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How to Roll a Twax Blunt

Twaxing is so hot right now. One scroll down Instagram’s cannabis hashtag and you’ll see image after image of fat joints caked in wax and coated in kief. So today we’ll teach you how roll a fat 420 twax blunt.

1. Get Your Materials: For this twax blunt we used Zig-Zag wraps, SeaTown Lemon Haze flower, Cascade Connie wax processed by Omega Concentrates, SeaTown Lemon Haze CO2 oil processed by Pearl Extracts and kief leftover from our medical days.

2. Prepare Your Flower: A surefire way to ruin your blunt is with stems, so thoroughly grind all flower before rolling it up. We used almost two grams for this blunt. Next you’ll want to sprinkle wax on top of the blunt. Our Cascade Connie wax crumbled nicely.

3. Roll it Up: Roll up your blunt, lick and seal.

4. Select Your Wax: We chose Pearl Extracts’ CO2 oil for this blunt, but you can also use wax. Our only suggestion is to use a stickier wax, so the kief will adhere.

5. Twax On: Using a dab tool, we created this oil spiral around the blunt. Additionally, you can use your fingers to roll out a thin rope of wax, then wrap it around the blunt. This step is a little sticky, so make sure to have soap and water available after.

6. Coat it in Kief: Here’s the fun part. Coat that blunt in kief! We rolled the blunt thoroughly so every wax spot is covered.

7. Light Up The Moment: Your twax blunt is complete, now it’s time to light up the moment with friends. We can’t wait to smoke this beauty by Green Lake with friends tonight.

Happy 420 everyone! Who else is rolling twax joints or blunts? How do you #LightUpTheMoment?

Twaxing is so hot right now. One scroll down Instagram’s cannabis hashtag and you’ll see image after image of fat joints caked in wax and coated in kief.

What Is Twaxing And How To Do It

Published : Aug 11, 2018
Categories : Cannabis news

Do you want to supercharge your joints or give your pipe hit an extra punch? Twaxing is all the hype right now, becoming one of the top cannabis trends for 2018. Here in our guide, you can read all about twaxing. Learn what it is and how to do it!

With cannabis consumption becoming increasingly accepted all over the world, more people are openly sharing creative and innovative ways to smoke weed. One trend that’s currently making big waves is “twaxing”. What is this new method? Learn all about twaxing and how it’s done below!


The term twaxing is still new, but it’s already been talked about a lot on cannabis forums, social media, and in many other places. It is THE cannabis trend of 2018, and it’s becoming immensely popular.

Essentially, twaxing means that you supercharge your joints, pipes, or bongs with concentrates. It’s not rocket science, and there are many creative ways to do it—some easy, and some a bit more elaborate. It can be as simple as boosting your bowl with a sprinkle of kief, or you can add shatter to your joints for an extra kick. Twax snakes that wrap around roll-ups will turn them into cool-looking masterpieces that will make for an incredibly powerful high!


In terms of the concentrates used for twaxing, you have several options, depending on your own tastes and preferences. Some individuals simply add a bit of kief, while others load up on BHO and other gooey substances. The idea is to enjoy the qualities of both flower and extract—at the same time! And of course, it looks sharp too!


Kief is comprised of the trichome crystals from your buds that you can collect in various ways. One way to get kief is with a 3-chamber grinder that has a sieve with a kief-catcher at the bottom. For twaxing, all you need is to collect a sufficient amount of the kief, then simply top your pipe or bowl with a dusting. You can also just add some sprinkles over your ground up buds before rolling them into a joint.

One thing to consider when twaxing with kief (and other concentrates for that matter) is that it may make for an uneven burn in a roll-up. Often, twaxing is an experience you enjoy in one sitting.



Now, let’s look at some more advanced ways of twaxing. Here’s how to twax properly from the inside.

When you use concentrates like shatter and wax, make sure that you put them in the centre of the joint and then fold the weed over it when rolling. This will allow the concentrate to remain covered on all sides. If your concentrate is not properly covered, it will make for a very uneven and unsatisfying burn.

A good way to go about it is to place down a layer of bud first, add the concentrate, then top it with another layer of bud—just like making a weed sandwich. Don’t fret, some practice will have you a twaxing like a pro in no time!

To make a good twaxed joint with concentrate in the centre, form your concentrate into long strings or “snakes”. Some concentrates might be too runny; if this is the case, make sure you don’t get anything on your papers in the process.


Shatter and other waxy types of concentrates that you can form into long snakes also make for some awesome exterior twaxing magic. When you decorate your joints that way, they won’t just look super cool; twaxing from the outside is also easier than rolling a concentrate filling and getting everything right. Here is how to do it:

Roll a nice joint as you normally would. Take the shatter or wax and form a long snake with your fingers. For shatter, it may take a minute to warm up in your hands, but then it should be malleable enough to form into your desired shape. Make sure your twax snake is long enough that you can wrap it around the entire length of your joint.

Start at one end, then wrap the snake in an even spiral around the joint. You may be tempted to make cool patterns and all sorts of fancy things with it, but it’s best to keep things simple. Again, twaxing can make for an uneven burn if not executed cleanly and correctly. For a consistent and slow burn, stick with a simple spiral around your joint.


You don’t have to wrap twax strings all along the entire joint. You can also just spike the tip for a starter kick with your first draw. You can pull thin, hair-like “spider webs” from warm shatter or wax and use these “hairs” for twaxing the joint tip in a crisscross pattern—like a spider web. But even if your concentrate doesn’t like to easily form into thin hairs, you can use almost any type of concentrate and put it on the tip for that extra boost!


Well, you just wrapped your joint with a cool shatter snake and it looks totally awesome. But you can give it a pro finish with some dusting. If you want to make a real masterpiece, take some kief and “frost” your creation with it for a final touch. Show everyone what a twaxing artist you are! Know, however, that great-looking joints may not always burn as well as you’d like. You may need some practice to see what still works after some decorating.


Blunts are big and fat, which makes them lots of fun, especially when shared with friends where a normal-sized joint may just not be cutting it. Furthermore, the larger size of the blunt makes for easier twaxing—both inside and outside. You can spike the weed inside your blunt with crystals or concentrate, and you can wrap and decorate your blunt from the outside. If you feel brave enough, combine all these methods to make a true monster blunt that will blow you right into the Andromeda Galaxy after a couple of hits.


What makes twaxing so cool is that you can use it alongside “old-fashioned” methods of cannabis smoking. You can use it for joints or with your favourite bong, or use twaxing to discover a whole new dimension with your trusty ol’ bowl. With twaxing, you can enjoy concentrates without a dab rig or other fancy devices, while still enjoying the potent benefits. Although twaxing is probably not for those who are new to cannabis, it’s just perfect for seasoned smokers looking to experience new highs!

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Twaxing is a new and exciting way to boost your joints, pipes, and bongs with concentrates. Learn all about twaxing and how to do it!