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How to Pack a Glass Blunt – Twisty and Slider

Glass blunts are a common favorite among smokers because of their simplicity and portability. There are two types of glass blunts – the twisty version and the slide version. Both of them have different packing techniques for you to use and enjoy them to their full potential, and we will cover them both. If you’ve ever wondered how to pack a glass blunt perfectly, then this article is for you.

How does a glass blunt work?

There are two types of glass blunts: twisty and slider.

The twisty blunt works through the help of the twisty screw placed inside the inner core. You load your herb in and twist the screw to help push the herb up in the cylinder. The screw becomes the winding pathway that separates the blunt into chambers. This allows for longer smoke travel, cooling the smoke a bit before it reaches your mouth. The screw also helps you push the ash out in a simple, mess-free way.

Another blunt design is the glass blunt slider. You use it by sliding the inner tube back and front inside the blunt. Some designs allow you to remove the inner tube completely so you can load it from the back. The O-ring regulates helps seal the inner tube of the blunt, control air flow, and keep the sliding tube in place. Other glass blunts have a fixed shrink plastic to hold the inner tube and seal in the smoke.

Using the glass blunt depends on the type of glass blunt you are using.

Packing a slide glass blunt

  1. Grind up your herb.
  2. Pull the slider up to expose the chamber.
  3. Fill up your chamber by gently scooping up the herb inside the tube.
  4. Push the herb inside the chamber without packing or pressing on it.
  5. Put as much her as you want.
  6. Hold the glass blunt with your hand and place your pointing finger on top of the opening.
  7. Gently push the slider forward to pack the flower snugly.
  8. Light away and enjoy!

Slider blunts come with different designs. Pulsar Borosilicate Glass Blunt design enables you to do front-loading because of a custom-fitted heat shrink tubing. Another is the Slider glass pipe designed by Homeblown Glass. Sliders have removable sliders kept in place with an O-ring vapor lock. Their design lets you do front-loading and back-loading, depending on your preference.

You can also load slider glass blunts by inhaling through the mouthpiece, although you might catch a few herbs in your mouth along the way. Another good thing about the slider version is that it’s easy to do a layercake for a great mix of different herbs for different flavors.

Packing a Twisty Glass Blunt

  1. Grind up your herb and keep them inside the grinder for easier packing.
  2. Remove the screw of your twisty blunt.
  3. Place the cap on one end of the glass tube.
  4. Hold the glass tube with your dominant hand and your grinder with the other.
  5. Place the mouth of the glass tube inside the collection chamber of your grinder and scoop up the herb.
  6. Rotate the glass tube as you push forward to scoop your herb.
  7. Twist the collection chamber towards the mouth of your grinder as you go to assist with the packing.
  8. Pack in as much herb as you want.
  9. Tap down the tub to remove any air pockets.
  10. Insert the metal screw on the open end. Press slightly and twist counter-clockwise as you go.
  11. Keep going until the entire metal screw is inside the glass tube.
  12. Remove the cap and enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to create a blend of herbs for your sesh. You can grind the herbs together so that you can enjoy a fusion of different tastes with each hit. Or, you could layer your herbs so that you can enjoy one flavor after another without having to re-pack your blunt.

Bonus Tips for Loading a Glass Blunt

Packing the smoking apparatus is an art. You have to take your time in loading your blunt to get the best flavor. A loose pack makes your greens burn faster. Pack too tight, and you won’t get a constant cherry. Twist the glass tube around as you scoop the herb from your grinder or a clean surface. Loading does have a bit of a learning curve at first. But once you get it right, you’ll be packing herbs in less than a minute.

You can place the herb on the table or on a piece of paper if you prefer, but this method is easier. Do not jam the herb inside the glass tube to the rim and then push the metal screw to pack your twisty pipe. Don’t do the load and twist method either, where you put an herb inside the open end then twist the metal screw to draw in the herb. Both methods result in a tight pack that makes it difficult to draw in and interferes with the cherry.

How much does a glass blunt hold?

The 3.85 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt can take up to 2 grams of herb that you can mix and layer.

If you want to have stronger flavor and hits from your twisty glass pipe, pack it a bit tight. This will force you to drag harder, driving the smoke deeper into your lungs. However, this may cause the cherry to die out every now and then, so keep your lighter within reach.

Ash it

Just like a cigar or pipe, you need to ash your loaded reusable smoking pipe. However, unlike a cigar, ashing a glass blunt is a must-do because the burnt weed is held inside the chamber. There is no air inside the chamber, and the greens can only get oxygen at the tip. Twist the screw clockwise to move the greens forward and push the ash out. You can tap gently or use the edge of your lighter to scrape off the ash. Some use their fingers, but do this with caution because you can burn yourself.

7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt Combo Kit comes with a cleaning brush that can help clean the mouthpiece for easy drags and flavorful hits.

Clean regularly

Combustion can leave harmful by-products such as carbon and tar. Make it a point to clean your glass blunt after each use. Resin is tougher to remove when it’s thick and hard. It can also clog your mouthpiece, which can make smoking difficult and disappointing. You can use blunt wipes or wipes soaked in alcohol to clean your glass blunt. Blunt wipes from 7pipe are big enough for you to clean all the parts of your twisty blunt with just one sheet.

You’ll know that you have packed your glass blunt correctly if the cherry keeps on going, and you don’t have that much pull to draw in. Observe how the herbs are packed together in the entire chamber. If they looked squished or have very little room between them, they are packed too tight. A loosely packed blunt is fast to burn will show air gaps and the herbs easily move around. The herbs should be snug together and have a bit of give when you tap the glass blunt.

Do you have your own techniques for packing? Let us know at the comment section below!

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