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Volcano Vaporizer

Everyone knows that the Volcano vaporizer is the king of desktop vaporizers. Even if you’re new to vaping, you’ve heard of the Volcano and you know about its reputation.

And even after being on the market for years, many people still say this is the best desktop vaporizer – period.

Sure, you’ll pay a hefty price for the Volcano, but you know what? People are still using Volcanos they purchased in the early 2000s – that’s almost two decades later.

The original classic Volcano is still around and kicking in many households. Then in 2007, with the release of the Volcano Digitial, Storz & Bickel revamped its flagship model to include a digital temperature display and additional buttons for more precise temperature settings and adjustment.

When it comes to medical needs, it’s hard to beat the Volcano.

In our review, we’ll take a complete look at this world-famous vaporizer, so you can upgrade your vape game.

How the Volcano Vaporizer Works

Most vaporizers, especially portable ones, require you to put the material almost directly onto the heat source. What happens when you place herbs directly onto a hot plate? They burn.

Sure, you’ll get some vapor at first. But eventually, the material will heat beyond the point of vaporization and actually combust. Combustion leads to bad tastes and poor quality vapor.

If you’re vaping for medical purposes, you do not want your material to combust.

You’ll lose all the medicinal benefits the material offers.

What makes the Volcano different is the fact that it gradually heats materials using hot air. The air passes through and surrounds the material. The herbs never actually touch the heat source.

The air is heated to a precise temperature, so you don’t have to worry about combustion.

And you’ll find that because the material is heated gradually and at just the right temperature, it lasts longer and you get better hits.

Think of the Volcano as an oven and other vaporizers as a pan on a stovetop. Food cooks slowly in an oven, but takes longer to burn (provided you don’t set it to an extreme temperature). Food cooks quickly on a stovetop, but can burn just as quickly.

With most vaporizers, you inhale directly from the device. But with the Volcano, the vapor is gathered into a balloon, and you inhale from the balloon. This design makes it ideal for group sessions because you can share without losing vapor quality.

Of course, there are accessories, like a whip, that let you use different inhalation methods, but the balloon is the basic, standard way to vape with the Volcano.

Volcano Digital vs Volcano Classic

The Volcano Digital and Volcano Classic are inherently the same, meaning the internal designs are very similar. But Storz & Bickel improved on the temperature control, temperature precision and temperature ranges with the Digital.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these two models:

  • Temperature Range: Classic: 266F-446F; Digita: 104F-446F
  • Temperature Accuracy: Classic:


  • Temperature Control: Classic: Rotary dial and bi-metallic thermostat; Digital: LED display and digital heat sensor
  • The Volcano Digital features an LED display, the ability to choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit and an automatic power down function.

    Both have a stainless steel design, but only the digital model has the LED display.

    Let’s talk about some of the things they both have, which include:

    • Air filtration
    • A silencer for quiet operation
    • The ability to use either the Easy Valve or the Solid Valve
    • Heat output of 100W
    • Air pump output of 11W
    • Air flow of 12 l/min
    • Steel clad ceramic heating element
    • Aluminum alloy heat exchanger
    • Cellulose insulation
    • 100% polythene balloons
    • 100% food-grade silicone air system

    As you can see, both models have virtually the same internal build, but the Digital gives you more precise temperature control and a digital display.

    For medical purposes, the Digital version is the best option simply because you can set a precise temperature to get the most out of your material.

    Design and Durability

    The Volcano’s stainless steel design makes it highly durable. Like I said earlier, people are still using the same Volcano they bought more than a decade ago.

    In the design department, the Volcano is stable and user-friendly. The characteristic pyramid (or volcano) shape of this vaporizer makes it easy to set on a table without worrying that it will tip over.

    It’s important to point out that this vaporizer is made with the finest German engineering, so you know it will last years as long as you take care of it.

    Easy Valve vs Solid Valve

    The Volcano works with two bag systems: Easy valve and Solid valve.

    Each one has its own advantage.

    The same material is used for the bags in both valve types. All materials are food-safe and odor-free.

    Easy Valve

    The Easy valve is exactly as it sounds: easy to use. The system has replaceable balloon and mouthpiece sets that are thrown away once they get dirty.

    The filling chamber is made of durable black plastic, similar to what’s found on the Crafty. The filling chamber opens with a simple counter-clockwise turn. Once opened, you can fill the bowl with your material and get started with your session.

    The Easy valve has fewer parts, and many people prefer the disposable features of this delivery system.

    Solid Valve

    The Solid valve may not be as convenient as the Easy valve, but is more durable and economical.

    The valve can be taken apart and cleaned, so you can continue using it. And the bags can be replaced to ensure that you enjoy the purest vapor.

    The filling chamber is made of temperature-resistant plastic similar to what’s found with the Easy valve.

    Whether you want something disposable and easy to use or something economical, the Volcano offers something for everyone.

    Precise Temperature Control

    While the Volcano Digital gives you even more precise control over the oven temperature, the Volcano Classic still offers pretty precise controls – even with a rotary dial.

    The Classic has nine heat levels, with a temperature range of 266F to 439F.

    Many people are perfectly happy with the Classic’s temperature controls, and find that a degree or two difference really doesn’t affect vapor quality by much.

    With the Volcano Digital, the temperature control is even more precise – to the degree.

    An LCD display allows you to see and to adjust the temperature as you see fit.

    Simply press the “+” and “-” buttons next to the LCD display to adjust the temperature.

    The Digital version has a bit wider of a temperature range of 104F to 446F.

    If you want to vaporize essential oils or herbs, you may like having the option to go even lower than the Classic’s 266F.


    When it comes to maintenance, the Volcano’s upkeep is virtually non-existent. The vaporizer itself requires very little maintenance.

    Cleaning is the only real upkeep you need to be concerned about. There is an air filter built into the vaporizer, which needs to be changed about once every few years.

    The amount of cleaning you have to do will largely depend on the type of valve you choose.

    The Easy valve allows for – well – the easiest maintenance. When the bags and mouthpieces are dirty, you simply throw them out.

    The Solid valve will require a little more effort. The only disposable aspect of this system is the bags. The filling chamber and mouthpiece can both be taken apart, serviced and cleaned so that you can keep using it.

    That said, a little isopropyl alcohol and soapy water is all you need to keep these pieces clean.

    Volcano vs. the Crafty

    If you’re using the Crafty and you’re vaporizing for medical purposes, you may be wondering why you would upgrade to the Volcano.

    Why pay more for something that the device you already have can do?

    The Volcano is more efficient, more precise and more durable than the Crafty. The vapor quality and potency is higher, and maintenance is incredibly simple.

    Where to Buy the Volcano

    Can you buy the Volcano vaporizer on Amazon? No.

    And if you do find a Volcano for sale on Amazon, it’s probably a knock-off. Don’t waste your money on a chance that you don’t have a real Volcano vaporizer.

    The only place to buy a real, authentic Volcano is to buy it from the official site. If you act soon, you take advantage of a Volcano vaporizer sale, and get this vaporizer for less.

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    Everyone knows that the Volcano vaporizer is the king of desktop vaporizers. Even if you're new to vaping, you've heard of the Volcano and you know about

    How To Use Your Volcano Vaporization System

    The Volcano Vaporizer System is easy to get started with. Designed with the consumer in mind, the system is easy to use and master.
    Each unit comes with all of the components you need to get started.
    The system includes:
    • Air filter set
    • Three chamber clips
    • A ring
    • Pad for concentrates
    • Two-piece herb grinder
    • Cleaning brush
    • Filling chamber
    • Instructions
    Starting out, you’ll need just three main components to begin using your vaporizer.
    The three components to remove from the bag are:

    Base Unit

    Plug-in your base (classic or digit base).

    Filling Chamber

    Use the included grinder the prepare your dry product for the filling chamber.

    Easy Valve

    The easy valve is the best option for new users.

    These three components will help you progress through the simple setup option outlined below.

    The Layman’s Quick Start Guide

    #1 –You’ll start by finding the base of the Volcano and placing it onto a flat surface.
    #2 –Locate the filling chamber and note that there’s a screen on the bottom of the chamber that is meant to hold herbs in place.

    Fill the chamber to your desired amount and then set the screen on top to form a proper seal.

    #3 –The closed filling chamber will then be placed on the Volcano.

    You’ll note that there’s really no wrong way to place the grooved top in place. After placing the screen, the valve that holds the plastic bag will need to be put in place. The bag’s job is to fill up with vapors and hold them for the user.

    #4 –The valve snaps easily into place on top of the filling chamber.
    #5 –All that’s left to do is hit the green button and allow the Volcano to fill the bag with vapors.

    Expert testing has revealed that the vapor in the bag can be inhaled for 1- 2 hours after filling.

    #6 –Setting the temperature properly will take some time to master, but experiment to find a setting that produces the desired vapor thickness.

    The digital Volcano vaporizer offers more refinement in temperature control, but the manual controls will also work just fine.

    #7-If this is your first time vaping with the Volcano, you’ll also need to use the clips on the side of the bag when disconnecting it from the filling chamber.

    The clips are what will then attach the bag to the mouthpiece, which will keep the vapor inside of the bag and form a seal.

    #8 –Press your lips on the valve and it will release vapor.

    Advanced Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Vaporizer

    The Volcano was first introduced to consumers in 2001, and enthusiasts have had time to learn how to best use this vaporizer. Tips from community members and long-term users on how to make the most out of the vaporizer include:

    #1 – Use the Grinder That’s Included

    You may be tempted to use chunkier material in the Volcano, but this is not the best way to vape your product. A grinder is included to offer you a finer concentration of product that you may not be familiar with.

    The two-piece grinder will grind the material down to a size that’s perfect for the Volcano.

    Engineered from the ground up to offer the best flavor, the Volcano works best when all herb is ground with the two-piece grinder. The grinder is designed to keep the herb between the teeth for longer, offering full extraction thanks to the material that’s produced.

    #2 – Save Herb with This Tip

    Herb is expensive, and it can be wasted by keeping the material on top of the Volcano when vaping. The filling chamber should be removed when not being used, even for a short time, because the heat from the vaporizer will continue to degrade the herb left in the chamber.

    When the bag starts to thin, leave the chamber on top of the Volcano for a few minutes before turning on the fan.

    The filling chamber will be able to use the heat and offer full extraction of the herb.

    Use this method when vaping and in between filling the chamber to be able to enjoy great-tasting herb for longer.

    #3 – Try Higher Temperatures

    Temperature settings are designed to offer clean convection without the fear of harsh flavors or burnt material even at high temperature settings. Turn up the heat to 400F or higher, testing out different temperature ranges to find one that is best suited to your tastes.

    Start lowering the temperature over time, making note of the changes, to find the best temperature for your taste.

    Note: Vapor does tend to go stale, and it will go stale if the vapor sits in the bag for too long. While you can leave the vapor in the bag for 1 – 2 hours, it tastes best when the vapor is finished within 5 minutes.

    A lot of long-term users found that the ideal temperature range, when using the Classic, is between 4.5 and 5. The temperature will remain at under 180c with the goal of not overheating the contents in the chamber.

    Preheat the flower for best results, or crank it up to 10 and try it while adjusting the temperature lower, with each bag filling to find the ideal temperature.

    #4 – The First Bag Filling Technique

    Vapor thickens as it heats up, and the first bag will often be less flavorful and the right consistency than subsequent bags. One technique is to watch the bag closely and adjust the temperature when filling the bag for the first time.

    When the density is a level that you prefer, remove the bag and keep the temperature as-is.

    You can inhale the vapor, and then fill it back up to have a bag filled with the dense vapor that you prefer. The bags are designed to be removed at any time, allowing the bag to be filled and removed multiple times as needed.

    The first bag is almost never as good as the second because the oven is heating up to its desired temperature.

    #5 – Proper Chamber Filling Techniques for Better Vapor Taste and Density

    Volcano is designed with a chamber that accepts almost any size load of herb. The press-like chamber’s benefits are offset by the easy valve, which has a fixed size that’s less forgiving.

    One method of overcoming the restrictions of the easy valve is to:

    • Fill the chamber completely
    • Fill the chamber to half capacity

    A liquid pad can be placed in the chamber to take up the excess space. Volcano also sells dosing capsules, which will be able to hold different levels of herb with better precision. The dosing capsules are ideal for solo use options, but it’s recommended that the Volcano’s chamber be allowed to properly heat up so that the density is ideal when the capsule is used.

    #6 –Ramped Temperature Profiles

    Ramped temperature profiles are ideal for some users and not others. When trying to find the perfect taste and density, a lot of users will start in the 5.5 – 6 range. The idea is to fill the bag more and more, increasing the temperature during the session.

    The session may start with a 5.5 temperature and end at a 9.

    The Digital Volcano can follow the same ramp-up profile by slowly increasing the temperature as the bag fills.

    #7 –Rattling Can Be Fixed with a Torx T8 Safety Screwdriver

    Over time, the Volcano may start to rattle or make a low sound when in use. The rattling is caused by screws coming loose over time, and the screws used are not conventional. Torx T8 safety screwdrivers are the right option to tighten the screws and keep the unit from rattling.

    Loctite can be used with great success to keep the screws from working their way out of the Volcano.

    Replacement screws are available direct, and the replacement screws will use the conventional screw that can be used with a Philips screwdriver. If screws are lost over time, they are able to be replaced direct from the manufacturer.

    Q-tips and rubbing alcohol will be used extensively during the cleaning process, allowing users to thoroughly clean out all components of the Volcano.

    How often do I need to change the bag? It depends on usage.

    A person using the Volcano daily will need to change bags more often than a weekly or casual user.

    The general rule of thumb is that the bag needs to be replaced when it starts to stick to itself. This happens after extended use, and users will need to help the bag fill more.

    Others will begin replacing their bags when the vapor begins to leak from the seal of the gaskets.

    There is also a school of thought that the bags should be changed once their color starts to turn. Heavy users will change their bags once a month or as often as every two weeks if the resin starts to build-up in the unit.

    Moderate users may be able to go 2 – 4 months before a bag change is required.

    Our quick start user guide helps you get started with your Volcano Vaporization System and keep it running smoothly. ]]>