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Vape tricks and how to do them

It’s time to shake things up with a blog submission that’s dedicated to embracing the culture of vaping. While most people vape to better control their nicotine intake or to improve their health and well-being, some vapers enjoy practicing their trick skills. So, if you’re an aspiring cloud chaser, read the guide below to get started.

How do you learn to create shapes with vapor?

If you want to blow formations that look impressive it’s best to practice each time that you take a puff. For starters, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality device that’s known for its high vapor production. Logic vape pens possess powerful, lithium batteries and when the devices are activated, the battery heats the e-liquid within the capsules , turning it into lush, thick vapor. Simulating the feeling of smoking, vapers are then able to inhale the vapor into their throats and mimic the shape they want to exhale by tightening their lips and pushing it out with their tongue. Now, that’s pretty cool!

Why are vape tricks better than smoke tricks?

In our opinion, vaping tricks are a lot more fun because Logic vape pens, like the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System , produce a vapor that’s dense, full and delicious to smell, coming in numerous sweet and robust flavors. Also, the thickness of the exhaled clouds has a heavier, more opaque appearance, making the tricks performed look more impressive than regular smoke clouds.

How do you blow simple O’s with your Logic vape pen?

Blowing O’s is the most popular trick that people learn to do with their e-cigs.

  • Taking a comfortable hit from your vape pen.
  • Hold the vapor in your throat and slowly start to push it upwards your mouth.
  • Make an O-like shape with your lips and keep your tongue flat to the bottom of your mouth.
  • Push a small amount of vapor out of your mouth and exhale little coughs to slowly release the vapor.
  • If you’re more experienced, place your tongue in the middle of your mouth to create the holes in your circles.

Once you get the hang of this vape trick you can experiment by making your O’s bigger, smaller, fuller or slimmer.

What are some more elaborate vape tricks that you can learn?

  • The dragon:This trick makes you look like a dragon, exhaling vapor from your mouth and nose after one substantial hit.
  • Liquid mist: This innovative trick involves the use of a cold drink. Inhale the vapor, touch your lips to the rim of the glass and exhale directly into it. When you move your mouth away the vapor will remain atop the glass for a thrilling effect.
  • The tornado: To perform this trick, inhale a hit of vapor and then place your chin on top of a flat surface like a table or counter. Next, blow the smoke outwards and use your hand (make sure it’s cupped) to swirl an upward motion into the cloud production. It should create a spiral tornado.

Which trick will you and your Logic vape pen be performing? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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