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Messages appear in your Direct folder but silently, avoiding to disturb your sleep and nirvana. Whenever you feel comfortable, you are welcome to read them and answer! You can make all your chatting silent – perfect option when you need to have a rest in tranquility.

To mute all incoming messages, pass to IG settings, and disable Push notifications. Instagram is confidential when users set up mute for all possible actions. Put on mute is a good option to stay polite and figure out some borders. Myth #4 – You can set time when putting people on mute. Nevertheless, the function would be in demand – let's hope Instagram will embed a timer into Instagram mute messages. Brava – we de-mythologized all the mute option rumors! Now you are quite an expert – feel free to share your insights with other Instagrammers and colleagues. By the way, are there any different ways to have a rest from chats and feed apart from fixing Instagram notifications? Keep on reading to investigate how to stay incognito and unseen for others.

Better than Instagram mute messages: hide your status. When Instagram DM has become a full-fledged chat room comparing to Facebook and Telegram, it has started to adopt some of their inventions. We bet some of you, guys, adjusted messengers don't depict the last time you were online. Yes, that is what we have particular cravings for when a boss is texting in the midnight. Goos news – you can practice the same for your DM inbox to hide your activities from annoying followers. Here are some reasons to cover your last active time: You are trying to ignore someone on IG. Before the updates, users couldn't see whether you were online to read their message so that your inbox may count dozens of unread. Now when you are online, people see the green circle next to your nickname in the chat. For some polite groups of people, this indication is unwanted when they struggle to ignore and mute messages. You get anxious when a user didn't answer but had been online. A common type of frustration social media and communication tools give to us. When hiding your last active status, you won't see other user's presence as well – how comfortable! Let's review the exact blueprint on how to cover your online status: The following steps are equal for IOS and Android device users. Sign in to your IG profile; Press tree lines on the top right corner of the screen; Press on Settings; Press on Confidentiality; Pass to the Activity status; Turn off the notification. Now no one Instagram user will be able to check when and for how long have you been online for the last time. Hopefully, now you feel safer and less need for muting people, chats, and Stories. When you know how to turn on notifications for Instagram and hide your status, you can scorn people in peace. This chapter is a must-pin for influencers hitting the views count and engagement. When users set aside IG settings in order to mute you, the platform never notifies you on this. This weapon is as tricky as shadowbanning on Instagram because it's silent and affect your overall performance. That is why we decided to come up with sufficient tips that will help you to avoid silent ignoring.

Obvious yet often ignored rule, that's why we can't eliminate it. If you aim to build a personal community where people are looking forward to updates rather than muting, invest in quality. When your posts are beneficial, people would rather set up a notification for your activities. While quality is A, then quantity is B in your Instagram strategy. Avoid posting too often as several times a day – people often mute posts that overload their feed. They want to view different and various content, not just your posts. To develop consistent posting, take advantage of Post-planners, allowing you to schedule content for the entire month. When carefully selected hashtags can really score new followers and boost impressions, banned or overused hashtags may decrease your metrics.

You might feel a lot of people muted your posts, but in reality, IG may shadowban you. It has similar symptoms – sudden engagement decreases. To explore shadowbanning in detail, read our dedicated article. I have a friend DM notification that won't go away. I click the little bubble it takes me to the messages and we've even chatted.


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