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Make sure your pipe needs a 4" Downstem before you buy! An improperly-sized downstem may result in damage to your pipe. Also, this downstem requires an additional 1.5" of clearance. Update your water pipe with this high-quality diffused downstem .

The 14mm joint will rest neatly in its socket as its downstem reaches 4" inside. Unlike its Flush Fit cousins, this downstem, with equal sized input and output joints, has a small bubble to facilitate the dual 14mm joint sizes, so the incoming 14mm female joint sits about 1½" beyond the pipe . The frosted joints on this diffusing downstem create a friction seal to keep smoke contained with no leaks, and the 6 slits along the bottom help diffuse smoke evenly for complete filtration. Downstem length is measured from just below the joint to the tip of the glass stem, so when choosing the appropriate length be sure to measure correctly! Most of the pipes on our store are labeled with their appropriate downstem, so feel free to double-check before purchasing. Browse our Slides & Downstems Product Category to find the perfect fit for your pipe. Leave a review and let others know how it stacks up! Easy Vape Guide: As its name suggests, the Easy Vape is a dry herb vaporizer that has been designed to make vaping as easy as possible for both new and experienced vape enthusiasts. Typically, vape shops will recommend this product to those embarking upon their first experience with dry herbal or aromatherapy vaporizing.

This guide will help you achieve the best possible flavors and satisfaction with your Easy Vape, whether you're using the device for dry herbs or aromatherapy. use coupon code VP5 to save 5% Preparing the Easy Vape Vaporizer for Use. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your Easy Vape dry herb vaporizer is ready for use after you first receive it: Place a 2-amp fuse into the back of the vaporizer. The Easy Vape Vaporizer will not work if the fuse is not installed Turn the Easy Vape Vaporizer on by pushing the activation knob in. Place it in a well ventilated area Set the temperature to the highest possible level Allow the vaporizer to remain on the highest power setting for 15 minutes. This will burn away any residues left over from manufacturing and ensure high-quality desktop vapor production. How to Vape with Easy Vape: Turn the dry herb vaporizer on by pushing the knob in Turn the knob clockwise and set the temperature between 320 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit Check to make sure that the heating element is red in color (If it is orange, turn the unit off and start over) Grind up your herbal blend, tobacco or other material Load your preferred material into the wand of the whip, ensuring that it is not more than 1/3 filled and only lightly packed. - You can suck the material into the whip wand or use your fingers) Allow the vaporizer to rest for two minutes Place the tip of the wand on the heating element cover While holding the wand in place, breathe in slowly, removing the wand just before you finish inhaling. NOTE: Drawing too slowly could cause combustion, please check our convection vs conduction info page. Carefully empty the wand and repeat the previous steps. Features: For Dry Herb Glass Mouthpiece Hands-Free Glass Wand Ceramic Heating Element 30" Surgical Grade Silicone Tube Temperature: 200 °F -400°F. The Easy Vape Deluxe desktop vaporizer is an efficient table top unit. It is very lightweight and affordable yet very durable. You can easily manage the temperature precisely through it. Just like the name says, this desktop herbal vape is mean't to be an easy vape. The glass whip is 18mm and changes color as the residue builds up. The best temperature for herbal vaporization between 320°F to 392 °F. To start, make sure the 2-amp fuse is placed into the back of the easy vape. Plug it in and turn the vape on by pushing the activation knob in. Turn it off to let it cool down and place your ground dry herbs in there. Turn your knob clockwise to set your temperature to your desired level. Check to make sure the heating element is red in color. When the vapor is ready, start inhaling from the whip. Available in different colors and made from strong boro glass, this perc rig can provide many years of satisfying smoking. 25 Mar 2020 The Leisure Brick Stack Incycler is a compact dab rig with an extremely slow draining internal recycling water chamber. Recycler Rigs A recycler rig is a piece of functional glass that typically uses two chambers instead of just one, transferring the vapor from the first chamber to the second along a stream of cool water being "recycled" back into the first chamber.

The 420 Science Dab Rig collection contains a huge range of full color and color accented rigs from glassmakers in America and abroad. 99 Shop Tsunami glass bongs & dab rigs online at High Roller Smoke today. Complete set includes the recycler rig, 14mm fully worked color fitting, and glass nail (not Octopus 6 Arm Inline Recycler Dab Rig w/ Quartz Banger . China 8 Inches Recycler Oil Rig with 14mm Quartz Banger Nail in 4mm Somking Water Pipe, Find details about China Glass Pipes, Glass Water Pipe from 8 Inches Recycler Oil Rig with 14mm Quartz Banger Nail in 4mm Somking Water Pipe - Pyramids Art Glass Co. 14mm 90 Male bangers are the right size to use with this rig. The bent mouthpiece sits perfectly from the 14mm male banger. 00 Description SCHMALEX - Full Color Recycler Rig w/ 14mm Female Joint - Slyme - about 6" tall - 3-hole Perc and Recycler - 14mm Female Joint - Single Hole Martini Slide - 14mm Male - Color: Slyme - Opal Coin Encasement on the side of the can - Made BG-6 10" Fixed Stem Slitted Diffusor Recycler Rig Water Pipe Bogart Glass with 14mm Male joint This 10" Fixed Slitted Diffuser Recycler Rig is a . The 9" Cube Perc Swiss Recycler Rig features an double chamber recycler; a die-shaped perc with multiple cuts and a Swiss perc for brilliant double diffusion; a flat, sturdy base; a fixed 90 degree glass down stem with a groundless 14mm M joint and a bent neck mouthpiece.

A dab rig recycler is greatRead 14mm 90 Degree Double Showerhead Recycler Ash Catcher. Check out these gorgeous dab rigs bongs recycler at DHgate Canada online stores, and buy dab rigs bongs recycler at ridiculously affordable prices. If you’re a collector looking for a blend of beautiful function and stunning art, we have brands and artists like; Leisure, Dreamlab Glass, Medicali, Andy G, Slate Glass, RooR, and Envy Glass Designs. FREE Replacement domes and nails come in three measured sizes, 10mm, 14mm, & 18mm. This Boro Mojo Recycler Rig is made using Alaskan Mined 24K Gold and Pure Silver which displays, beautiful a hue of colorful fumed designs.


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