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Compared to my old Xmax V2 Pro (we had some good times though), the Boundless is easier to load, easier to clean, heats up faster, delivers a smooth, cool, and flavorful vape with no "burnt popcorn" flavor at all, even on high heat. The Boundless does take a bit longer to charge than other vapes, but a full battery charge lasts multiple sessions. I do wish that the battery could be replaced, but only time will tell if battery quality holds up. I exchanged for something the same price but I felt it suited me better.

Great piece to have on the go and quality build so it lasts and bowl size is perfect. I’ve used the top vapes and the Boundless CF holds up for a fraction of the price. I got some really great pulls and the battery life lasts for 8-10 sessions depending on temp. A few months a back I was introduced to hemp flower as I suffer with chronic pain in my neck and lower back but I found smoking it as a pre-roll way to harsh so I tried a water pipe and it was still extremely harsh. I was not sure if a vape would solve the problem so I started with a smaller less expensive one and found that yes indeed vaping would work however after these last few months the smaller vaporizer it was just was not cutting it. I decided to invest in a better vaporizer and purchased this one. The draw was smooth, heat up time is so fast I was surprised. Being this was my first time with a bigger unit I started out on the lowest setting and can honestly say that even on the lowest setting it will do the trick. The chamber was huge compared to what I was using, I was really able to get a good taste of the hemp flower for several hits not just the first and then that’s it.

No matter if you take big or small hits the draw is incredibly easy And the mouth piece stays cool. If you are looking for a great vaporizer and a decent price look no further. Use this cleaning guide to get your Boundless CF looking brand new again. If your Tera isn’t smelling so fresh, our cleaning guide will have it looking brand new. Go from unboxing to first session in minutes with our Boundless CF quickstart guide. Our team of vaping experts at MIST have created this guide on stealth vaping: what it is, how and why to do it, and when and where you should and shouldn’t. Discover what our top stealthy techniques are, and how best to use these techniques to out smart those pesky restrictions on vaping in public. Stealth vaping is a term that’s used to describe multiple techniques vapers use to minimise the visibility of vapour and e cigarettes, often when vaping indoors. There are a number of ways to reduce the amount of vapour you exhale, making your vaping as subtle and considerate as possible. Whilst there are some circumstances in which stealth vaping should be avoided – on planes for example – the technique can be a good way to get around unnecessarily strict vaping rules, and enjoy your e cigarette whenever you want to. There are lots of reasons why you might want to tone down the visibility of your vape. However, most restrictions are due to public opinion. People who are unfamiliar with vaping, and don’t understand what vaping is, often liken the habit, and the associated negativity, with smoking. As a result, these people tend to become irritated or upset if you vape near them. If you’re in a park, simply walking down the street or sat in a pub garden, it might be easier to stealth vape than deal with potentially argumentative neighbours. In many cases, companies create blanket rules for smokers and vapers, even though vaping has been proved to be far less harmful than smoking, for both the person using the e cigarette and those around them. If you’re on a long train journey, in a pub or a bar that doesn’t allow vaping, or stuck in your office all day, stealth vaping can help you get the nicotine hit you need quickly and easily. Another good reason for stealth vaping is that it allows you to avoid temptation. A lot of people use e cigarettes to help them give up smoking. If you’re an ex-smoker who has only recently kicked the habit, you probably don’t want to stand in a designated smoking area to use your vape. After all, surrounding yourself with smokers and clouds of cigarette smoke could well prove too much, and you might give in to temptation. Stealth vaping in these situations is a good way to avoid the familiar aroma of cigarettes, and keep yourself on track. If you’re planning on trying stealth vaping, you’ll need to ensure your e cigarette is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This will make it easy to conceal when you’re in public, and will increase your chances of vaping without being seen.

Take note of any LED lights on your e cigarette, you’ll need to make sure these are covered when you’re in stealth mode. Reducing the amount of vapour you exhale, will greatly reduce the visibility of your vape. To do this effectively, try: Holding the vapour in your lungs for few extra seconds after you inhale, Taking an extra breath in after you’ve puffed on your e cigarette. Breathing in, swallowing the vapour and the exhaling through your nose. Almost all the visible vapour will have disappeared by the time it’s released from your lungs. Try reducing the amount of VG in your mix, this will reduce those dramatic vape clouds.

A good ratio is 50/50, but, as a rule, the less VG, the more stealthy you’ll be. Just be careful not to tip the balance too far, as a heavy PG mix can be harsh on your throat. Each of these techniques will help to minimise the amount of visible vapour when you exhale. Another common stealth vaping technique is to hide your e cigarette use behind your clothes. Although this can be effective, you risk plumes of vapour erupting from your neckline and out of your sleeves if you use a vape with heavy emissions.


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