

What Are Cannabis Candles, and What Do They Do?

Cannabis candles vary from brand to brand, but what they do have in common is the scent of the cannabis plant family. This doesn’t mean that lighting a candle will give your lovely home a frat-house feel, though. The cannabis tones are carefully mixed with others to create sophisticated fragrances with subtle hints of cannabis.

For example, the Purple Kush cannabis candle from Boy Smells features scent notes of brushed suede, along with tulip, purple cassis, white musk, and amber. Similarly, the Four Twenty candle from Homesick Candles is described as, “A cloudy room, drifting to the tune of your favorite album,” with a touch of bergamot, cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli (and, of course, cannabis).

But what about the ingredients? Despite the common misconception, cannabis candles don’t actually contain cannabis plant material. Products will vary to some degree from brand to brand, but the most common ingredients you’ll find are beeswax, soybean wax, cotton wicks, a range of essential oils, and cannabis oils.

Cannabis oils is an umbrella term which includes everything from hemp seed extract to full spectrum CBD oil. While most brands are conspicuously vague in how much information they give about the oils they’ve used — and they’re not required to, thanks to the lack of regulation of cannabis products — the one most likely to appear in your candle is cannabis essential oil, which research has shown to have a number of mood-elevating effects.

That doesn’t mean they’ll get you high, though, which is often the first assumption that people make about cannabis candles. For one thing, cannabis essential oils contain only the tiniest traces of cannabinoids like THC, the compound responsible for cannabis’ intoxicating effects. There’s simply not enough of it to have any noticeable effect. On top of that, even secondhand cannabis smoke from THC-rich sources (like a joint, for example) is quite unlikely to get you high, since so little of it is released into the air. According to one study, a person would need to spend an extended amount of time in a closed room with at least 16 burning joints before they felt high.

So the next time you have company, you can light up a cannabis candle with little fear of sending your guests home in a stupor.

Cannabis candles won't get you high, but they could help you relax — here's what you need to know.

Cannabis Candle

A Cannabis Candle Won’t Get You High, But It Will Relax Your Mind and Smell Great

Oh, how times have changed! Many still remember their days as a young kid, when they would light a candle to make a room smell less like cannabis. Now, you can buy a cannabis candle to fill your home with the heady scents of some of your favorite strains.

Companies like Kushed Candles and Malin+Goetz make their own lines of candles created from a mixture of cannabis terpene extracts and other heavenly scents. These brands don’t contain any “real” cannabis, making them legal to sell anywhere in the world.

Without any active cannabis in the candles, there’s no chance that you can get high from the smoke emitted from the candle. Even if you crafted a homemade candle with hash oil, the process of burning off the oil would yield little, if any, accessible THC! So, there is no need to worry about burning a cannabis candle in your home!

Another new product now available are CBD candle products that can also be used as a topical rub once the wax liquifies. You can use it as massage oil for extra relaxation.

Although you won’t get high from a cannabis candle, they can still help you relax and put you in a good mood. And why not get high some other way while you enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of a cannabis candle.

What Is a Premium Brand Candle Like?

Make no mistake, certain companies are cashing in on the novelty of cannabis legalization. A single medium-sized candle will set you back as much as $50. But that’s only because they are making premium products that are infused with high quality cannabis.

The Malin+Goetz candle, for instance, contains a complex blend of awe-inspiring aromatics. Piney cannabis extract is joined by notes of citrus, patchouli, pepper, and sandalwood. It’s a combination that GQ magazine describes as “an intoxicating, seductive fragrance.” Although, we wouldn’t take their use of “intoxicating” literally. The candles also got a substantially longer burn time than your average dime bag: 60 hours.

Kushed Candles goes even further by creating a whole line of fragrant jars of wax inspired by your favourite flavours of marijuana. There’s CaliforniaDream, which contains sweet tuberose and heady patchouli in addition to the requisite cannabis essential oil extract. Then there’s LavenderKush, a sultry combination of sage and fresh lavender. QueenGreen aims to capture the fruitier flavors of marijuana with its combination of mandarin, ylang ylang, and rosewood.

Elaborating on why they chose marijuana as an aromatic inspiration, Kushed Candles states that “the aroma of cannabis essential oil is probably not what you might imagine. Earthy, peppery and faintly sweet, its scent is alluring and sensual.”

Benefits of Cannabis Candle Aromatherapy

The essential oils used in fancy candles do more than just smell great. They can also invoke certain moods and sensations by triggering scent-related memories or associations in our brain.

“The use of aromatherapy dates back centuries to monasteries and temples across the globe,” reveals Love and Marij. “Certain fragrances promote various emotions and trains of thought,” which explains why certain scents can provide an “empowering experience.”

“Cannabis is an aroma that can help someone reach deeper meditative thought and promotes relaxation even in the most stressful environment,” they suggest, going on to explain that “many religious cultures used cannabis as incense before it was discovered as a psychoactive inhalant.”

Indeed, incense and aromatherapy were considered as components of real medicine in ancient times. Chinese, Tibetan, Arabian, and even Greek medicinal scholars all advocated the use of certain scents to treat or alleviate particular ailments.

Try a Massage Oil CBD Candle for Deep Tissue Relaxation

One of the most inventive uses of a candle made from cannabis is as a method for creating hot, soothing melted wax to be used as a massage oil.

Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS), based in southern California, creates a candle made from CBD that does just this. The candles can be burned and enjoyed for their scent, but once the wax is melted and flowing freely, it can be applied as a moisturizing lubricant for deep tissue massages.

Like the candles above, these are premium products — appropriately named Wow Candles. AAHS makes them with all natural, 100 percent organic ingredients. The base oil is crafted from coconut oil and palm wax. Minimal ingredients reduce the risks of allergic reactions or skin irritation. Essential oils and a whole gram of premium cannabis concentrate are then infused.

Some Wow Candles contain 99.9 percent pure CBD crystals, while others use a concentrate, making the most of their source strain extracts. The Grapefruit Acai candle, for instance, combines energizing citrus scents with an uplifting sativa strain concentrate. A Lavender Jasmine candle makes the most of its relaxing ingredients by combining them with an indica strain extract.

The candle that won the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup award for “Best Topical,” though, was their signature hybrid strain of OG.

“Once the candle is melted and flowing freely, the wax can be applied to any area of the body where physical irritation is causing an issue,” documents “Arthritis, burns, eczema, inflammation, menstrual pain, migraines, pain management, skin treatment and therapeutic massages are just a few of the conditions patients are using Wow Candles to help treat.”

Can You Get High Off Candle Smoke from a Hash Oil Candle?

So, can you get high off cannabis candles? Nope!

Few of the products described so far contain THC. Those that do aren’t vaporizing enough of an amount to noticeably affect the average adult. So “hot boxing” a hash oil candle is out of the question. You would be breathing more of the carrier or base oil vapor than any meaningful number of cannabinoids.

If you really wanted to get high off of your aromatherapy, you would have to basically use a bag vaporizer with the bag removed. That may be wasteful, but that’s how some ancient civilizations rolled. Burning weed as incense in a tightly closed tent was one of the first historically documented ways people got high!

Find deep relaxation and make your home smell great by burning a cannabis candle. Transform your environment with the relaxing scent of cannabis!