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Paul Christo, host of Aches and Gains radio show on SiriusXM and author of Aches and Gains: A Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Pain . “It’s unlikely that you’re putting organic oils into the vape and getting a toxic product out the other end, but it seems to me the lower the temperature, the better. The real question is: Is it helpful for people?” ARE ESSENTIAL OIL VAPES HELPING PEOPLE? Customers who reviewed Monq and VitaStik most frequently reported success using the diffusers to combat anxiety.

“If you’re saying, ‘I’m anxious and I feel like I could inhale one of these instead of taking a Xanax,’ sure, it seems reasonable that you’d try it,” Christo says, stressing that any tapering off of anxiety medication should be done under doctor’s supervision. “It is possible these could help people in terms of a calming effect, and help center them. And does it even matter, if it’s working?” If you’re looking for an aromatherapy diffuser stick, Santos says it’s important to choose one that’s completely natural: “You have to be careful—read all the ingredients on the package. Make sure it’s organic, free of all chemicals, and that the oils are made in the USA.” Of course if Monq or VitaStik don’t sound like your cup of tea, there many other ways to relax with essential oils. Christo recommends an ultrasonic diffuser for the home, and for oils on the go, Kreydin recommends an essential oil inhaler, which is simply a hospital grade plastic container (that looks like a tube of lip balm) with a cotton wick inside that’s saturated with essential oils. Read more and get additional resources on Rodale’s OrganicLife. Whenever you see a vaping device with an Arizer label on it, you know that you aren’t dealing with just any other typical product. These folks manage to outperform themselves time and time again and they are rightfully one of the strongest brands in the vaping industry today. Arizer V Tower is, thus, yet another testament to their enormous dedication. If you were satisfied with their Extreme Q vaporizer, you’ll certainly love the Arizer V Tower as well.

What we have here is a simpler, more refined version of its predecessor and a product that is easily one of the best stationary vaporizers that you can buy these days. In this review, I cover both the strong points of this vaping unit and its downsides. By the end of it, you’ll have sufficient information to decide whether the Arizer V Tower will be a worthwhile purchase for you. Arizer has quite a long tradition, and indeed, many successful products in their portfolio. The company was founded in Canada in 2005 and they’ve been innovation leaders ever since. All of their products were built by using the latest cutting-edge technologies and with a strong focus on customer experience. The company has set a very high bar in terms of quality. Every product has all the needed ISO Quality Standards and they’re all FCC, ROHS, and CE certified. Needless to say, Arizer won numerous awards over the years and there is no sign of that trend changing anytime soon. Chamber capacity: 0.5 g Delivery: Whip Battery Voltage: 110 V Heating Type: Convection Heat-up Time: 120 seconds Temperature Range: 122°F – 500°F(50°C – 260°C) Width: 6.49” (16.5 cm) Height: 6.69”(17 cm) Weight: 428 g Price: Get it for $104.99 at Bloomgroove. Here are the accessories that you will get upon unboxing Arizer V Tower: One Multi-Purpose Heater The Power Adapter One Glass Cyclone Bowl One Glass Aromatherapy Dish The Glass Stirring Tool The 3-inch Whip One Additional Flat Screen One Additional Dome Screen A Sample Of Aromatic Botanicals The User’s Manual Arizer V Tower Unit. All accessories that you need to run Arizer V Tower are already included in the box and you won’t need to make any standalone purchases. The package also includes a spare flat screen as well as a spare dome screen if you ever need to replace the default solutions. Arizer ArGo Review – Vaporizer You Can Fully Trust. As I’ve mentioned already, Arizer V Tower is a less complex version of Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. Still, despite being a stripped-down version of its predecessor, it has a design that is unique in its own regard. Arizer V Tower has a cylindrical body, and unlike Extreme Q, it’s a whip-only vaping device. The body also has a stainless steel finish that gives the unit outstanding durability and a truly remarkable appearance. Arizer V Tower looks like a juicer that would fit your kitchen set up perfectly, but that’s yet another element that makes the design so unique. Overall, the whole unit is really well built, and if used appropriately, it should last for decades on end. Arizer V Tower gives you full control over the heat levels. You can easily fine-tune your optimal temperature via the LCD display itself. The most important thing is that the performance is consistent regardless of what temperature level you are aiming for, so in the end, it all depends on your preferences. 122°F – 500°F is one of the highest ranges that you will find today and Arizer absolutely nailed it in that regard. One of the key features that really stands out here is the automatic shut down feature.

As the name suggests, the unit can be turned off automatically after a certain period. That way, even if you forget to turn off the vaporizer manually, the device will handle that part on its own. The unit can be shut down automatically after 2 or 4 hours of active usage. It only takes about two minutes for the device to heat up, and trust me, you’ll be ready to vape before you even notice.

This is yet another area in which the company manages to set a new industry standard. Conduction vs Convection Vaporizers – Helping You Choose the Right Heating Mechanism. Thankfully, Arizer V Tower produces truly outstanding vapor. It comes as no surprise, though, as after all, it has the Arizer label on it.


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