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Tommy Chong Ripped By Fans Over $5,000 Limited Edition Bong

Legendary cannabis connoisseur, Tommy Chong, is not exactly catering to the common stoner with his latest merch drop, because Chong’s return to glassware will set you back $5,000. 82-year-old Chong has been promoting his new amazing glass bongs, which are being produced in a very small quantity by iconic glass artist, Jason Harris, founder of Jerome Baker Designs.

Although the glass carries a heavy price tag, a portion of proceeds will be donated towards fighting injustices for those wrongly incarcerated over cannabis.

Back In Business!

“We’re back in business!” Tommy Chong exclaimed to his 2.6 million followers on Instagram while touting his new Chong Bong.

It’s a big deal that Tommy Chong and Jerome Baker Designs have teamed up, as they were both affected in the DEA’s well-known raid, Operation Pipe Dreams, that targeted sellers of cannabis paraphernalia.

“This is what I went to jail for 9 months,” Chong explains with a bit of a chuckle, considering the leaps and bounds cannabis culture has taken since his arrest.

What’s Included

The limited edition Chong Bongs are currently being sold for $5,000 each and come in a collector’s edition box with a bunch of swag. According to the website:

“As legalization sweeps the nation, Tommy’s legacy lives on and a new era begins. With Tommy’s full support, [Jason Harris] hatched an idea to honor his friend by creating 20 Chong Bong replicas, which are individually crafted pieces designed and blown by the world-class artists at JBD. Each Chong Bong comes in a Special Limited Edition bag and box with a matching slide and nug jug.”

Fans Are Shocked

Longtime fans and supporters of Tommy Chong were totally on board with his new glassware hitting the shelves, but couldn’t pick their jaws up from the floor after hearing about the $5,000 price tag.

“I was so interested, until I saw the price 😭🥺 it doesn’t even have perks,” one fan commented on Chong’s Instagram page.

“Really tommy? 5k? Who u make these for? Not ur fans we aint rich,” a second person wrote.

“Bro I thought it was gonna be like 500 not no fkn 5000 like geez dude u got ur money already,” a third fan declared.

It’s unclear if any of the expensive Chong Bongs have been sold, but the reaction from fans is pretty explosive.

Will You Buy It?

Tommy Chong’s bong is also touting a 5% donation to Last Prisoner Project, which amounts to $250 of the $5,000.

The donation is important to Chong and Jerome Baker Designs as they were both targeted by the DEA in Operation Pipe Dreams. Chong was selling signature glassware at the time, and although many sellers got off with just a fine, the star was made an example of and hit hard.

Tommy Chong was sentenced September 11, 2003, to 9 months in a federal prison, a fine of $20,000, forfeiture of $103,000 in assets, and a year of probation.

Although his return to glass carries a special bonus to others who have been incarcerated over cannabis crimes, it may not be enough to offset the small fortune it costs to own a bong.

high prices, man

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