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You’ll find some metal tools that serve dual purpose as some feature a carb cap for guiding smoke into your banger or nail. Here, we also have necklaces containing small dab tools built into the back of a stylized pendant, featuring a non-stick front surface for breaking up concentrates. This Higher Standards Carb Cap is a perfect OEM replacement for your Heavy Duty Dab Rig or Riggler, and works with most flat top banger nails. Give your dab rig a boost and protect your concentrates with the Shield Potion Carb Cap from Empire Glassworks. Take your dabs to new heights with the Empire Glassworks Launch Pad Carb Cap.

It was advantageous in the video game it was inspired by and it can h. To ensure you get every last bit of concentrate from your dab nail, use the Directional Airflow Carb Cap. Quartz Honey Bucket with Female Joint and Carb Cap. This quartz honey bucket nail features a female joint in your choice of 14mm or 18mm. This dab nail has a swinging arm that allows you to move the . Constructed completely of quartz, DankStop's 3mm Carb Cap is an effective accessory for smoking.

When you place the carb cap over a banger or domel. Onion Style Ceramic Universal Carb Cap for 14/18mm. This onion style domed ceramic carb cap is a functional accessory for your dab rig. The carb cap has universal use with any 14 or 18mm vapor rig an. Although this Bubble Style Carb Cap is designed for a thermal banger, it can still be used on other nails to keep you from wasting any of that prec. LavaTech knows what you need to have a pleasurable dabbing experience. That's why they created the Standard Double Sided Dabber. This detachable titanium carb cap and dabber provides the optimal convenience for dabbing. We know the purity of titanium is a top priority when ch. That's why they came up with the "Reacher" Double Sided Dabber. at 6" long, the "Reacher" is able to keep more tha. Empire Glassworks has come up with the video game themed Pickaxe Dabber! Instead of mining for materials you will be scooping up your tas. The Narhal Dabber is extremely clever with its design. The Mini Sushi Narwhal Dabber from Empire Glassworks is so cute you'll just want to eat it up. It also helps that it looks like a little piece of s. It doesn't get more adorable than these Mini Narwhal Dabbers from Empire Glassworks. Both styles have a horn protruding from their foreheads. Artistic as always, the Empire Glassworks Honey Beehive Dabber can really gel with your gooey concentrates. Just like the weapon it is inspired by, the Crescent Wand Dabber can be quite useful. The beautifully colored glass has a rounded tip on one side a. Dabber Honeymat is essential for any serious dabbers. The Honeymat's slip grip technology prevents your mat from coming up when you are put. Bring some childhood inspiration back to your dabbing! The Colored Pencil Dabber looks just like the real thing! A pragmatic piece, the 2-in-1 Sidearm Carb Cap and Dabber is constructed with quartz glass.

The reason it is labeled as a "sidearm" is due to the w. This ceramic carb cap and dabber is a reliable and functional accessory for your dab rig. The carb cap has universal use with any 14 or 18mm oil ri. A gravity bong can be an excellent smoking choice whether you’re in a pinch and need a makeshift way to smoke or if you simply want to mix up your typical smoking experience. Best of all, gravity bongs are simple to construct and require items that you probably already have laying around the house. This guide provides everything you need to know to make two types of gravity bongs.

The first —and arguably most common — type of gravity bong is known as a bucket bong.


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