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But the most common problem you will ever have with your vape is the coil. Although we say that you should change your coil every 2-3 weeks, there are a lot of variables involved in this. Like the PG/VG ratios of your e-liquid, the type of coils you're using, how high you are running them. Make sure to prime it properly, as explained in our handy Vaping Guide. Leave it for the stipulated amount of time, we recommend 10-15 minutes.

Last of all, check your wattage recommendations on your coils. If you have a variable wattage mod, you want to make sure you are not running your coils over your recommended wattage, this will burn your cotton and cause the harsh throat hit you are experiencing. When you start vaping, it's really easy to add the highest possible nicotine level to your e-liquid, quitting smoking seems like an impossible task and you feel like you need all the help you can get. But this isn't entirely true when you add more nicotine to your e-liquid, you are creating more of a throat hit. This also has a number of variables, mainly, how much you smoked and the amount of power your device pumps out. If you're still finding that your vape is harsh, have a look at how much nicotine you have in your e-liquid, maybe try going down a level and see how you feel after that. The chances of it being your mod are slim, the only way your mod could be affecting your vape is by the amount of power being pushed to your coil. This could either be having your variable wattage mod set too high for the coil you're using or if the regulation chip in your mod is not functioning properly.

If you have already run through the steps above, take your vape back into the Vape Shop you bought it from and ask that they can test it for you. This by far has the largest ice cream cones in Butler. Its hard to believe that some people get the large cone because it is so big. The soft serve ice cream is very good and they have many flavors of hard dipped also. Often you will see cars lined up waiting for the drive thru. The rest of my family ordered either cones, or ice cream/sherbet in a bowl. Drive thru sometimes backs up onto the road, but the line moves pretty quick. I've found flavorburst ice cream around Washington DC in years past and if you find 4 - 6 flavors, you're lucky, they have 22 flavors!. Both places I had found flavorburst soft serve are now gone too. King Kone marches on with their huge portions and economical prices. Not sure what people are complaining about in these reviews about the prices. King Kone's "small" is $1.50, yeah 10 years ago it was $1.00, big whoop. I'll run through the drive through once or twice a visit because it's such a treat. This place is awesome has the best ice cream in Butler and at a price that is unbelievable please be careful when ordering because the portions are large. Top Tip: Transfer thread from large cones to small spools. (Happy 2016 everyone!) A rare opportunity over the holidays to duck into Shedquarters and sneak some sewing in. Not enough thread spools in the right colour for my overlocker! I can be a bit blasé about gathering supplies/notions for a project. I’ve developed quite a stash and kinda just assumed I would have enough standard spools in the general vicinity of this colour to cobble together a workable overlock stitch. But as always with me, necessity is the mother of invention. Some of my favourite ideas emerge when I’m facing a (probably self imposed) hurdle and am scratching my head trying to figure out a work around. Plus, since this little solution means you need only buy one cone of overlocker thread (in that obscure colour that you need but will never use up in a million years) this one saves money and what better way to start off a cash strapped January than with a money saving hack right? If you’re like me and hold on to empty thread spools because they are “bound to come in handy for something” at some point; then this would be the moment you are vindicated in your hoardiness! You’ll need 4 empty thread spools (These guttermann ones are particulary perfect as explained in a moment).

Stick a piece of the tape on the flat end of the thread spool…. Remove the backing and firmly press your empty bobbin on top. Pop the thread cone in a mug/cup in front of your standard sewing machine. We are essentially going to treat the empty spool as a bobbin.

Which is why I said these particular thread spools are quite useful.


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