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The perlite can also be washed and reused, saving a little bit more money. All good grow shops stock buckets, perlite and vermiculite, so get them from there rather than the big chain DIY places. Support your local grow shops!; Growers who like BIG plants – when growing your own, it’s all about getting maximum yield with minimal risk. To avoid getting caught with your hands dirty, it’s generally accepted that less is more. Hempy buckets are a great option for pulling more yield off fewer plants.

Check the US cannabis forums; you’ll see hempy buckets being used extensively, the plants look like tress! Here are a few hempy hints and tips for those of you who are itching to give it a go: Use a quality hydroponic nutrient. It may sound obvious but, when using a reservoir in a passive set-up, organic nutrients will spoil as quickly as they would in active hydro, possibly even quicker as there is no pump to agitate or oxygenate the solution. In hempy buckets you’ll need a good quality, mineral feed. You can, in theory, start plants in any growing medium and transfer them to your buckets. But, in practice, to avoid transplant shock and keep things clean, try to use a hydroponic medium like coco, rockwool or even a pot of vermiculite and perlite mixed.

You can still use a sponge starter cube, like a Root Riot, if you wish. Plants grown in hempy buckets can get BIG; particularly if you’re using larger buckets, like a 25L or 30L. Plan your space accordingly; you don’t want to overcrowd your room. Also, it’s a good idea to invest in some bamboo canes, yoyos or nets to support those large buds! Keep your grow room clean and safe; invest in some large saucers or a tray to catch run off after watering your buckets. Some growers like to use a 3:1 perlite / vermiculite mix, some like to use straight perlite. Some even like to fill the reservoir of their buckets with perlite or clay pebbles and then add coco on top. Half of the fun of growing your own is experimenting, try a few methods out and see what works for you. So, there you have it; want to cut down on your watering workload and grow bigger plants? Get the drill out, get yourself some plastic buckets and give it a go. Nothing is too much for these guys Always helpful and friendly service and advice. Always an excellent service 😁 Always an excellent service. I order about a month ago and saw eliquids 6 for £10. So i thought that it would be enough till the current situation is over. I was told it had already been dispatched but never came. I emailed them and they said it is on its way and still took 5 days to arrive. I had a problem logging on which was resolved quickly. I ordered some vape fluid one day and it arrived the very next day. Glad to find a good soucrce of Blu products as to deal with Blu directly is a nightmare. The process of ordering is simple and easy, they have some great offers on vape liquids which are cheaper than other websites. My previous orders have been delivered before the delivery due date which is a bonus! Edit: Ordered at 15:25 on 21/05/20 and delivered to my house at 13:00 on 22/05/20 and only used standard delivery! Problem with faulty battery dealt with swiftly and professionaly. Excellent service, I even requested a change in my order and still was delivered ahead of schedule. Absolutely delighted from the price to the service. Been using ET for about 2 years and I've only had to get in touch with them on 2 occasions and both times their Customer Service was amazing.

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