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To let you control the moisture and temperature of the herb dryer, this product comes with a hygrometer or thermometer. Thus, it also prevents the growth of mold and weed by checking the moisture. With its steel blade fans, the exhaust system of this product works very efficiently. Also, it maintains the right amount of moisture and air inside the herb dryer. Thanks to its vertical shape, you can dry your plants at the recommended vertical position.

The internet is filled with many methods about how to dry pot. There are methods that involve freeze-drying then there is the method that involves water. Most weed growers use one simple method or perhaps their own variation of it. This good old method is basically how you dry clothes: hang them from a wire. It involves cutting your plants and hanging them from wire or string. Instead of hanging from a wire, some growers also use a drying rack for the buds. You basically let the buds dry on their own by providing the right conditions.

If you are thinking about quick fixes like microwave or heat fans, stop right there. Using anything that accelerates this process will dry it but the product you will get would be absolute garbage. You do not want months of hard work to go to waste. Once your plants are ready to be harvested, it is time to start the curing process. I find cutting a foot long branch from the bud the best. Even though you can manicure the branch after drying, it is better to just do it before as you do not want any leaves hampering the drying process. You will need trimming scissors or a bud trimming machine at this point to get rid of all unwanted leaves in the bud. If you are using a drying rack instead of a hanging line, you can directly cut the buds and trim them, you will need a trim tray. You do not have to spend a lot of time manually trimming them. This is why you should opt for the a bud trimming machine instead. Once you have manicured the buds, move them to a dark room. Now, you do not need any sunlight or grow lights at all. This darkroom needs to meet the temperature and humidity requirements. You can use a dehumidifier to keep humidity within 45-55%. The temperature needs to be between 60° F (15.5° C) and 70° F (21°C). If the room already has this temperature then you do need to do anything. Otherwise, use an air conditioner to maintain the temperature in the said range. You can use a small fan to improve the circulation of air. Usually, it can take anywhere from 5 to 15 days for the buds to dry a bit. You can tell just by looking if it has dried provided you have been growing weed for a while. When the flowers are a bit crispy and the branch snaps, the buds have dried enough and are ready to be cured. Now, to complete the curating process and to completely dry the buds you need to store them in an airtight container. You can store them in canning jars of plastic or glass. You can even store them in plastic bags; however, it is a bit risky.

You will need to open the jar for a bit several times at least for a week. This allows any remaining moisture out and let some fresh air in. The more time you spend drying marijuana the better the result is. If at any point after storing you get an ammonia smell, know that you did not properly follow the steps of how to dry pot. Chances are that bacteria have already gotten to them, hence the smell. Make sure to check if it has properly dried before storing them. The proper method of drying marijuana is time-consuming but delivers the result you want. If you know how to dry marijuana on your own you will always grow high-quality weed. Honestly speaking, this one aspect of growing weed that is overlooked pretty easily.

Every grower is so focused on growing marijuana that they forget how to properly dry weed after harvesting it. There are so many domestic growers of weed in addition to commercial marijuana dispensaries that you have to do everything you can to stand out. The whole drying and curating process can take 4 to 8 weeks.


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