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Metal Pipes

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A large portion of this selection of metal pipes are hand assembled by us in Columbus, Ohio. Browse our large collection of unique pipes assembled from a selection of parts, and look forward to being able to select individual parts to assemble your own pipes in the near future!

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Tobacco metal pipes

This website is has a A-Z index and photo index for identifying and cataloguing pipes compiled by metal tobacco pipe fanatic and collector Tony Pringle with help from other pipe smokers, collectors and fans from around the world.



by Tony Pringle

Tobacco Pipe Collector

Having decided to add a collection of Falcon pipes within my main collection, I then discovered there were a great number of other pipes of this genre. Spending my childrens’ inheritance then enabled me to get together many of these pipes with metal shafts and replaceable bowls. I actually have added in the other pipes that whilst not having metal shafts, do have a replaceable bowl system.

Collection of Metal Tobacco Pipes and other Replacable Bowl Tobacco pipes. Guide for identifying tobacco pipes with photos and description by fanatics and collectors.