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Creativity is a bi-product of the brain while on cannabis. You might find your brain wandering off and possibly feel somewhat distracted. This is the effect of your neurons making new connections and your brain expanding.

You could try some wood working, crocheting, scrap-booking, jewelry making, sculpting, or even MacGyver your own bong out of found household items. The world is your oyster when it comes to this one. If crafting isn’t on your list of fun things to do while high, then you should def add it! It’s nice to treat yourself and a high bath could be just what it takes to relax you and bring you to a peaceful state. I like to think of podcasts as “productive entertainment” because I can usually do that while doing something else. Plus you usually end up learning something or having a laugh or two. This one can get a little overwhelming if you don’t have something in mind. The internet could take over very quick if you don’t have a mission.

You might be looking at cats one second and the next thing you know, two hours have gone by and now you’re learning about bonsai tree planting. Pintrest boards and the discover section on Instagram can be a black hole of awesomeness as well. Not so fun sober, but cleaning can be pretty stress relieving while high. Plus a cleaner house or apartment will make you feel better too. Trips to the local nursery are always fun while high. I get lost looking at all the different plant varieties and trying to pick out my next house plant. Feel that fresh air against your skin and stretch those legs out. Lounge outside and start that tan you’re trying to work on. Take a dip in the pool or if you dipped into the Indica, the perhaps float on a tube. Relaxing in or by the pool is always a good time high. But who needs TV when you can download an app and play trivia, crosswords or fun brain teaser in the palm of your hand while you hold the joint in the other 😉 36. This is fun high or not and if you’re not a pet lover, well then.. Bonus points if you hook the cat up with some catnip of their own. Elevate that third eye and center your body mind and soul with a meditative session. A fun way to get a nice upper body workout, a tan and enjoy the water. I usually pack a joint or two for the mission and relax on the water for a couple hours. Grab that camera and and take a little road trip and snap some pictures. Maybe shoot animals, or flowers, perhaps document a hike. There’s now right or wrong when it comes to taking pictures. At the end of the shoot you’ll end up with a few fun selects for that bare wall at home. Here’s a few low strain high activities that will guarantee a laugh or two and good times. We’re almost at the end of out fun things to do while high list, but we couldn’t wrap up without this one. Learn how to blow some smoke rings, or the french inhale. Hit up google, there’s tons of fun things you can do while gettin’ you’re smoke on.

When vaporizers first became popular, options for those who prefer to use waxy concentrates over dry herbs were primarily limited to vape pens. A portable unit for waxxy concentrates, an electric nail is battery-operated and larger in size than a pen. Cloud V has recently introduced a brand new version of this model, and the unit is truly impressive. Incredibly high vapor quality Water tool for cooling and filtering Works equally well with all types of wax Adjustable temperature settings with high max option Excellent build quality Simple to operate. Difficult to load Batteries are internal Short warranty.

Cloud V Electro Price $250 (MSRP) Materials Type Wax/Concentrates Heating Style Conduction Oven Material Titanium Vapor Path Glass Removable Battery No Battery Life (Usage time) Average Charger USB Charge time 7 hours Bluetooth / APP No Heat-up Time 15 seconds Easy to Load? No Draw Resistance Low Vapor Production Moderate Vapor Smoothness Moderate Flavor / Taste Moderate Odor Level Low Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range Up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit Vape While Charging No Warranty 1 year. - Price - The Cloud V Electro retails for $250, which is a competitive price for a small vaporizer for waxy concentrates. - Vapor Quality - With the Cloud V Electro, the vapor quality is truly second to none.


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