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Although, these bongs do tend to be on the pricier side. As a result, Illadelph does not make our top 3, because most of their bongs are highly overpriced as a result of the following they have. While this exclusivity and extremely high quality appeals to some, most prefer to find a piece that has better value. However, this piece is absolutely perfect in terms of its performance.

Zob Glass is a glassblowing company that is based out of California. This company is all about the science behind their pieces. Similar to ROORs, they are made with the top-notch German borosilicate glass. They offer a wide selection of impressive designs but are well known for their Zobello Style Percolator. The Zobello Perc is a circular disc perc that is located near the bottom of their beaker bongs. This is just one example of how innovative this company is. They have also created a “Wubbler” which is a type of bong that is somewhat between a bubbler and water pipe. Zob has creating glass pieces down to a science so if you are looking for a cool innovative designed piece that works great than look for a Zob.

In our minds, they have solidified their place as one of the best bong makers in the US. This zany piece created by Zob Glass is one of the coolest bongs out there. Somewhat resembling a tuba in shape, this Bad Larry has some serious soul to it. Due to the shape, this water pipe has an interesting smoking experience, being smoother than most other bongs without extensive percolation. On top of this, the downstem and bowl are both very high quality. This 16″ tall piece is great for people who are looking for a unique water pipe. Overall, Zob Glass is a bit expensive, but the performance of their products speaks for itself. Founded back in 2004, Grav Labs offers all kinds of smoking pieces but have become well known for their affordable glass bongs. Grav lab manufactures reliable bongs with quality glass at an affordable price point. Just because these pieces are priced lower than other bongs does not mean they are made up cheap material. They are reliable pieces that may not have all of the percs of a top-notch bong but they are solid pieces that will get the job done. If you are looking for a new bong that is affordable and reliable than look no further! Grav Lab bongs are for the smoker who wants a high-quality piece that isn’t looking to break the bank. Grav Labs is one of the best manufacturers of water pipes in our eyes for a few reasons: Amount of variations Creativity Style Function Size Price Point. Much like the rest of Grav’s bong collections, this one fits all of the criteria listed above that make them stand out as a glass manufacturer. Overall, this bong is sturdy, standing 8″ tall with a strong base. It has superior filtration and percolation from its design, which is also awesome to watch in action. This bong makes for a great fit for someone who is looking to try something new that they can count on to be consistent and deliver a great smoking experience each time, and make for a talking point among friends. With a name like Thick Ass Glass you pretty much need an acronym so they go with TAG. If you purchase on of these you get exactly what you pay for, THICK ASS GLASS. These pieces are known to surprise anyone who purchases them with how thick the glass actually is.

These water pipes are made in China but the glass is of high quality and very reliable. Since these bongs are so thick they are much more reliable than a delicate bong with a thin layer of glass. TAG’s bongs are perfect for the clumsy stoner or large smoking circles where pieces get passed frequently increasing the chance of being dropped. If you are looking for a new bong because you broke your previous one think of purchasing a TAG bong. Thick Ass Glass is known for… their thick glass of course! But on top of this, the brand also delivers: High value, low cost water pipes Simple to complex models. This is a tall bong, measuring about 16″ tall, but featuring two UFO percs, which are similar to tree percs, but with one single chamber rather than multiple. Thick Ass Glass never disappoints, delivering a high quality piece for a low cost.

With the thickness of the base and shaft, this bong is by far one of the hardiest on this list. The UFO Perc Bong by TAG makes for a great purchase for anyone who is looking for some glass with a kick to it, a bit of style, and one of the smoothest hits out there. Hi Si has been a family owned business in northern California for almost 40 years. Hi Si is a company that has the smokers best interest in mind when creating pieces. They look to create pieces that are safer and healthier for smokers to use.


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