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Presentation isn’t overlooked at Kiribi Kabuto, and each of these units ships in a gorgeously designed gift box, which also doubles as a protective case. Both in terms of temperature and size, the unit’s flame is ideal for pipes. It’s apparent that Kiribi Kabuto designers crafted this lighter’s blueprints with pipe smokers in mind, and to be sure, their effort paid off. For affordability and understated functionality, this Kiribi Kabuto lighter is a great choice. Affordable, handmade, and without any real drawbacks, this lighter will please pipe smokers for years to come.

Zippo has long been a staple for smokers throughout the world. The brand is widely known for producing lots of different colors and designs on the recognizable square-shaped form of its exterior. Even non-smokers have been known to buy them for such things as lighting fireplaces, camping in the woods, and grilling at the park or in a backyard. You’ll find that it enabled you to turn the zippo sideways with a continuous flame , making it easy to use in most pipes. Just make sure you’re putting enough lighter fluid inside the rayon, which is accessed by taking the exterior body off and opening the fabric lid at the bottom. Squeeze the lighter fluid a few time until the rayon is covered.

But don’t overdo it; adding too much may result in a flame that’s too big. If you’re an outside smoker and live in a region that receives a lot of wind, this might be necessary. Still, Zippos tend to function well under gusty conditions. As mentioned, the only way to control the strength of the flame is through the level of lighter fluid added into the bottom. And if you’re more familiar with butane lighters, the closing mechanism for turning extinguishing the flame might seem a little odd. This is often left up to personal preference, however. Some users find this to be a signature feature of Zippos. The flint is located at the lower portion of the wheel. The only way to access it is through the small screw by the rayon . A screwdriver might be needed to open this, but some people can do it with a finger alone. Make sure that you place the spring back as it was when you do a replacement because the flint won’t work if it’s not behind the screw. Overall, you should definitely consider a Zippo for pipe lighters . As long as you perform upkeep on the device, it could last for a lifetime. And one of the best things is how the cases are interchangeable. If you find a Zippo cover you like more than this type (silver), it’s easy to look for something more appealing. Recommended for both casual and pipe smoking enthusiasts. The lighter can be used in a horizontal or vertical position Once lit, the flame envelops a wide portion of the lighter itself, where only one inhale is necessary for tobacco to remain burning The lighter is wind resistant and stays ignited, even when blown with moderate gusts. The lid must be closed in order for the lighter’s flame to extinguish Flint wears down quickly when used heavily The rayon must constantly be fed lighter fluid in order for the Zippo to produce a flame Difficult to adjust the flame. Brog Tobacco Pipe Lighter – Best Soft Flame Pipe Lighter. Brog Tobacco Pipe LIghter was made for those who don’t like to carry around all the tools required to upkeep and clean their pipes or don’t have access to them when needed. There are three separate utensils: a reamer, tamper and pick.

All three of them fold out when pulled and cannot be unfolded separately from the body of the lighter. As for the design, it’s straightforward, having a body built from stainless steel parts that are sold in a neat little box. This is to make it easier for you to press down on the switch without moving it in awkward angles when you’re about to smoke. So strong, you should be advised about its default adjustment being on the highest setting. When you fill it with butane for the very first time, adjust unless you want to be surprised with a large blowtorch-like ignition. As for drawbacks, multiple clicks to ignite might occur, even when the lighted is completely filled with butane. And, like many butanes, adjusting the flame’s output means purchasing a separate driver. Crosspoint screwdrivers work best, so if you don’t have one laying around in your garage or toolbox, try to acquire at the same time the lighter is bought.

And you might find that the tools are a little too small for certain types of pipes. For instance, when attempting to use the tamper or scraper, the bottom of the lighter might hit the pipe’s edges , making it harder to clean around its base. Brog lighter scores high for its fuel longevity, and refills won’t happen as often as its competitors. Has additional tools for preparing and cleaning pipes that fold out When activated, produces a very strong flame that resembles a blow torch (on the highest setting) Can last for up to a week before a butane refill is needed.


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