the martian bubbler for blunts

The Martian® Original Bubbler

  • $9.99

The Martian® Original Blunt Bubbler™ is here!

Height: 2.45 inches

We come in peace! Advanced smoking technology at your fingertips. This bubbler’s truly out of this world!

  • The original Cone Bubbler.
  • Protected by USPTO D820,513.
  • Custom MJ logo on base for authentication.
  • Martian bubbler fits almost all rolled items.
  • Pendant hook
  • Spill-resistant design.
  • One hitter function.
  • Ergonomically placed carb hole to allow for a natural grip.
  • Both normal and directional airflow carb cap.

Works perfectly as a Cone Bubbler! One size fits most rolled items.

The original blunt bubblers by MJ's Arsenal. The Martian™

Review: the MJ Arsenal Martian Bubbler Will Enhance the Flavor of Your Blunts

The MJArsenal Martian bills itself as the Original Blunt Bubbler — a water pipe to help you smoke joints, blunts, and rollies. If the idea of using a teeny tiny bong to smoke a joint isn’t adding up before your first hit, the premise is pretty simple: Smoking your flower this way further filters the smoke and enhances flavor. It can also be a more hygenic way to puff, puff pass during flu season if you wipe down the mouthpiece on the Martian between drags.

The Martian Blunt Bubbler is quite little, taking up about the same amount of room as a tangerine. First you fill the lower third of the device with cold water, then you balance your blunt in the large, funnel shaped hold at the front of the bubbler. It can take a second to figure out how best to arrange your fingers to grip, run the carb, and light your blunt, but once you get the hang of it, the Martian is light, portable, and easy to use.

The MJ Arsenal Martian is so compact, however, that longer blunts can throw it off balance. You might feel compelled to tip the bubbler further back to keep the blunt firmly seated, which can overwhelm the built-in splash guard and lead to a little spillage. It can also be tricky getting the blunt situated the right way for maximum drag. For that reason, the Martian might be best for home-rolled blunts where you can exercise more control over length and girth for the ideal bubbler session.

The difference in flavor really is remarkable, however. To try the Marian, we smoked a Bull Run Ol’ Fashioned Cannagar made with Silvertip flower, and were able to pick up on the layers of citrus and fruit flavor that make this blunt equivalent to a good cocktail. Ultimately the Martian is lightweight, affordable, and manages to elevate the humble blunt into an epicurean experience. Perfect for when you’re trying to learn more about terpenes, or have an extra nice rollie to share.

This tiny bubbler will bring out the flavor in your blunts, and is more sanitary to puff puff pass during flu season. ]]>