vaporizer filter

A Personal Smoke Filter, Reinvented

It’s as easy as an exhale

Screw 510 cartridge onto battery

Slide PHREEDOM over the 510 cartridge

Inhale through the PHREEDOM to take a hit

Exhale your smoke into the PHREEDOM

Enjoy the cloud-free, clean air!

The Future is Here

Life-changing technology for those who vape.

the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.

Vaping is a personal adult choice, PERIOD. Protect your personal right and take back your lifestyle. It’s vaping independence. It’s the opportunity to exhale without stigma. It’s no limits, all liberty. It’s a state of mind. It’s PHREEDOM. Own it.

A Next Level Smoke Filter For All

Sleek, sophisticated and absolutely mind-blowing. The world’s first personal filter that integrates with a standard 510 cartridge to eliminate secondhand vapor. Featuring the only personal filter that allows users to inhale and exhale using the same mouthpiece for a seamless, smoke-free vaping experience. Trust us, you’ll never vape the same again!

Petite, portable and powerful – eliminate your secondhand smoke with ease! Measuring less than 4” tall and only ½” wide, our POCKET was designed for you, the modern-day smoker. Simply take a hit from your favorite vaporizer or smoking accessory and exhale directly into the POCKET for no smoke and no smell…just socially conscious consumption.

PHLIP is the 1st and only personal filtration accessory that attaches to your favorite vaporizer for a cloud-free experience. How’d we do it? SCIENCE. And a whole lot of engineering prowess to be able to make a filter this small yet this powerful. Simply insert your favorite vaporizer into our proprietary sleeve and ‘flip’ between inhaling from your vaporizer and exhaling the vapor into the filter, allowing you to vape on your own terms.

Our proprietary cartridges are now available as a 3-pack of refills! Is your PHILTER full? Simply insert a new cartridge into your POCKET or PHLIP sleeve and you’re ready to make the ultimate social statement by protecting your family, friends and favorite pets from secondhand smoke. Available in nine exciting colors, each PHILTER is good for up to 150 exhales; about 450 times you can feel proud about your decision.

Philter Labs presents an innovative smoke filter for E-Cig, Vape Pen, & CBD Pen. Filters smoke from entering shared space while you still enjoy the experience.

Humidifier Filters

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Honeywell Humidifier Filters and Replacement Humidifier Filters by Humidifier Model:

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