vaporizer glass mouthpiece

Crafty/Mighty glass mouthpiece (Easy Flow)

12107 Storz & Bickel

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This glass mouthpiece from Easy Flow allows you to enjoy the full fresh flavour of your herbs in your Crafty or Mighty vaporizer.

Included is a glass swivel mouthpiece and a set of two silicone gaskets, allowing the user to replace the Crafty or Mighty’s stock plastic mouthpiece with one that cools your vapour as you inhale, delivering a fresher, tastier experience.

To install, hold onto the gasket at the base of the mouthpiece, and firmly twist it into the opening on your vaporizer’s cooling unit.


This really cools the vapor but the “fitting” could be made better. I broke two of them because they just slip out and fell on the hard floor obviously breaking it (hence why 4 stars). Getting another one and lets hope that one won’t break as the difference while it seems small, its noticeable.


Exellent product and must to have accessory with crafty and mighty. You can feel that smoke is bit colder and this have biger diametre than in the plastic one so it means easyer draw. Mounting could be better that’s why minus one star.

Glass mouthpiece for the Mighty and Crafty vaporizers. For full and fresh flavour.