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Customers who buy Atmos batteries and choose to use other brands cartridges take a risk of leakage of liquid or wax. When there is leakage it causes a gap or blockage between the battery connection and the cartridge connection. Follow these steps to get your cartridge working again: Step 1: Make sure the battery is turned off.

Step 2: Take a cotton swab slightly dipped into alcohol. Step 3: Start by cleaning the cartridge connection area, then move into the battery connection, clean that as well to remove any product that may have leaked. Should the problem continue, please contact customer support. The reviewer on sitejabber.com ( i don't work for them) says that it is a scam. From what I hear, it's legit in that they will send you what you order, just what you get tends to suck. Though the stuff that you are smoking probably isn't the best thing in the world for you. I would rather smoke the real thing as its easy enough to educate myself about what marijuana is and does to the body. It's not like you won't get screwed out of more money in your lifetime. Again not saying the site will screw you over, you just probably won't be that happy with it if it is supposed to substitute for weed. International Oddities is the ONLY company in the world that consistently ships you High Grade Legal Bud .

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While some may prefer a bong or dab rig instead, hand pipes provide the convenience and capability of taking it anywhere you go, keeping it as discreet as possible.

With the vibrant Rastafarian themed colors throughout it's body, the Rasta glass pipe is sure to become the go to for the herb and tobacco smokers .The many features include a carb hole and an easy cleaning surface design. This recycler dab rig had got a rasta color pattern paint finish.


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