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The 12 Best Weed Vaporizers to Buy in 2020

Give up the smoke with a vape that’s packing some serious (but subtle) tech.

Vaping weed doesn’t reek. There’s no smoke to tear up your throat. And unless you make a spectacle of it, dubbing yourself that guy, it’s subtle. Those who vape their cannabis often do so because the dosage is easier to control—chalk that up to the wonders of technology—and the effects feel less jolting than more traditional means of getting high. (Although, folks who don’t regularly partake might find vaping to be more intense than smoking, according to one study.) To be fair, you do lose that transformative experience of coughing your esophagus out over a poorly wrapped joint or getting so high off of one rip from a communal bong that the stars fall to Earth and the moon waves hello. Hey, sacrifices must be made.

Vapes make dry herb or concentrate hot enough to activate the THC that sets you sailing, but not so hot the cannabis combusts into smoke, defeating the entire purpose of vaping. To broadly summarize the tech in the least boring way possible, there are two kinds of vape heating systems used to extract high-making chemicals and flavor from cannabis: one that uses conduction heating and one that uses convection heating.

Conduction puts your weed in direct contact with the vape’s heating element—like its coils—often getting you a faster heat time. However, if your product is too close to the heating element for too long, it’ll burn. (Simply shifting it around in the vape’s chamber is an easy fix.) Convection vapes tend to be more finicky and more expensive, but oftentimes are worth it for the vapor alone, especially if you prefer using dry herb. With these, the weed product doesn’t come into direct contact with the heating element. Instead, very hot air from the heating element circulates through the vape with every pull, indirectly vaporizing the product. On one hand, your product won’t combust, and the vapor is more even and flavorful. On the other, convection vapes can take longer to fire up, so patience is a virtue. These days, vapes can stick to one type of heating system or the other, but many market themselves as neither or both.

If you’re here, reading these words, then you’re likely already sold on vaping weed in one of its forms. But we’d be negligent to not quickly run through the science of weed vaping. Going the smoke-free route with a vaporizer is considered “likely less harmful than smoking” marijuana, because smoke itself is bad for your lungs. You know, the whole Joe Camel thing. The CDC has linked lung illness and some deaths to vape products with THC—remember the vape outcry of 2019?—but the big asterisk is that the THC products to blame were for the most part acquired from bootleg, black market sources. The lesson here is don’t be an idiot about where you get your concentrate. And because, annoyingly, marijuana is still illegal under federal law, hard-hitting research about vaping it remains scarce in these early days of legalization.

Speaking of legalization, getting high continues to be something of a political act, not just in terms of fighting for legality, but in terms of fighting for social justice in the cannabis industry. Even as it booms, the industry is rife with inequality, serving the well-funded startups and venture capitalists more than it does the grassroots efforts that made cannabis legit. Buy a real nice vape for yourself, then make the effort to purchase product from dispensaries and companies that fight for incarcerated people locked up for nonviolent drug offenses, invest in the BIPOC communities that are being boxed out of the industry, or fund political initiatives to end the so-called war on drugs, which has long given police an excuse to target people of color.

We know you just want to vape, but vape smartly. Here are a dozen of the best—and best-looking—weed vaporizers you can get right now. Pair one with quality flower or concentrate (or both) and get to it.

Here are the best (and best looking) weed vaporizers and marijuana vapes you can buy online right now, and everything you need to know about vaping cannabis before you do.

Weed Vaporizers

What is a weed vaporizer?

If you’re looking for a way to make the most of cannabis’s beneficial effects, weed vaporizers are the way to go; you can use them to absorb all of the possible cannabinoids from your cannabis without having to put up with nasty smoke from combustion, which is extremely bad for your health.

Smoking cannabis is generally not the best for your health, just like smoking anything else – if combustion is involved, it isn’t healthy, and is something that has been proven to facilitate cancer growth. That’s why vaping is a healthier alternative that also allows for more medicinal benefits.

How do weed vaporizers work?

Weed vaporizers work using extremely high levels of heat, to the point where the psychoactive substances in your buds begin to evaporate. There are two ways to vape weed, which are known as conduction and convection. Both are efficient, although they offer different results.

  • Conduction: in this case, the coil which heats up your cannabis is in direct contact with the material, so if the device doesn’t heat up properly the quality of your vapor can be quite diminished. The vapor created moves through the device while it’s cooled down, increasing the quality of the vapor.
  • Convection: in this case the area that generates heat is not in contact with your weed. A current of hot air goes through your cannabis without heating it up directly, which is why vapor created by these devices is of much better quality.

Nowadays there are hundreds of different types of vaporizers on the market that come in different sizes, colors and prices. In this case, the more expensive vaporizers are generally going to provide the best possible results – vaporizers over 150-200€ produce top quality vapor, and cheaper ones might end up burning the weed which is just the same as smoking it. You can still get a decent vape for less money if you know where to look.

Advantages of Using Weed Vaporizers

When you smoke cannabis with combustion, whether it’s through a joint or a pipe, you’re only absorbing up to 20% of the total cannabinoid in your cannabis. If you smoke using a bong, it goes up to 25%, but if you’re vaping it you can absorb up to and over 90%. So, as well as being the healthiest way of consuming cannabis, it’s also the most effective when it comes to absorbing cannabinoids into the bloodstream. This is why it’s the best option for people that use cannabis medicinally, who need the effect as soon as possible and don’t want to smoke it.

That’s not all when it comes to vaping benefits – when vaping, you can control the temperature of the vape process, which allows you to set it to temperatures that vaporize specific cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG and many others.

If you’re looking to absorb purely THC, the ideal vaping temperature is around 157°C. CBD can be vaped at around 170°C, and CBN should begin evaporating at around 185°C. This is just a general example, and you can apply the same rules to terpenes in your cannabis, which are in charge of producing aroma and flavors. Terpenes can also be vaporized individually, and they also provide specific medicinal benefits.

Portable Weed Vaporizers

Mighty Volcano Vape

This is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market, designed by one of the most popular vaporizer brands in the world, Volcano. Their vaporizers are the most used in aromatherapy and medicinal treatments all over the world thanks to the amazing quality vapor and precise control that they offer, allowing patients to make the most out of every last cannabinoid in their cannabis. This is thanks to the fact that you can control the temperature at all times.

Mighty is a high end product that’s designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding cannabis consumers who are looking for a dense vapor. It’s capable of vaporizing cannabis without burning it at all; no ash or smoke is produced at all. This particular vaporizer works using conduction and convection.

Arizer Solo II Vape

The Arizer Solo II is another high end device that has an easy to manage, practical design. It’s perfect for consumers that are looking for a vape they can take and use anywhere, any time. It’s practical, and easy to handle thanks to its tube shape. You can use the screen to choose and change the temperature by degrees. It’s definitely better at this than the original Arizer Solo. This fantastic vape works using convection, producing top quality vapor. The vapor isn’t as dense as the mighty model, but it’ll still satisfy the most demanding smokers.

You can use this vape for aromatherapy sessions too thanks to its glass adaptor. You can switch out the mouthpiece from a 90mm to a 110mm one, allowing for many more possibilities when it comes to vaping cannabis.

Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer

This vaporizer stands out thanks to its spectacular design. Various pieces are made out of gold, which looks incredibly sleek next to the matte black design on the rest of the device. If you’re looking for vape in style, this is the device for you. Also, the quality of the vapor that it produces is perfectly suitable for a wide range of needs.

It has gold pieces on the inside, which makes for a longer-lasting device that works better in general – gold is a great heat conductor, and takes an incredibly long time to wear out. You’re guaranteed a quality vaping experience with this fantastic vaporizer for years to come.

Table-top Weed Vaporizers

Digital & Analog Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano vaporizer first appeared on the market a few years ago, and since then absolutely nobody has been able to top it! It’s known as the best table-top vaporizer. This convection vaporizer is incredibly effective thanks to its filling chamber, which is where air is first heated up thanks to its heating plaques. This air then goes through your cannabis which begins to evaporate. The vapor accumulates in the bag on the device, which is then used to inhale the vapor from your weed.

This amazing vaporizer has many different possibilities thanks to the accessories and spare parts that you can get for it. It’s incredibly versatile and durable. Thanks to its versatility, you can consume flowers or any other kind of extract, such as hash, BHO, Rosin etc. The only issue you may have is its size, and the fact that it’s really not easy to carry around with you to a friend’s house – but the quality of the vapor produced makes it well worth it.

Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty vaporizer is by the same people that created the impressive Volcano – you can already rest assured that it’s high end. This vaporizer is semi-portable – you can have complete control over the vaporizing process, making the most out of your cannabis; more so than with any other kind of vaporizer.

This device also has a whole lot of accessories that allow you to vaporizer lots of different substances, as long as you use the right kind of adaptor. You’ll be able to vape hash, cannabis, BHO and Rosin extracts, among others. Thanks to its spiral pipe, you’ll be able to appreciate the flavor of your cannabis as the smoke will have been cooled down quite a lot.

Verdamper Vaporizer

The Verdamper Vaporizer was one of the first vapes to appear on the market, using quite a unique system. When you first look at it you might think it’s just another bong, but this particular bong has a coil in it which is in charge of heating up your weed. Essentially, you’re vaping your weed and filtering it through water like with a bong, allowing you to inhale incredibly cool and delicious vapor.

Their bong-based design is one of the most used vaping bongs by cannabis consumers that prefer to use water pipes or bong.

Weed Vaporizers for Extracts

V ONE PLUS Vaporizer

The V ONE PLUS Vaporizer is a model that’s incredibly easy and practical to use, allowing you to quickly consume any sort of extract. You simply need to prepare your extract to be placed inside the vaporizer so that you can vaporize it and create dense, delicious vapor.

It’s designed to look just like a pen, making it easy and discreet for transport, and you can carry it around in your hand without anyone realizing what it is. Also, it has just one button needed to use it, so it’s pretty simple to use for those that have never used a vaporizer before.

Vapen Essenz Vaporizer

The Vapen Essenz weed vaporizer is a small vape that allows you to vaporize small buds and BHO, although it’s more designed for consuming oily extracts. It’s quite an affordable device that you’ll need to treat with care, as it’s a bit delicate – make sure not to over pack its bowl or you may end up with burnt-tasting weed.

This vaporizer is perfect for beginners that are looking for a way into the world of vaping; it’s easy to use and affordable. It’s also great as a spare for experienced consumers in case they don’t have anything else on hand, or in case your good vaporizer breaks. Kalumet Mini Vape

This is one of the smallest weed vaporizers on the market. Thanks to its small size you can easily carry it around on the street without calling any attention to yourself. It fits perfectly in your pocket, and you can simply whip it out, take a drag and put it right back without anyone being any the wiser. This mini vape has one button and an extractable filling chamber for your extracts.

It has a main body, a small battery and a filling chamber for your extracts, which need to be BHO or Rosin that has been adequately prepared for vaporizing. You can also switch out the atomizer if you want to consume e-liquids instead.

If you weren’t sure as to what vaporizer to get your hands on before, hopefully we’ve been able to shed some light on the kind of device that you’re looking for. If you’re still having doubts, don’t hesitate to get in contact and our team of experts will be back to you as soon as possible.

Weed vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes, and it can be hard to figure out which one is the best for you. We've compiled a list of our favorite models! ]]>