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15 Benefits of Dry Herb Vaporizers

Smoking has been around for centuries, dating back to our ancestors. Setting something on fire and inhaling the smoke is pretty easy to do. However, we never asked how good is it for us? Up until the 1980’s smoking was just second nature. People would smoke in bizarre places like restaurants, airplanes and even hospitals. It never dawned on us that it can cause adverse effects. Doctors were even encouraging smoking in the 1940s and 1950s.

Fast forward to the last decade and life has changed immensely. From drinking sodas to watching what we eat, everything is changing to better us. Vaporizers are one of the newest technologies to come out. Many smokers are turning over to experience the benefit of weed vapes. This is the same exact reason why most of them stay vapers. Here are the 15 benefits of dry herb vaporizers.

Advantages over Smoking

Smoking itself doesn’t have many advantages over vaping. Sometimes it can be quick or sometimes you can smoke more in a smaller given time. However, vaporizing your herbs will outperform in many other ways.

Inhaling vapor not smoke

One of the most obvious ways that they differ is one produces vapor and the other produces smoke. Smoke contains a lot of carcinogens and toxic chemicals come from combustion. Switching to vaping can cut down the toxicity. Cigarettes kill about 480,000 people just in the United States. Although cigarettes contain more toxic chemical than cannabis, inhaling high heat is not good for your throat.

Cleaner with better taste

Smoking often destroys the taste of your herbs. Smoking two different dry herbs will give different flavors but using a vaporizer will show the true taste. The main difference is you’re not using high heat. High heat causes combustion which can produce benzene. Combustion also can destroy the active ingredients in your herbs. You will get a quicker inhalation but you’re killing a lot of what you can use.

Less waste

Since smoking kills off so much active ingredient, it wastes a lot of herbs. Vaporizing not only stretches out the amount of hits you can take off a single bowl you pack but it lasts longer. Since you’re not heating the herbs up so high, it turns into vapor slowly.

Easier on your body

Vaping is much easier on the body and many people experience this almost immediately when using it. Most people who smoke cigarettes talk about how it makes them really tired. Vaping has no evidence or anecdote of this. Another benefit of vaping weed is if you have issues with your lung or throat, this can help. Since there is no smoke, you won’t feel the vapor going through your mouth, throat, and lungs. Another benefit is that the vapor doesn’t get to a high temperature. Vaporizers generally go up to 428°F to 500°F. This is not enough to feel much heat pass through.


Vaporizers are super discreet from there design to the smell. Although there is still a smell to your vapor, it is much less than smoking. Smoking not only circulates all around but it sticks to clothes. The visual difference in vapor and smoke is the texture. Smoke moves slower and the smell tends to linger. Vapor moves quicker and dissipates much faster. The design of a vape pen is also very discreet. Place it on your desk near a bunch of pens and almost no one will notice. The size is almost identical. You can even keep it on your possession and it will never show.


The convenient factor in a vaporizer is much higher. Simply use it and put it into your pocket right away. You can’t do that with a pipe. The bowl is still very hot so you need it to cool down. You also don’t have to worry about the wind blowing your lighter out. Whether it’s windy or cold, your vape will still light up. Putting it in your pocket is also not a big deal. They’re usually so skinny or short, simply slide it in.

More control

Having more control over your dry herbs vapor gives you more power. Not only can you dose better but you can choose how much vapor you want. Change the temperature a bit higher and you will get more vapor in a shorter amount of time. Take it down a bit and you can get less vapor. Less vapor simply means you want to control how you feel with your herbs. Cannabis can be too much to handle if you do it really quick.

Less expensive

Prices on vapes can be all over the place. They start from around $25 and can go towards $700 for a high end desktop vaporizer. On average, it is much more inexpensive than a water pipe. They cost more than $60 and can shatter very easily. You don’t even get warranty with that. Smoking does require you to keep buying lighters, rolling papers and glass ware if it breaks. You also waste more herbs so you keep buying more, quicker.

Herbs last longer

Herbs can last longer when you’re not burning them at 1000°F or higher. When you burn them they turn into char. When you finish vaping your bowl, they’re not charred but semi-brown. You can take the vaped bud and make edibles if you’re vaping cannabis. Already Vaped Bud (AVB) is what’s left of your herbs when you finish vaping.


Micro-dosing is a very new idea that people are implementing and it works really well with medical marijuana. Some people don’t need to vape or smoke until they get the full effects. You can get away with using a very minimal amount. Microdosing works by using such low amount of doses to not feel the effects on your body. You still get some sort of cellular response that still works on your body.

Better for medicinal purposes

Using a vaporizer for medical marijuana or medicinal uses gives you an advantage. Not only can you dose it but you’re going to be easier on your lungs or throat. Simply pack less in your herbal chamber and vape at a lower temperature.

Less tar and carcinogens

Smoking produces much more tar than vaping. Since vaping doesn’t consist of burning anything, you’re not producing any tar. Even carcinogens from vaping have been considered a myth. There will be some gunk or residue forming in your herbal chamber. This is because the heat is causing the oils from the herbs to slowly find its way out.

More options

Smoking doesn’t give many different options. You have rolling paper, cigar leaf, and pipes but vapes come in different types. Not only can you pick between vape pens, portable vapes or desktop vapes. Then you can pick which feature or technology you want in your device. Most come with temperature setting options and some come with built-in grinder or automatic shut-off.

You don’t smell

As mentioned before, smoke lingers around longer. It also sticks to clothes and walls. Even worse is the smell of your fingers after you finish smoking. It smells like an ashtray. Washing it with soap hardly does the trick. Vaping does not do this. You can minimize the smell being around you by using a dry herb vaporizer. One of the benefits of a weed vaporizer is that you can do your thing and walk away without a trace of smell.

Different effects

One of the biggest differences between smoking and vaping is the effects of your vapor. The effects of the psychoactive ingredient in your vapor will give you a much calmer effect rather than delivering it all at once. This is why microdosing is very popular with vapes.

Smoking has been around for centuries, dating back to our ancestors. Setting something on fire and inhaling the smoke is pretty easy to do. However, we never asked how good is it for us? Up until the 1980’s smoking was just second nature. People would smoke in bizarre places like restaurants, airplanes and even hospita