volcano vaporizer glass attachment

Introducing The Obsidian Water Bubbler Attachment from Magma Industries

Magma Industries Obsidian Glass Attachment.

  • Borosilicate glass
  • Fits directly in Easy valve
  • Cool & Humidifies Vapors
  • Reduces temperature by 100*
  • Reduces humidity by 93%
  • Maximizes your efficiency

If you’re a person who likes to vape at high temps, the Obsidian will cool the vapor before it hits.

Say good-bye to harsh, dry vapor and hello to cool, smooth vapor.

While Storz & Bickel offers quite a few accessories for the Volcano, there’s one that’s notably absent: a water adapter.

Fortunately, Magma Industries has you covered.

Their Obsidian bubbler provides the percolation experience you’ve been craving with your Volcano.

It’s easy to use with the Volcano (Classic or Digit) and the new Hybrid Volcano.

Make Your Volcano Active with The New Obsidian Bubbler

The Obsidian is a water attachment for the Volcano desktop vaporizer. It’s one of two water volcano attachments from Magma Industries and an improvement over the original Magma attachment.

Unlike the original Magma bubbler – which is made with FDA-approved, heat-resistant polymer resin – the Obsidian is made of top-quality, laboratory-grade borosilicate glass.

Glass delivers the purest, smoothest vapor, and the Obsidian’s glass is hand blown by master glass artisans.

Borosilicate glass specifically is highly durable and resistant to harsh chemical environments.
The clear glass design also makes it easier to clean.

The Obsidian fits right onto the Easy Valve Herbal Chamber to create a perfect seal. A secondary water trap prevents water from mixing in with your herbs or essential oils.

The Obsidian works by cooling and humidifying your vapor before it even enters the bag. You enjoy more bags per session, and you cut back on herbal waste when you use this water attachment.

How can the Obsidian achieve these results?

What Temperature is Optimal for the Obsidian?

The Obsidian can be used with any temperature you normally use with your Volcano. But Magma recommends starting below 325F and slowly increasing the temperature throughout your session.

Magma does not recommend using the Obsidian at temperatures above 400F.

At this high of a temperature, you risk having your herbs or oils release harmful vapors.

How To Use The Obsidian Vape Attachment With Your Volcano

Magma makes it easy to use the Obsidian, so you can attach it and get started with your session.

  • + Fill the Obsidian through the top opening.
  • + Use purified water and fill to the recommended level (do not overfill).
  • + Place the Obsidian on the Easy Valve Herbal Chamber using the right sized O-ring.
  • + Place the Easy Valve Herbal Chamber on top of the Volcano.
  • + Enjoy your cool vapor!

The Obsidian comes with a set of O-rings, so you can choose the one that provides the best fit and a proper seal.

You’ll need to test out a few to find the one that creates the best seal.

Keep in mind that the Obsidian is not compatible with the Solid Valve.

It only works with the Easy Valve and the Hybrid Valve (for the Volcano Hybrid).

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Obsidian should be cleaned regularly.

Because the borosilicate glass is clear, it’s easy to clean this water attachment. You can plain hot water to get the job done.

Obsidian Bubbler Reviews

The Obsidian cools and humidifies your vapor, elevating the experience and making your Volcano active.

Users love the Obsidian, and it’s easy to see why. Here’s what some people are saying about this Volcano accessory.

Why Users Love the Obsidian:

“Huge clouds with a massive hit of cool vapor!”

Customer service is nothing but extraordinary”

“Some giant rips without even thinking about coughing. If you already own any versions of the Volcano then I highly recommend adding this to it.”

“Makes the higher heat settings much more enjoyable.”

” Finally a way to add humidity to the dry vapor. “

“It really enhances the bag smoke. Way less harsh. No burnt popcorn taste.”

“This is an awesome addition to my volcano hybrid. it helps “hydrate” the vapor so it’s not “dry”.”

Improves upon the best tasting vaporizer on the market.

The Obsidian is a good choice for anyone that wants to experiment with different temperature ranges without much risk of impacting the taste of their vapor negatively.

Magma Industries makes it easy to “activate” your Volcano with an easy-to-use bubbler that works with both the Easy Valve and the Hybrid Valve.

Where To Find The Obsidian Bubbler For Sale

Ready to enjoy first class flavor?

The Obsidian bubbler is custom made by Magma Industries for the Volcano vaporizer. It is the best accessory we have tested to make a real difference in the vapor temperature. ]]>