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Click the Latest Articles, Featured or Most Viewed buttons to sort through a variety of informative articles. Shipping costs and times vary depending on the destination of the order. All UK orders will be processed the next business day as long as all of your items are in stock. Some orders may be detained by customs, and Everyone Does It has no control over the customs process.

Everyone Does It ships to a variety of countries worldwide. Everyone Does It refunds unused and sealed items that are returned within 30 days. If you return your order within 14 days, Everyone Does It will refund the cost of return shipping. On the checkout page, type your code into the box titled "Gift card or discount code." Then, click "Apply" to use your code. You can call +44 2080891709 or submit the site's contact form to contact Everyone Does It. Awaiting on a date to send back a faulty puffco peak which i have been waiting since 4/20 to send back. keep getting the excuse that their returns department are not at work.

Been calling the last few days with no answer on the phone. We are very sorry about the inconvenience the closure of our returns department causes to our customers. We are aware that this is very inconvenient and we have put measures in place which allow us to review most cases without the customer having to return the faulty item. We are very sorry that we were unable to do this in your case. Alongside the satisfaction of our customers, the safety of our staff is paramount in this unusual time and although we are aiming to open all departments again as soon as possible, we will not do so until deemed safe for our staff. One of our customer service representatives is working on your case and will send you all necessary information as soon as our returns department has reopened. Again, our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. Garbage company, phone lines are down and no one is really working there, they just send you emails upset that you asked for tracking information on the $200 vape you just bought. The last of the issues were the delivery company and not Everyonedoesit. Our shipping conditions clearly state that any orders for Express shipping placed after 2pm will be shipped the next working day. As your order was placed on 7 May at 18:01, and the 8 May was a bank holiday, your order was shipped on 11 May in accordance with our policy. As you have noted, you have been refunded the costs for Express shipping nonetheless. We are very sorry to hear that the delivery company is experiencing delays. Unfortunately this kind of thing is out of our control. Due to Covid-19 couriers are experiencing higher volumes of orders than usual, which is why there might be slight delays. Should your order be declared as lost by the courier, or be damaged upon arrival, we will of course issue a replacement for you as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding in this matter. Ordered a "ice" bong on there for 50 quid and its not even an ice bong. We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your purchase. Please get in touch with our customer service team by contacting [email protected] to resolve this issue. Made my order the 12/14/19 & I’m still waiting for it to arrive. They’re not replying to my email that I sent the 12/31/19. They took off 20% from my refund for… They took off 20% from my refund for restocking?

Repeated emails and arguments, that the wrong vaporizer (a knock off), was sent to me in the first place. Second, I felt threatened and held in their grasps like the mafia would in a ransom. I was given literally two choices with an "or else" type of attitude from their customer service. I was supposed to get a reasonably safe and professional product and not some kind of toy knock-off! i ordered a new bong about 4/5 days ago… i ordered a new bong about 4/5 days ago n still havent heard back will it get delivered or do i need to refund it. This company sent me a fake Helix pipe… This company sent me a fake Helix pipe by Grav labs and it was missing a clip.

At the time I didn't realize I had received a fake model until I asked them to ship me the clip. Much to my surprise they sent me a whole new piece with clip included.


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