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Yello Bole also had a line of Bamboo pipes at one point. Examples of Yello-Bole Bamboo models, details, and nomenclature, courtesy Doug Valitchka. Pure Vape is a long-established licensed cannabis company located in Southern California.

Our company was founded in 2007 with a simple core value: to deliver the highest quality and consistency of products through a brand name you can rely on. Using a proprietary triple distilled oil, all of our products are pure, organic, unadulterated, and 100% solvent free. We assign vigorous testing to all of our products as to assure they remain pesticide free, allowing our consumers to have the utmost flavor profile experience possible. We carry an array of stylish vape products that cater to the socially conscious cannabis user looking for wellness and a true cannabis taste. Our products are available in THC, CBD, and hybrid ratios of THC to CBD. Our products are Prop 215 compliant and can be found in many licensed dispensaries across Southern California. These cartridges can be found all over the bay area where I reside, and the team at cannabisthrives.com has been puffing on Pure One Vape Cartridges for over a year now.

There have been some changes since we first started vaping Pure One Cartridges, the change was to their vape cartridge hardware. Unfortunately, this switch of vape cartridges looks like it also came with different distillate oil too. We messaged them directly on their Instagram account and asked them to verify the change in cartridge and cannabis oil. They replied back to our direct message and denied making any changes to their THC oil. However, they confirmed the change to unbranded cartridges. They said it was an improvement to their previous unbranded vape cartridges. We beg to differ, the previously branded cartridges had superior vaping functionality. Our first message to Pure one was in March 2019, we again reached out to them via a comment on a recent video they posted showing off branded 1 gram Pure One vape cartridges. Price Although the price is $50 for their full gram cartridge, we think it should be worth less because of the lower quality cart and weaker strength THC oil. Their half gram cartridges cost $30, these have their brand on it and are also stronger in our opinion. We were not fans of their Forbidden Fruit THC cartridge. There was a difference in taste with their Lemon Haze cartridge and syringes. I prefer their Lemon Haze inside of their syringes because it tasted more lemony and the strength was much higher too. I could personally distinguish these differences because of being extremely familiar with their distillate in syringes. I vaped their Lemon Haze in a syringe faithfully for a year with empty CCELL cartridges purchased online. THC Cartridge Potency pure vape cartridge and dank vape Their cartridges are much stronger than any cheap prefilled cartridge for sale on the black market such as Dank Vapes. We consider their THC oil cartridges to be medium to high strength. If your a fan of Select Elite cartridges than you will like Pure One vape carts. If your looking for strength at a price cheaper than their prefilled cartridges, we highly suggest the Pure One Syringes. The reason why I frequently will refill my own vape cartridges with their Lemon Haze syringe is because of the effectiveness of the Sativa properties. The burst of energy and ability to think clearly is worth the cost of $45 a gram for their Lemon Haze syringe. Cannabis Thrives Pro Tip We recommend sticking to either half gram Pure vape cartridges or refilling your own cartridge with one of their syringe options. Comments (2) Saw black market pure vapes advertised in the last few days. Use to carry pure vape in 2018 and the hardware was different then the ones recently being sold.

I just recently moved to the Bay Area and the pure cart was one of the first despenery grade cart I bought. The cart got me really smacked but looking at the cart an the box I realized the oil looked completely different from eachother. I’ve been lookin at for another one but have only came across ones for 70+$ The Best Ways To Smoke Weed Without Rolling Papers. Thankfully, there are numerous ways that you can get high without rolling papers. Not only can you use traditional methods like pipes or bongs, but you can also get creative and make your own smoking devices out of household items. Joints have long been an iconic part of marijuana culture. Many people love them for their simplicity, their convenience, and their flavour. However, situations may arise where smoking papers are not available. Moreover, some people don’t like to smoke joints because of the prospect of smoking paper. Others simply prefer to consume marijuana via other methods that may be more enjoyable or convenient for them.

Whatever the reason, there is a wide range of alternative methods you can use to get high.


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